2010 Fishing

In years gone by, boats and I didn’t have any interest in each other.
The same went for fishing.
Whilst my sister went out on a fishing boat for the day with my Dad, Mum and I had a girlie day, either sitting on the beach or walking round the holiday village. I was about 9.

When I visited Bro in 2010, a fishing trip was on the cards.
I have to admit I was not keen, but that was more out of embarrassment at never having been before and not knowing what to do.
It was funny, but while I was away, Hubby and a friend had intended to go fishing along a local river bank, but somehow they never got there, even though it was less than a mile up the road.
Me? Well, it was an education in fun.

There were seven of us, and Bro had reserved seats on a fishing vessel for the day.
Laden down with tackle, bait, food and a cool box full of beer, when the boat arrived, it was packed and there would have been no room to swing a line, let alone get aboard with all our gear.
Luckily, no money had changed hands, and it was agreed that the boat would sail off overloaded with passengers but without us. Actually it was a heated discussion as the skipper was spoiling for a fight to show off his macho skills, but Bro didn’t rise to the bait, excuse pun.

After a few cups of coffee and several phone calls, a friend of a friend’s friend agreed to be our Captain for the day on his own boat in exchange for fuel for the trip.
fishing boatThis was the boat (and yes, that’s me). WOW.
leaving portThis was the scene behind us as we set out to sea (double wow).
I was surprised I wasn’t seasick, and joined in the banter and excitement of the trip and the bets on who would catch the biggest fish etc etc.

Bro, sister-in-law, her sister and husband, and their friends were all dab (another pun, sorry) hands at the fishing lark, so I felt a little overwhelmed at first and anxious about baiting my own line, let alone casting it! Anyway, everyone was terrific, and I felt much better when I saw that the girls were danglers, not casters, just dropping their lines over the side rather than the ‘professional’ swing and plop of the float.

I actually caught the first fish, an ugly little sod of a snapper, and in fact the only snapper of the day.
snapper asnapper snapper 2

I caught a couple of others too.
caught one reeling it in one for the pot
but there were some heftier catches than mine, including a barracuda:
another catch baracuda

The fish were gutted and cleaned out at sea, the gulls following close behind to scavenge the innards.
gulls feeding timeComing back, everyone was relaxed as they supped beers (bottled water for me) and content with the day’s catch.
Our skipper had put the barracuda into his freezer on board ready to be bait on his next deep-sea fishing expedition, and we were all looking forward to our dinner which couldn’t be much fresher.
coming back sunset

That snapper sure did taste good!


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  5. bikurgurl says:

    What a lovely trip — minus the heated dispute — and I think you got the better trip for it πŸ™‚ I’m not sure I’d have the connections you have in NZ, but see the ocean is a great addition to our someday-travel-to-NZ itinerary πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing it with me πŸ™‚

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  7. Aweni says:

    You all seemed to have had loads of fun. Now I want to go fishing….fancying that I’ll be just as good a newbie as you wereπŸ˜€

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  13. I love all of the pictures that you included.

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