Stealth by night

The three of them approached the building slowly.
At 10pm, it was in darkness other than the night lights downstairs.

‘You stay here, and be on the look out. We’ll only be about 10 minutes, but I’ll call you on the radio to check all’s clear before we come out.’
‘Right, got it.’ said his mate.
burglarChecking left, right, and behind, the 2 ventured forward.

An owl hooted in the distance.
It was a clear night.
Putting the torch in his pocket, the look-out sat on a bench and glanced around.

Worried that he might be seen, he shrunk into the shadows, scanning the alley, walkway and slip road from every angle.
He could hear activity coming from within, and just hoped that they wouldn’t leave any evidence of their crime.
Everything was otherwise quiet.

The radio crackled.
‘Is it clear?’
‘Yeah, nothing and nobody in sight. Come on out.’
The door opened and a black mass shot out into the night.
‘Take this,’ his accomplice said, throwing a blanket across to him.
‘Get her inside the back room. I’ve got some cleaning up to do.’

Five minutes later, the door opened and a barrel appeared through the gap.
‘Put her on the table, this thing won’t reach otherwise.’
They lifted the shivering bundle and plugged in the device.
It whirred into life, and the heat was amazing.

No-one disturbed them in their mission.
Pretty soon, the three of them exited, quietly closing the door behind them after turning off the lights.
‘You sure no-one will know?’ asked the look-out.
caution‘No. I’ve put the WET FLOOR sign up, and mopped up as best as I can. I’ve cleaned everything off, and there’s no trace of hair or footprints to give the game away. It’ll all be dry by morning’.

The three walked back, 2 adults and a dog, now sweet smelling and fluffy from a much needed ‘bath’ and blow dry.


About pensitivity101

Retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination, loves to cook, favourite food everything especially chocolate and jelly babies. Best friends are Hubby and Dog, Bro and our Dominoes Friend aka MOH (and his dog). Also a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! Due to a nightmare of a house sale in 2014, 'Home' is now a 41 foot narrow boat. It's different and having swan and duck families for neighbours is much more relaxing on the eye not to mention the ears!
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6 Responses to Stealth by night

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    That’s cute 🙂

  2. scifihammy says:

    Phew! I was holding my breath to the end! hahaha A good story 🙂

  3. Puti says:

    loved it – haha

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