Testing…. one, two, three

Today is a mix of pass and fail.

dame ednaWhilst I am not a fan of Barry Humphries in any of his personas, my first pair of glasses way back in the 70s were pretty similar to Dame Edna’s, except I didn’t have the sparkles and perhaps not quite so many fronds on the sides.
I have been wearing glasses for years. Contacts hold no appeal as I have ‘a thing’ about eyeballs, and the thought of having anything permanently in my eyes makes me a little squeamish. Besides, I am comfortable behind my windows and when talking to anyone, always ensure I have plenty of eye contact. It’s a personal confidence thing I guess.

Today was eye test day with a new optician in a new town.
Hubby had his towards the end of last year, and as we were allowed to take Maggie in whilst I waited, it made sense for me to go there too.
I was asked if I minded a trainee doing the initial screening under supervision.
As it was her first time, I asked if they wanted me to ‘play up’.
This made them smile and relaxed the tension as the poor girl was shivering in her shoes!

Resting my chins in the appropriate place, I had the flasher test first.
I’m used to clicking the button when I see a little green light appear in my peripheral vision, but this has now been changed to a ‘flashing box’ like some kind of prototype for Dr Who’s TARDIS. tardisI was assured afterwards that I had seen all and not invented any.
I didn’t get the clicker as my prize.

Moving along was the puffer test.
I hate this, always managing to blink at the wrong moment, and the more I try not to, the more often I do. Today it only took 3 goes, which for me must be a record.

Finally, it was the retinal screening.
This is slightly different to the one through the diabetes clinic as the optician doesn’t use eye drops.  As it was later explained to me, this is because they are checking more the health of the eye, whereas the diabetes clinic is looking deeper for other issues of the disease.

I was then sent along to the optician, and the guy I was seeing was the only one with his name on the door. I asked if this was because of cutbacks, or continuous staff changes.
Oh yeah, they really like people like me, but at least it was a jovial atmosphere.

Gone are the days when you sit in the chair feeling like Joe 90 with this monstrous contraption attached to your face.
jo 90 eye contraption
Everything is digital-eyesed, computer-eyesed, and scrutin-eyesed.

I still had the red and green boxes with heavy black type (bolder/clearer), the red line through the centre of a dot (I’m not cross eyed) and the cluster of spots to test my focus.
Finally, we came to read the letter chart, but because this was now generated by a computer screen, these sneaky professionals can juggle the letters around to confuse anyone with a photographic memory!
I had a few problems focusing on some of the letters after changing eyes, but at the end of the day, my current specs are fine, and if anything, my right eye has improved slightly!

Part two of our day was a different kind of test, one for the Peugeot this time, ie MOT.
My 206 is now 10 years old, and we were not confident that she would sail through like she has in the past.
We had always gone to the Peugeot garage and they had treated us very well, telling us of bargains and special offers, and saving us money wherever they could.
We also got free coffee and biscuits while we waited.
They would be a hard act to follow, so we had intended to find a ‘little guy’ to do my MOT, but around here, they are like hens teeth.
Passing through the industrial estate yesterday, the local Peugeot garage had MOTs for £39, so we went in, booking a slot for this afternoon, thus giving us plenty of time for the eye thing and lunch out.

No biscuits, but we got free coffee and had a chat and a laugh with the staff.
Phil, who booked my appointment, has two dogs, and Maggie was curled up by Hubby’s chair so that was an initial topic of conversation.
We had to wait an hour, and sadly my 206 failed, on the centre section of the exhaust.
I asked how much it would cost, and when they could do it.
I was glad I was sitting down when Sue (the Services Manageress) told me the part was almost £200 plus fitting on top, ‘but we can find you a cheaper alternative approved by Peugeot’ and at the promise of us providing biscuits, got on the phone.
The car is booked in for repair tomorrow and will set me back about £140.

We had one tiny problem.
I told Hubby I’d walk home with the dog and get the other car to come back and collect him. I had my route planned, but had actually forgotten that we were about a mile further up the road than where my route started, but I would have managed.
However, Sue offered to arrange a lift.
I said it was OK as we had the dog (and aware that most dealers don’t like dogs in courtesy cars), but she said it was no problem, and Phil drove us home. He even offered to pick us up tomorrow when our car was ready.

We seem to have found another Peugeot garage who will look after us as did their Lincolnshire counterparts.
Tomorrow, when we collect the car, we’ll drop off a tin of biscuits.


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  1. scifihammy says:

    Glad the eye test went well.:) Annoying the exhaust is so expensive! But, as you say, really good to find a decent garage 🙂

  2. Aw, that is so thoughtful!

    I feel the same about contacts. Yuck!

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