Something in the air

Have you ever been out walking in the evening and had a sense that something wasn’t quite right?
Maggie is a creature of habit, and as such has her final wee sometime between 9.30 and 10pm. If it’s a pleasant evening, Hubby and I will walk her together round the Avenue. Otherwise, it’s just to the top of the gantry and the dog walk area will suffice.

night sky 2
Usually, rabbits and ducks are somewhere in sight, and we can hear birds of some description in the distance.
On Wednesday evening though, it was eerily quiet and still.
Apart from us and the dog, nothing was moving, no wildlife nibbling the grass, no wind whispering in the trees, no ripples on the water, the silence almost absolute.
We were in bed by 10.15, and just as we were starting to nod off, the rain came.

weather radarHaving no internet (still), we’ve been unable to check the weather forecast, and rarely listen to the radio these days as it is just senseless noise and jabbering gibberish, or repetitive and depressing news reports. Therefore, we had no idea we were in for some heavy rainfall.

The dog was restless, and wouldn’t settle.
There was an annoying rattle outside which disturbed her further, but neither of us wanted to get dressed and investigate, especially in the pouring rain.

It rained ALL NIGHT.
I know this because I heard every solitary drop as it hit our roof.
For added certainty, the dog’s fidgeting kept me awake to ensure that I didn’t miss one.
I held on to her collar, trying to comfort and reassure her in the hope that she wouldn’t disturb Hubby.
The wind blew, whistled across our helm and we were jostled against the pontoon finger.
Hubby slept in short fits and starts, but at least he slept.

Because of our plans to come to our friend straight from my hospital appointment, we were up early next morning, just after 6am to be exact. The rain had finally stopped some ten minutes beforehand.

The weather these past few days has been changeable.
Tuesday evening when we took Maggie up for her final wee I slipped and almost ended up in the marina. The boards were cracking under our feet from the cold and covered with a thin layer of ice. Wednesday morning we woke up to a heavy frost.
I read in the news today that The Lake District is under a blanket of snow, and from the TV weather report we are in for some gusty winds and cold temperatures over the weekend.

It’s March for heaven’s sake!
It’s now officially Spring, and the clocks go forward this weekend.

Perhaps though it means that like 2008, we’re in for a white Easter.
easter bunnyTerrific (not).


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5 Responses to Something in the air

  1. amommasview says:

    Oh my! I hope it will finally warm up!

  2. Here’s hoping for some warmth for you! No one wants a white Easter!

    • In 2008, Maggie got her first introduction to snow when we opened up the curtains to 2 feet of the stuff on Easter Sunday. She didn’t appreciate getting her toes wet. 🙂

      • Choppy is OK with the snow – rain is a different story. I have to drag her out the moment it starts sprinkling (though once she is out, she is less concerned).

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