A Mother’s Loving Touch

bayeauxMany years ago, my Mum started doing tapestries and has done some beauties.
The hours and love she put into each one, not to mention the sweat, eyestrain and cramp in her arthritic hands.
The first she gave us was of dolphins, so many blues and greys and the detail was amazing.
A couple of years later she gave us an owl, and the last, in 2003 was a stag.

They hung in our lounge in the house before last, and in the back corridor of the one in Lincolnshire, along with our prints of wolves, a cross stitch of a blue tit done by my niece, and a few other animal pictures we had collected over the years.
cross stitchThe prints found their way to the charity shop, but the cross stitch and tapestries were kept, wrapped carefully, and put into store in June with the rest of our stuff.

After our second and ruthless sort out at the lock up, they came here, and have been kept in the car safely until we sorted the boat (and ourselves) out fully.
The bird came out of its frame and has been put away with our photographs for the time being as it was small.
The tapestries though were much bigger, all difference sizes and in large frames.
We were toying with the idea of having them professionally reframed to reduce their bulk so that we could (somehow) work out a way to hang them without knocking them as we walked by, or them falling off the wall. The problem with our walls you see is that they aren’t flat but curved, so when we hung the curtains, we kept the blind brackets for the bottom to tuck them behind.

inspirationInspiration struck one morning when I woke up with the idea of taking them out of their frames and putting them on cushions.
It got put on the sidelines though until we came to sort out the cars ready for picking up the new one next week. We had to make space, and again another sort out ensued.
Our bulky suitcases were given to charity but the smallest on wheels was handy for storing the folding holdalls.
A few other things also went in the charity bag, and pretty soon we could get practically everything that didn’t fit on the boat in one car.

Today we finally got round to looking for suitable cushions for the job in mind, and had a bit of a shock at the price of them in the usual places.
It already did not make practical sense to buy material, make covers and then buy cushions to put in them when we could probably find something we could adapt for a fraction of the price.
Going into one of the arts and crafts outlets which also caters for homewares and textiles, we found exactly what we were looking for at a reduced price and got three cushions for just over a tenner.

sewing machineThis afternoon, Hubby got the sewing machine out to make covers for 2 bulky items that are now aboard, and I proceeded to take the tapestries out of their frames.
It was not as straightforward as I thought, with tacks, staples, glue, tapestry nails, tape, wood and glass to contend with.
Pinning the picture to the cushion cover was also awkward as my fingers wouldn’t co-operate, and I had originally intended to stitch them by hand (and yes, you are correct, I hate sewing, but I felt it was the least I could do considering the effort my Mum had put in in the first place).

Hubby came to the rescue (bless him) and used the machine.
The first was a bit of a game, but once we found a way round the problems, it actually didn’t take long.
They are on the bed, so the first thing you see when you come aboard, and we are really pleased with the end result.
At night, I shall be forever close to my Mum, even if I can’t be with her as often as I’d like.
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    That’s a wonderful idea!

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    they look lovely – she will be well pleased.

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