Once more into the shops, once more………..

We are still here with our Friend.
It is a slow process of getting him on his feet, and another emergency visit to the hospital (and discharge AGAIN) did not help.
We feel however perhaps we have turned a corner now as his appetite has improved, and he is not coughing quite so much. He is up and dressed today watching the Footie (FA Cup quarter finals) but we still have a fair way to go.

As we had brought with us the open packets from our fridge, I have only had to shop for the basics since we arrived.
We did some major shopping today though, having to go a little further afield than the discount store into one of the bigger supermarkets.
Hubby and I found ourselves thinking ‘How do people live having to pay these prices?’

We are not fans of this particular chain and it would appear neither are a lot of other people when you read the headlines of falling profits, audit irregularities, store closures/project cancellations and senior management resignations.
Still, armed with our list, we purchased bread, fresh tomatoes, butter, cleaning materials, and a large ready-made lasagna for dinner (I had intended to make one from scratch, but buying all the ingredients required, it wasn’t cost-effective).
We didn’t buy a lot, but the bill was almost £14.

The woman behind us in the queue was making the most of a promotion on Easter Eggs, buy 2, get 2 free.
I joked that she was obviously a very popular Nana, as she piled 16 on to the conveyor. Each egg was £1.50, so you got 4 for £3.
bogofIn other chains, the promotion is BOGOF, but at £1 each (same eggs), for £3, you would actually get 6. Our customer therefore paid £12, whereas if she had gone to another supermarket, she would only have spent £8.

At home, we purchase 400g of wafer thin smoked ham for £1.49.
It’s ideal for sandwiches, a stir fry, omelets,  or in my tomato pasta sometimes.
Here, a 210g pack was £2.35.
The fresh produce today was limp, bruised and their fresh ginger was soft and spongy. Apples were over £2 a kilo, and a bag of 7 bananas £1.50.  They are still on the shelf.

Hubby and I can’t get our heads round these figures.
Yes, we are careful when we shop, we know the things we like, we look out for bargains, and we get the best value possible for our money.
When Supermarkets first hit our High Streets, they were larger (offering more choice and variety), cheaper (putting many Little Guys in corner shops out of business) and convenient (large car parks).
trolleySupermarket shopping is changing.
It’s not just competition between chains either.
Perhaps Joe Public is finally voting with their feet and ‘shopping around’ as our mothers and grandmothers used to do all those years ago.
The shop was busy though. We have no idea if this is the norm for a Saturday, after all, it is a member of the biggest UK chain, but Easter Egg promotions aside, many of the shopping trolleys being unloaded in the car park were not full of household foods, but BEER.
Did I mention the Footie this afternoon?
fa cup


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5 Responses to Once more into the shops, once more………..

  1. amommasview says:

    I once saw a documentary about a couple who put everything they obviously saved by shopping at a cheaper place in an account. I believe after three years they were close to 1million… (It included trips and not having a car anymore). It was pretty eye opening…

    • I wish we could save that kind of money, but as we don’t spend a lot anyway, it just won’t happen. When we gave up smoking, we thought we’d have a lot of extra cash. That didn’t happen either (mortgage to pay). 🙂

      • amommasview says:

        I think you need to take the money you would spend and put it in a jar or piggy bank… But then why would you if you do need it?

      • Our income is limited, so we have no spare cash anyway. The good news is we don’t owe a penny to a soul and keep to a strict budget. We’re used to it and always on the lookout to save a few pennies here and there.

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