One more Night

I posted my last entry from the library this morning. Although I don’t understand computers, I have a USB key and remembered to save my document in a slightly different format than what’s available on my laptop which is running Windows 8 (sorry, didn’t mean to swear).

The library computers are what I’m used to, so that goes to show how old they are as I used one of these way back in the ‘noughties’ when I was working.
Unfortunately, I could not access my Reader, neither could I check our emails as I couldn’t get in to that server either.
Why? Because of the filters on the machines.
computer bashing
I know this frustrates the hell out of Hubby as he does a lot of research for things that interest him as well as for his posts. He is techno-savvy enough to have worked a way round it, but for me, I am loathe to use his solution on his key as I’m afraid of messing up whatever else is on it. You can guarantee that if something goes wrong, it will be my fault.

This means of course that I will be going back up to ‘The Office’ this afternoon when I take Maggie out for her next walk.

I got 2 new books from the library so that should keep me occupied for the next few days.
It’s years since I belonged to one, so I am trying new authors rather than relying on my old favourites, most of which will either still be in the charity shop or on someone else’s shelf now.
These days unless your item is on their restricted loan list, you have three weeks instead of the familiar two before having to return them. You can even hire DVDs over 2 or 3 nights for a small fee.
Our library has a self service counter (they get everywhere don’t they!) and now I know how to use it, it’s terrific. No queues, unless I want to ask something, and it’s just a case of passing my card across the reader and doing the same with the books I wish to borrow. Taking them back is even more straightforward as you just pass the book over the reader and it automatically clears it from your ‘account’. We’ve been advised to always get a receipt though, so obviously it’s not perfect.

It’s a beautiful day, and I’ve already walked Maggie twice.
sunbathing suitcaseShe’s flaked out on the bench beside me enjoying the afternoon sun having shared my chicken sandwich before finally eating her dinner.
Since Hubby’s been away, she hasn’t eaten very much though she has been drinking OK. That was the idea of the chicken, knowing she would want some, so I put a few scraps in her dinner as well.

Result! An almost clean bowl, which has now been emptied, washed up and filled with fresh food.
That’s the beauty of dried food, you can leave it down knowing it won’t stink the house (or boat) out or go off.

One more night, and Hubby will be home. I am dreading tonight though.
It’s Bonfire Night and if this good weather holds, it’s going to be awful for Maggie.

smiling maggie]The Marina is overlooked by houses on two sides, and the occupants of some of those were letting off rockets etc at the weekend. Hubby has left his jumper so that Maggie can snuggle into it or I can cover her with it if necessary. I shall have the radio on tonight, though if it gets too bad, I’ll be watching the Noisy Film for the third time this week. I don’t mind, it’s a good one which is why we kept it.
I suppose you could say it has its own fireworks, and No, it is not the extended edition of Independence Day.
Try Battle: Los Angeles.


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  1. scifihammy says:

    Aw- I hope Maggie is all right tonight. Fireworks are banned here – good thing too.

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