Even more paperwork

The deal is done, and the mountain of paperwork completed (2 hours).
This country is paranoid and obsessed with the need for paperwork, the completion of it, the triplicate copies and filing of it, the reading of it, the signing of it, and when no longer needed, the burning of it!
Our immediate phone calls made (and disappointment for the unlucky contenders) we withdrew the necessary deposit from the bank and drove to the Hyundai dealer to make our purchase.

Hubby got himself a cup of coffee then sat down in the ‘lounge’ area leaving me to go into what he terms Rottweiller Mode.
I’d like to point out I am happy to pay a fair price for something, but when it comes to making a new purchase of any description, Hubby always leaves it to me as basically he feels I can squeeze harder than he would.

Our salesman was very sweet, but no pushover (and nothing like this).
salesman 2At 50 years of age (we got talking about cheap insurance) and with over 20 years in the business, he was no keen lad desperate to make a sale at all costs, regardless of the consequences. Neither was he all cheesy smiles, soppy handshakes and false platitudes.

We soon got down to Talking Money.
I produced the figures we had discussed yesterday and told him I’d done a bit of digging on the internet.
I asked him if he would be prepared to do a little ‘tweaking’, the answer to which was a slow ‘O  K,  provided it isn’t over £10’.
We laughed, and I laid out my ‘case’ .

In short, I have got my 3 year service plan PLUS a full set of mats included in the deal at little extra cost. My argument was that I like round figures, and if he could ‘lose’ the odd two hundred and fifty something pounds, he could have the cash deposit that was burning a hole in my purse.
He referred the matter to his manager (as they do) and we made the deal.
Then I asked how much petrol would be in the tank and said it would be nice if it could be full, but he said he’d compromise and give me half. I was happy with that as I didn’t expect anything!

As standard, the car will be taxed for 12 months and we are also getting a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, plus 5 years roadside service, plus an annual ‘visible check’ for the first five years.
I confirmed of course that this would be more than just looking at the vehicle from the office to ascertain that it still had four wheels.
It actually includes fluids checks (oil, anti freeze, radiator, washer bottles etc), tyre pressures, and the little things in general.

We have notified our insurance company (more bloody paperwork and cost unfortunately as we have included our change of address) and shall be collecting our new baby next week.
hyundaiOurs is ‘Morning Blue’ by the way.

On the way home, we stopped off for a celebratory carvery meal, eating outside on the veranda (which overlooked the River Severn) with the dog, who was given masses of fuss and a bowl of fresh water when we sat down to our main meal, followed by two sausages when the lassie brought our desserts.
Very nice!


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