I must go down to the sea again

sea again
Or in our case,
“Let’s take the boat out, Honey.”
Actually, we had decided to do our weekly engine run (without going anywhere, just to keep things ticking over), but a comment by one of the cruiser owners half a dozen berths up changed our minds as it was such a pleasant day and the water looked pretty calm.
It also gave us a chance to have a test drive with the covers on to see if they would actually be restrictive to our visibility.

There were a lot of little rowing boats out today, but no-one anywhere near the size of us.
Everyone waved though. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your craft, people are always friendly.
It was interesting to watch the grebes at such close quarters diving for fish, rarely coming up empty beaked, and a lone swan made a leisurely and majestic glide across our bow.

grebeI thought I saw a seal in the water ahead, but on getting closer, it was a black labrador and so gave that side of the river plenty of space just in case the dog decided to swim in our direction.

Last time we took the boat out, Maggie got a little restless when we were coming back to the Marina, and we had to shut her inside. We decided to buy a baby gate to put across the entrance so that she could still see us, but would be safe.
This however was not to be, as even the smallest baby gate is too wide for our doorway.
Not to be outdone, and anxious for her safety (as well as our own as she could get in the way whilst we are trying to maneuver which could result in her and/or us going overboard), we thought outside the box and came up with a couple of alternatives.
My first idea was one of those concertina trellises that we could stretch across the relevant space, but there was a problem as we didn’t actually have a fixed square edge to secure it.

trellisThe second, was a fireguard.
I found the perfect one, at a cost of £25 ($40), so a bit on the pricey side.
Hubby’s idea was much better, and not because it only cost four quid ($6-$7).
He simply bought a piece of garden fencing (2″ gaps) which was the correct width and height, then cut out 2 squares one side and one on the other so that we could slot the grid between the hinges of the doors and it would thus be held in place.

gateThis was also given a test drive today, and worked like a charm.

Although the water had looked pretty calm in the Marina, out on the river, the wind was just a nudge more than gentle, making large ripples across the surface. We therefore decided to stay out for only half an hour or so.
Turning the boat for our return was more or less straightforward, but coming back to base, there were people racing their model yachts, so we gave them as wide a berth as possible before turning into the Marina.
Once again, Hubby ‘parked’ us beautifully.

The cruiser owners were suitably impressed with our efforts.
Surprisingly, they had decided against taking their boat out today as it was a bit ‘too windy’ for their liking, and so they washed it instead!
boat wash

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  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Its sounds like fun to take the boat out 🙂

    • It’s really relaxing too (provided you don’t get twitchy at the speed…… doing 4 miles an hour in a 41 foot boat feels awfully fast!!!!) I’m happy going forwards and keeping to the right, but I haven’t had a go at turns yet or parking. I did a bit of reversing last time, but panicked because we didn’t seem to be going anywhere, which apparently is normal!!

  2. Although cleanliness is important, so is having fun!

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