They all love a uniform

What do school, the armed forces and the job market all have in common?
Answer: A Uniform.
james stewart
James Stewart, one of my favourite actors, especially in The Glenn Miller Story.

I never knew Hubby when he was in the Forces, but I dated a couple of lads in the army, one in the navy and one briefly (2 dates) in the RAF.

Most establishments require uniforms today.
I think it’s a good idea as you never have to worry about what to wear as it’s all been decided for you (unless of course you have to dress as the carnival chicken and strut your stuff in the street to promote the latest bargain meal).
Others have a dress and colour code, so although you can be individual, you still have a guideline as to what to wear to work.

I went into the building society yesterday and their uniform is black and red.
The lads were dressed in black trousers, white shirts and a red tie.
The girls were in black dresses or skirts with a red belt, and either a black or red blouse.
Any cardigan was black with a small red rose on the lapel.
It all looked very professional, with an air of competence and efficiency.

In 1990, I attended a cousin’s wedding and wore a black skirt with a white lacy blouse.
I felt very smart until I realised I blended in nicely with the waiting staff.
I lost count of the number of times I was asked for a glass refill or extra veg.

bettyAnd no, I didn’t look this cute!

I’ve always liked to wear dark colours as being on the big side, they tend to be more flattering than anything bright. Besides, darker shades, especially black, have always suited me.
Yesterday, I was wearing my jeans and a dark blue tee-shirt, with a diamante motif on the neck. I bought it years ago from a market together with a black one, and even after all this time, they’re both still wearing well.
We went into a stationers looking for the replacement cable I needed (it works by the way, I’m typing this on the boat….. hurrah!) and was asked where the photocopier paper was.
I apologised saying I didn’t know as I didn’t work there, and the guy was equally apologetic as he thought he recognised the ‘uniform’.
I looked around and could see no-one dressed anything like I was, and certainly not a member of staff anywhere on the scene. Even the girl on the counter who took my payment wasn’t wearing blue, or black for that matter. She was however wearing a red jacket with the company logo on it in white piping.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been mistaken for a member of staff in a shop.
It’s happened in two supermarkets and a clothes chain.
In the supermarket instances I found it amusing and was able to direct the enquirers to the shelf they required as I was a regular customer.
I could understand why people thought I worked in the clothes shop as I was wearing one of their latest lines at the time, even though it was NOTHING like their staff uniform!

People are right though, there is something about someone in uniform.

So it comes as no surprise when ladies can lose their heads over a guy wearing one.


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  1. scifihammy says:

    haha Fun post 🙂 Having made the mistake of asking someone for something in a shop that they did not work in – I always ask them now, “Excuse me, do you work here?” just to be sure. On the bright side, you must have a friendly helpful type of face for them to approach you 🙂

  2. janegundogan says:

    I too tend to wear dark colours for slimming purposes thanks to my Rubenesque beauty ( Sadly the only women who wear dark colours (read that as black) here in the village are widowers so as I wander around in my black outfit people call out “Başiniz sağ olsun (Let health be on your head)” after me.

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