bacon, tomato and mushroom pasta

I said a couple of posts ago that I was looking for ways of saving money and still eating well.
tomato pastaWe went shopping today, and though it is not my normal practice, we bought some bacon.
The last pack of rashers I bought cost the earth, was totally tasteless, and shrivelled to next to nothing after all the water had evaporated.
Today, Hubby discovered the bargain pack of bacon pieces at 80p for 500g.

That is not bad at all, though you have to be careful buying such packs as they can be all fat (apart from the bits visible through the wrapping), and if you are hoping to find full rashers inside for your breakfast, then think again.
I used to buy bacon like this years ago as the pieces were ideal for Quiche, but the last one we purchased had just one piece of red meat wrapped around the biggest wedge of fat you can imagine, which went out on the line and the birds loved it.

I am getting to be a dab hand at using the frying pan.
Pan and Me are the best of buddies, and I am Queen of the stir fry these days.
Anything goes in, and something tasty always seems to come out.
fry panTonight was no exception.
Hubby has been really busy today using the sewing machine whilst I kept out of the way and did other things, like go to the bank, do the washing, and parcel up Mum’s jacket to put in the post. Sadly he ran out of cotton, so at 4.39pm we were driving into town to buy another, then shopping around for alternatives to curtain rings to hang them.
He had a simple idea, but as with all simple ideas, finding the materials to achieve it is far from it, and we didn’t get home until 7.30.

I had intended to do a chilli tonight, but we were hungry and it was getting late, so I used some of the bacon, cooked up some pasta, and then threw it on the top.
It was quick (10 minutes), it was filling and tasty, and the dog had some bacon and juice in her dinner, clearing her bowl, so we all have full tummies tonight.

What did I do?
Serves 2  (well it was enough for us).
I large tomato
2 large mushrooms
1/3 pack of bacon bits
1 stock cube (I used chicken as it was the only one I had)
I cup of pasta quills (next time I’m going to use the coloured twist variety)

Cover pasta with boiling water, leave to soak in the saucepan with the lid on to retain the heat.
Put bacon pieces in frying pan, bring up to heat, until sizzling nicely.
Chop tomato and mushrooms, add to the bacon with a drizzle of olive oil and crumble in the stock cube.
Cover, and turn down the heat.

Bring pasta to the boil, then turn off the heat and let it absorb most of the liquid.
Stir frying pan mix, ensuring mushrooms and tomato are covered in the juice.
When pasta is soft, drain and serve, then add the frying pan mix, including juice, over the top.
bacon pastaLooked a bit like this, but without the thin spaghetti and cheese garnish.

Total cost today around 70p (35p each), so about a buck.



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