Con of the 1300

We do not have a telly.
In fact, we have not had a drool box for almost 8 years and don’t miss it.
It appears that programs interrupt the adverts anyway, and in NZ, the end of the film comes but you don’t see the credits roll until after an ad break. Odd.

Selling goods comes down to marketing and advertising, and in my post yesterday, I said we were looking into changing my car.
On the internet, there were deals showing a minimum trade in of £1300 for your existing vehicle provided it had a current MOT (tick).
part ex(I know this says £1000, but see the small print? Terms and Conditions apply, cunningly omitted from the web page).
This deal referred to three dealerships (not related franchises) yet even though we visited two of them, it was never offered.
At Ford, the £1300 Trade In offer stickers were everywhere, so I asked how it worked, and why it had not been mentioned to me when discussing the possible purchase of a new car.
At first, I thought it would refer to new models only, or selected used vehicles, but it was much simpler than that.
cashApparently, if you agree to take out the company’s finance package on your purchase, they will kindly give you this mammoth trade in allowance on the deal.
They will not lose a penny as the interest applied over the term of the loan will more than cover their costs and ‘generosity’.
Yesterday, the Big Boss of one dealership was saying that they had just agreed a sale, and the clincher was that they (the firm) had agreed to pay the customer’s first three months finance payments.
Just a little bit of extra info here……. the lady concerned already had a finance package on her previous car and was actually upgrading on their ‘new car every three years’ scheme. Plus the three months ‘bargain deal’ amounted to £468. Wow (not, when you consider they were making £460 of that in interest anyway).

Yeah, sounds good doesn’t it, but this kind of deal has been around for years and actually encourages you to be forever in debt owning a car, even if you do get the ‘option’ to renew it every three years, provided of course you keep up their payment plan (with increases no doubt each time there is a revision).

Call me old fashioned, but Hubby and I pride ourselves on not owing a penny to a soul.
Yet for people like us, ready to hand over folding stuff in physical cash or write a cheque, or even use the debit card on our account, there seems to be no such super bargains, and ‘we’ get a raw deal.
When I find a vehicle I wish to purchase, I will be going into overdrive (excuse pun) to get the best deal possible. Yesterday’s initial outings confirmed a couple of things:

1. Car sales are down, especially NEW car sales, as from Sept 1 the new registrations came in.

2. The sales teams have quotas and targets to meet for said New Registrations this month.

Checking on a valuation site this morning, my car with its low mileage can expect a trade-in value of between £1200 and £1500.
(No wonder the lad was keen to offer me £500 for it)

Now I have some figures under my belt, I am better equipped to go in for the kill on a purchase. If they are that desperate for my money, they will give me a deal on MY terms. They won’t know what’s hit them.


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