And the pipes play on

Whilst Hubby was in the travel agent’s today, Maggie and I were outside listening to some street musicians.
Unlike last time, I chose to sit and listen, their pan pipe music relaxing and pleasant.

pan pipers
The duo looked familiar, and I wondered if they were part of the same family that used to frequent the streets of Boston in Lincolnshire.
There was a small selection of CDs available to purchase and a guitar case for donations on the ground in front of them as they played.
Simon and Garfunkel favourites ‘If I could’ and ‘The Sound of Silence’ are always popular for this kind of music,  so it was of no surprise that they were both included in their repertoire today.

As I listened, I people watched, and decided that ‘layers’ was key for the day.
The weather was dry but cloudy and a little chilly, but I was warm enough, wearing a t-shirt, jumper and body warmer with my joggers, thick socks and trainers.

layersThere seemed to be no age discrimination to design or fashion, shape or colour, and it was amusing to see a man wearing shorts (displaying the hairiest legs I’ve ever seen), no socks and open toe sandals, yet the top half of him was clad in a t-shirt, vest and woolly waistcoat.
Young girls were dressed in tights or leggings tucked inside boots of varying heights, some wearing shorts, dresses or skirts over the top, others just long t-shirts and jumpers (so perhaps my big baggy jumper is fashionable after all) that came down to their knees.

I was surprised at the number of short dresses being worn though despite the chilliness of the day,  even if the wearer was also wearing a heavy coat, cardigan or body warmer.
One woman was wearing three-quarter length trousers, thick stripey socks inside heavy-duty boots, a raincoat, cardigan, 2 scarves and a floral blouse of some description. Her hair was long and flowing down her back and I’d put her age around 60.
I thought she looked terrific, and warm!
In contrast, someone half her age was wearing tight trousers (no knicker line and I could almost see the goosebumps), a flimsy top and a shawl,  tottering on her high heels as she held on to her partner’s arm.

tottiesA man came and sat next to me, making conversation about the dog, who was lying contentedly at my feet. We exchanged pleasantries, he having had a sheltie for many years.

When Maggie was a puppy, our CD for going to sleep was Pure Moods, a collection of mainly instrumental music,  some like today, which would lull her to sleep as it did us.
When I had my piano, there were certain pieces I’d play that would have a similar effect.
I haven’t played now for almost a year.
No-one really stood out today, even though Hubby was engaged in the travel agent for almost an hour and a half.  It was an interesting and continental mixture of tastes and personal expression.
Maggie was again made a fuss of by several passers-by, but she had her eyes on the doorway where she knew her Daddy would be coming out, and so she just lay down and waited patiently, relaxing to the music as I was.

pan pipes

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