Today in the news…….

We have no TV, and Hubby looks up the radar picture for the weather every day.
Over the past 8 days, I have only tuned in to the radio news three times (different days), and read the newspaper headlines as I passed them in the supermarket on our last five visits.
Why is this, you may ask?
Silly woman, burying her head in the sand, not taking an interest or not knowing what’s going on in the world.
Having heard the same bulletin, practically word for word from midnight to around 7am (OK, different readers, wow) after a sleepless night a few months ago, I was convinced there was NOTHING going on worth reporting.
Since then, we have had the Ebola outbreak, politics, the deaths of some popular celebrities, politics, murders and beheadings, politics, and of course our political party leaders slagging each other off, making idle promises in the hope of obtaining public support and their vital vote for the General Election next year.
How do I know? I listen to conversations around me, or Hubby fills me in.

This morning at 6.45 in a lull after the rain, Hubby took the dog out and went for his shower. When he got back, we had breakfast then I also went up to the shower block.
When I returned, he was in bed with the dog curled up beside him. Both were fast asleep. Not surprising really, as he had a bad night.
So, pinching an idea from Notquiteold (thank you for inspiration, though my effort isn’t a patch on yours), I have pilfered his laptop as my gizmo failed and has been returned for replacement, and looked up the news.

Such a shame council workers have had to cancel their holidays because a politician defected to UKIP and his local town has lost £200,000.
I didn’t realise politicians paid for other people’s holidays.

Tesco leaders are in trouble due to a misbalance of the books of some £250m. (There are at least seven headlines about Tesco today by the way.)
Bet they won’t be sending their Gulfstream back though.

A London restaurant is claiming to have created the worlds most expensive burger, at a cost of £1,100, which took 3 weeks to develop.
Hm. The meat’s probably off by now, so your Big Mac is safe.

Still on the subject of food, there is a Squirrel Burger challenge in the Forest of Dean, where burgers must be made of squirrel.
We’ll just move the decimal point of the above headline along a bit to read 11p then.

New Car Sales are at a 10 year high.
Glad to have helped having purchased a Hyundai I10 last month. It was ten years ago that we bought our last car.

Guess I’m going to go and do my bit to boost the electricity board’s profits by doing the laundry.
One of the marina staff has put up a few bookshelves, so maybe there’s something good to read there. If not, there is always the Sailing magazines, and of course Wifi works there, so I can use my own laptop! (Bigger buttons)

keypadAnd here is the latest weather report:

The sun’s come out and it’s stopped raining.

sunbathing suitcase


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  1. janegundogan says:

    I think burying ones head in the sand is not always a bad thing. Here in Turkey is probably safer!

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