Walk in my other shoes

Following on from my post ‘Walk in my Shoes’,  we have been shopping for replacements (thank you all for your comments by the way).

When we went into town last week, the shop where I got my last pair still stocked the style, but didn’t have any in my size. The assistant told us they were having a delivery on Monday or Tuesday, so we left it an extra day and went merrily in today only to find……… the average British female has bigger feet than me, and they couldn’t guarantee getting any in my size on their next delivery either.
big foot
As a child, my parents ensured that my feet were measured for every new pair of shoes I had, allowing for the ‘three months growing room’ as recommended. I outgrew my shoes way before they wore out anyway.

As an adult, I had been a size 6 in the foot department for years, but then we went all metric, and quite honestly, I didn’t know what size I was.

shoe chart women shoe size

Not to be deterred, we were aware that there was another outlet of this particular chain in the next town just 10 miles away, so as our time is our own, it made sense to try there.
It also gave us a day out.

As it turned out, on the High Street there is a large Sports shop, so at Hubby’s suggestion, I went in.
Oh joy.
Loads to choose from, many well within my budget in the sale, and even better, MY SIZE!

I tried on four pairs, and settled on a pair of Karrimor walking shoes, described as waterproof and suitable for hiking in all weathers, plus they gave me support in all the right places, so ideal for every day and walking the dog.
I’ve also had trainers of this brand name before, and they lasted really well, so I think I’m on to a winner.

These were the figures on the box :
EU 41, US 8, UK 7
so looking at the charts above,  it’s no wonder I’ve been finding it difficult to find shoes that fit, or are comfortable (and there I was blaming it on my misshapen heels and having wide feet) !

I have a feeling though that I’ve actually purchased a pair of men’s shoes as on the way out I noticed that the Ladies Department was upstairs. But you know what?
I don’t care.
I got a £60 pair of shoes for thirty quid (mine are dark brown).


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6 Responses to Walk in my other shoes

  1. colinandray says:

    Didn’t somebody once say “If the shoe fits ……….. wear it!” Perhaps that was my Mum many years ago when I was rebelling against everything! 🙂

    • I heard that too, but somehow not in the context of buying shoes! I’m pleased with my purchase (male or female) anyway, and they will get their first official outing this evening. Comfort and durability is what counts.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Men’s shoes are usually wider, so makes sense if that is what you need. And surely walking shoes are ‘sexless’? 🙂 Conrgrats on find a good pair 🙂

    • men’s shoes also tend to be cheaper too. We found this with work boots, women’s being £5 a pair dearer. I’ve had a walk round the Avenue this evening, and these are fine. Hurrah!

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