The wrong time of year

Have you ever been shopping for something specific in the clothes line, but can never find exactly what you’re looking for, even though a month or so previously there were plenty around?
Is it that we expect too much from the Rag Trade, or are we just so out of touch (and date) that what we’re after either doesn’t exist anymore, or is out of season.

Before Hubby got out of my hair had his few days away last month, we were on the lookout for a new jumper for him as the one I’d knitted years ago was paper-thin and bobbly from so many washings.
Sure, there are plenty of jumpers out there, some we could even afford, but they were all light weight and had one thing in common:
wash symbolsDo not tumble dry.

Now this is a problem for us, as we have no choice BUT to tumble dry our clothes now, and already have the stretch-a-roo tug o’ war in the laundry room with our joggers as they always shrink. I am convinced that such shrinkage inspired the uniform of above the ankle trousers for the original Star Trek cast.
kirk and coIn short (excuse pun), we were unable to find anything suitable, so Hubby took his other (and impractically light coloured) woolly as at least it was warm.

Similarly, I have been on the lookout for a fleece to replace his much loved weather worn body warmer that is almost as much past its best before date as I am. Mine is in a similar state, as Vel and Cro have divorced, the lining acts as an extra pocket, and people walking by feel the benefit of our lost body heat.
In the Great Sort Out, we kept our heavy coats for the colder months, one is a wax jacket (he took that to Czech) and the other a thickly padded raincoat, one new fleece (dumping the other three which were either filthy or thin), plus our body warmers.
My plan now was to each have a fleece, ditch the tatty body warmers and get new ones in the Spring.

What a game.
In summer, heavy-duty clobber adorns the shelves, but in December when you want to buy warmer clothes, no-one seems to sell fleeces anymore, just lightweight, paper-thin if not flimsy ‘quilted’ jackets or body warmers.
With the latest spell of cold weather, when we walk the dog together, poor Hubby has been wearing his body warmer over his woolly pully, and shivering against the wind, whilst I’m snuggled into the fleece warm as toast, with my hat and gloves keeping the rest of me cosy (thankfully he has a hat and gloves too).
We saw exactly what we wanted a couple of weeks ago, but at a much higher cost than anticipated.
I was quite prepared to spend the money, but Hubby said no, we’d continue looking.
Since then we have had temperatures dipping below freezing almost every night, and during the day with the wind chill, it’s not much higher.

Supermarkets and department stores had nothing to offer so we thought outside the box and came up with sportswear. We were aware of a very large store on the outskirts of one of the major towns, and set off in the car yesterday.
Parking wasn’t a problem, and we went in, full of expectations and anticipation.
clothesWhat choice!     What a selection!!     What pr£ces!!!
For anyone rich and motivated in sport, this was definitely the place to come.
They had everything though……………. except what we were looking for.

There was another place to try in the High Street, which was where I’d got my trainers from. We were pleased to see a notice on the door saying dogs were welcome, so that meant I didn’t have to stand outside in the cold whilst Hubby went in to have a look.
The menswear department was upstairs, so Maggie and I stayed on the ground floor.
A lady in a wheelchair came in with a companion (or carer) and pointing to her shouted ‘There’s a DOG in here!’
I smiled and said we were allowed to bring her in, but she wasn’t having it, and glared at both of us until a sales assistant arrived with the things which had been put by for her, so she was out of the shop again in less than five minutes.

Maggie started to wag her tail as Hubby appeared, empty handed.
I asked if anything had been remotely suitable to which he shook his head, but sent me upstairs to look for myself. After checking with the assistant that it was OK to take Maggie up (they loved her by the way) he followed.
Funnily enough, I found exactly what I’d had in mind, though at half price it was still a bit on the dear side.
He said he hadn’t seen them, but tried one on.
It was ideal, with plenty of room even over his woolly pully.
Triple layered, it was warm, windproof, shower-proof, and long enough to cover the small of his back. Perfect.
Not prepared to even discuss it as I knew he’d try to talk me out of it (because of the price and it was for him), I took it to the checkout.

The body warmers are now warming the bins.
Next on the list is to replace our shorts jogging trousers.
joggersOh god, where to start.
confused 2

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