Happy Birthday (not)

There is one little boy who after today is likely to lose all his friends and no-one will ever want to come to his birthday party ever again.
Because his mother has slapped a bill for £15.95 on the parents of a child who did not turn up on The Big Day.

Five-Year-Old Child Fined For Missing Friend’s Birthday Party [source]

When I was a kid, on our Special Day we had a birthday party at home lasting a few hours with 6 boys and 6 girls as guests.
Apart from the jelly, ice cream and birthday cake, we’d play party games such as Pass the Parcel (with forfeits), Pea races (two teams and the idea was to get your dried pea from one end to the other using a straw), Musical Chairs and a Treasure Hunt. Everyone went home with a goody bag of sweets, cake and whatever prizes they may have won.

Oh boy, have times, and kids expectations, changed.
Parents seem to be trying to outdo each other with ‘The Party’ to such an extent that the Special Day is all about THEM, not the child.

One parent I know arranged a Limo ride for her 7 year old daughter and 4 friends, taking them out for a pizza. Very nice, but for her 8th birthday, she forked out over £300 for a disco for her daughter, who was fast turning into a precocious snobby little madam, expecting designer clothes and a £120 hairdo for the event!
Another had a party at McDs where they all sat on mushrooms and let someone else entertain their kids.
(Hubby and I were tempted to have our wedding reception at McDs just for the fun of seeing his mother sitting on a mushroom but settled on hiring a room in a local pub for the nine of us instead, but I digress).
Someone else took their son and five of his chums ten pin bowling, with a small trophy for the winner (the son sulked as it wasn’t him).
I’ve even heard of parents putting a ‘gift price guide’ on the party invitations!

This instance was at a Ski centre, and the Mum has obviously forgotten that when someone is your guest, they are not expected to pay for being invited. It makes you wonder if she would have invoiced the family had the invitee been unable to attend due to illness.

My sympathies are with the Birthday Boy.
The reports may not name him, but they sure as hell name his mother!


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday (not)

  1. amelleablelife says:

    I saw this story! I was baffled as to how the Mom could think it was in any way acceptable, and didn’t even give a thought as to how it will negatively affect her son and his possibilities of future birthday party attendees (or even just day to day friends!). So horrible. You’re doing parenting wrong if you raise your child to place more value on the financial value of an event, than the actual meaning of those events – love, family, friendship, gratitude etc!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Oh dear! This is all really becoming too much! My sympathies to the B Boy as well! 🙂

  3. I feel bad for all involved. The family for raising a child that will probably be spoiled and (after this) an outcast. The mother that is billing the other family – in a sense, it was rude of the guest to not show up. Yes, parties cost a lot of money and that part is crazy, but don’t say you’ll go and stick the family with having to pay. The family that was “billed” – probably felt pressured initially to say yes to the invite as the kiddos have to keep up with each other. The whole thing is ridiculous.

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