Power Cut

To add to our woes about no Internet access, we had a power cut this morning and another this afternoon.
This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but not quite so straightforward when you’re on a boat.

We have three pretty huge batteries that run the ‘house’, another for the engine, and yet a fifth for the bow thruster. We are connected to the shore electricity by a cable similar to the hook ups you get on a caravan site, so for most of the time, we are on mains.
Should they fail, the boat ‘goes home to momma’ and uses the batteries for its energy supply.
Problems can arise if we don’t realise that!

Luckily, we have a LCD touchscreen thingy which gives information about battery status, volts and amperage. Hubby views it every day, and today I had a lesson.
Inside a cupboard, we have three RCD trips and our inverter, which if the bottom two green lights are lit means everything is OK.
No lights, no power.

Our electric usage in the house averaged out at just over 5 units a day, so some 35 to 38 kwh per week. Here on the Marina, we are about half that, so 100 kwh is lasting us well over a month which we’re very pleased about.
As you can therefore imagine, we do not have anything that uses a lot of electricity.
The guzzler, if any, is the fridge.

So, should mains fail, it is priority to turn it off as if the power cut is for any prolonged length of time, it will drain the batteries pretty quickly.
Then we really would have a problem!

Just inside the door as you come aboard is our control panel.
There are separate switches for different areas of lights, bathroom, sockets, navigation, cooker, FRIDGE and a variety of other things, so at least I won’t have to scrabble around trying to find the socket to turn the fridge off.

planeHubby goes away in 10 days, so I am making notes all over the place about things to do if something goes wrong.
I am already getting into the habit of dumping power completely if we go out for any major length of time. I am also remembering to turn off the water pump if we are just nipping to the loo as we heard the sorry tale of someone whose water pump kicked in when they were away, burst a hose and emptied their entire water supply into the boat.

Apart from going shopping and walking the dog, I don’t anticipate doing very much whilst Hubby is away.
However, we are OK for fuel (and I know how to turn on the central heating and hot water) and we will be filling up the water tank before he goes anyway.

Oh, and when the power was restored, guess what?
We got the Internet back.

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    Oh – the silver lining then 🙂 Glad to hear something went right 🙂

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