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I walked Maggie on my own this morning as Hubby was engrossed in something that couldn’t be interrupted, but I didn’t mind.
Sometimes it’s nice to have ‘Me time’ and walking the dog has always been relaxing for me, apart from when it rains of course.

rain go awayWalks today are very different from getting in the car, driving to the woods and the possibility of meeting up with friends and other dogs.
Here, our morning routine has changed a little now with later starts, though Maggie, bless her, doesn’t whine or moan to go out first thing. As soon as I am out of bed though, she’s ready and waiting patiently.

We’re supposed to keep our dogs on a lead on the marina apart from the dog walk. I confess we don’t always abide by the rules (depends on the time), and most of the time she is off lead from the boat to the gantry, where she goes straight to the top, on to the grass and performs the first business of the day.
After clearing up, we begin our walk, a routine and route she is now well familiar with.

Out of the gate, past the small complex of houses and across the road is the green adjoining The Avenue (it’s not, but I call it that).
Before we reached the gate this morning though a rabbit ran across our path, stopping every second or third hop to shake its feet of water droplets from the grass. It was only a few feet from us, but totally unfazed by this black furball at my side, she showing no interest whatsoever anyway. Afterall, this was HER time, she was on a mission, and she didn’t need some wimpy bunny distracting her.

rabbitsI like The Avenue walk. I can keep her off lead regardless of whether I’m walking on the grass or the pathway as it’s away from the main road. Thanks to Hubby’s training when she was a pup, I trust her to come when called and not to stray too far ahead. Hubby was walking her this way one morning and she chased a black and white cat up a tree. I have seen such a cat when walking, and it turns to run off in the opposite direction.

Leaves underfoot are mulching down, wet and soggy from the recent rains, but beautiful in their discarded way as the water rainbows off them in the winter sunshine. You still have to be careful where you tread though, as again not all owners clean up after their pets.

leafy skyI walked down the cut through, depositing a second offering in the bin there, then turned left towards the shops.
One of the houses has just had new windows fitted, and the company board has been erected in their garden. I wonder if they’ll get a discount for free advertising, although the signage will only be seen by those driving or walking down that road. Sometimes reduced rates are offered for ‘show houses’, but as always, conditions apply as we looked into it and didn’t qualify, yet we were on a main road.
Another property is in the throes of having solar panels fitted, something else we made enquiries about. For us, our roof was facing the wrong way, and also having solar panels didn’t mean no more electricity bills, you just top up the National Grid and get a small discount off your bill. The Government incentive was also a farce. BIG print saying grants of £10,000 towards solar installation, only the tiny print states that this will be paid at a rate of £500 per year.

Rounding the corner by the shops, I can hear the gentle hum of the launderette dryers. They are open 7 days a week, though only until 1 pm on Sundays. A lady is walking her westie on the other side of the road, and we nod, exchanging ‘Morning’s.
Back along The Avenue, I walk along the path as a man is walking his boxer dog on a lead on the grass opposite. It sees Maggie and nearly pulls him over, so I immediately clip her, knowing she won’t let anything aggressive get near me, especially when I’m on my own.

The danger gone, I let her off and we continue, with my intention to go back through the cut through to turn right, just to extend our walk a little.
A lady I don’t recognise is at the other end with her springer spaniel which is sniffing and scratching the ground, no doubt getting familiar with the scents of the dogs that have gone before it, Maggie included, so I decide to come home.

Back at the marina, there are four rabbits on the tarmac like some kind of welcoming committee. They are so laid back, they are almost horizontal, and I have heard that some are so tame, you can actually pick them up.  There is no need for them to hurry or scurry away as we pass, it’s as if they know Maggie is not a threat. Sometimes, she may start to give chase, but only four steps in will change her mind.

Back at the boat, Hubby has done the housework, breakfast is prepared and the kettle just about to boil.
Job of the day is to refill the water tank, then perhaps we’ll go out this afternoon.
canal boat

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