Mop Fair

Apparently this dates back to the 12th century when people were looking for work and would attend a fair carrying one of the utensils of their trade.
In later years, those who wanted to work but had no specific trade would still go to the fair, but take a mop instead.

The fair is taking up a lot of the town, though the authorities have kept the main High Street open and it’s not too bad getting in and out of where we want to go.
According to the local promotional news, it is two evenings of family entertainment with fairground rides and stalls for all to enjoy. As to whether there will be any mops to enter into the spirit of things, one can’t be sure.

Like all fairgrounds, it looks pretty dull during the day, but no doubt will come to life as soon as dusk falls and the noise will soon drift in our direction. Saying that though, it has been yet another on and off rainy day, so it will be interesting to see who is brave enough to go.

fair fair at night

At ten past 8 this evening after watching a DVD, we decided to go and have a look at what was on offer. The dog was actually curious and keen to go, something new I suppose, and the smell of the burger vans and hot dogs no doubt meant to her it had to be a good place to be.
Different loud current popular music coming from the rides was as I remembered, the candy floss stall (not at £3 a bag for me though!), dunkin’ doughnuts (5 for £3), food wagons charging £1.50 for a cup of tea, everywhere Despicable Me toys for the winning, and some of my favourite stalls, including the ducks on a ‘lake’ (a prize every time) and spearing three different playing cards with three plastic darts (they’d go in any direction but the one you threw them in).
I noticed the weekly market sweet stall, and all of his £1 bags had been amended to read £2. Everyone taking advantage of a popular event, and hoping the punters won’t mind.

There was something for all ages, everyone was having a good time and the atmosphere was good.
Something caught my eye though that I hadn’t seen for a long time, and that was the opportunity to win a goldfish, and there were quite a few people carrying these tiny things in plastic bags.

I was never one for the fair to be honest, though I love candy floss and won my fair share (excuse pun) of goldfish too if I went. All that changed when I met Hubby and he won me a coconut.
We also went to Alton Towers, getting absolutely drenched on the log flume and I dried myself out by redirecting the hand blower in the ladies. Flambards in Cornwall had similar rides and when Eurodisney first opened, we went over with a group from work for the weekend, and had a totally brilliant time.
There were three coaches, and we had a few children on ours who became bored before we’d got 10 miles up the road.
Hubby and I had a party piece involving a benny hat and a cushion, which actually kept the kids and some of the adults entertained until we reached Dover and the overnight ferry.
Coming back, we had purchased a small bear which we called Do-gall, and one of the youngsters was most concerned about how we were going to get him on the boat without a ticket.
Completely straight faced, we said we were going to smuggle him on inside our holdall.
The lad said that was cruel as he wouldn’t be able to breathe, and offered his ticket up for our bear instead.
We thought this was extremely generous from a five year old, but told him we couldn’t take it, as how else was he going to get on the boat to come home.

He pondered this for a moment then said with a smile ‘You’re right, but if we put him in MY rucksack, they will think he belongs to me and let me through the gate. You’re too old to have a teddy bear, and they might think you were carrying…………… (he paused here to whisper) drugs.’

His parents nearly choked on their duty free.

duty free

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