Another Sunday Walk Thought

The morning was bright, if not chilly first thing, and I got up early to walk her ladyship whilst Hubby was working on his blog.
It was just after 7am as we walked down the Avenue, though I’m not sure which one of us was Fred.

judy and fredThe late great Judy Garland and Fred Astaire from Easter Parade

The things I noticed most yesterday were the smells.
Not unpleasant pongs (though Maggie did her bit, very ripe and fragrant), but smells that transported me back a few years.
Maggie appeared to be training for the Sniffathon Olympics, but obviously her snoz was picking up something entirely different to me!
The grass by the post box is awash with yellow crocuses now, but they tend not to smell so much as say freesia, lily of the valley or wild garlic,
freesia lily of the valley wild garlic

but as I passed the Dentist/Spaceship property on the corner, my nostrils were tantalised by the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee (we use instant decaff).

Further up the road, my sniffer sense was assaulted by bacon. I imagined rasher upon rasher sizzling in the frying pan or under the grill, and my mouth watered as it is so off the menu these days. I remembered our B&B holidays when we had everything going for breakfast, jokingly keeping a ‘diary’ of points for the best. Landladies were given extra for two sausages and hashbrowns or fried bread, and if we got black pudding as well, the score was off the chart. We actually lost weight while we were away as a good breakfast set us up for the day and we wouldn’t want anything else until tea time.

full english12/10 breakfast

Passing the property that may have had the broken water pipe,  I smelt fresh bread.
I never had much success myself (my last attempt would have made excellent wall building materials) but I remember a work colleague used to bake her own using a bread making machine. She said she just chucked everything in the night before, set the timer, and in the morning the aroma of fresh bread filled her flat.
Hubby and I love fresh crusty bread, even if it does give us the hiccoughs and wind.
tiger loaf split loaf french stick

I remembered other things we used to have for breakfast too, especially when we were on the road and in the tent. Not probably the best choices, but we did try to show willing with dairy produce, fresh fruit and veg!
cornetto pasty meringue

Needless to say, by the time I got home I was hungry.
It wasn’t quite the same though (and forget the toast, we don’t have a toaster).



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  1. scifihammy says:

    haha Easter Parade – a fun movie 🙂
    Interesting just how strong a memory scents can evoke 🙂

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