Eat less meat

All vegetarians and vegans will be ecstatic, as this is the latest headline to suggest that our meat consumption is a danger to the planet/environment.
I see it as another excuse to Tax something and/or put the price up.

Not so long ago, there were suggestions of applying a methane tax (ie. measuring and charging accordingly to a cow fart).
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Man has been eating meat since evolution. Dinosaur steak anyone?
Think Rachel Welch in the film  2 Million Years BC where the man goes off with club and comes back with dinner, dragging his mate by her hair to the cave fire to cook it.
Mind you ,according to the time line, dinosaurs were extinct way before Man came along.

Think about the knock on effect.
No call for meat, so no pig, cattle, rabbit, game, poultry or even fish farming required.
No slaughter houses needed and packing factories will reduce staff or close completely.
Wonder how the government will massage the unemployment figures then as they tuck into their soya McD burger?burgerHubby and I like meat.
We don’t have a lot these days anyway due to rising costs years ago and now having to buy smaller and thus more expensive packages.
I used to make a two day chilli with around 80g-100g of minced beef, a tin each of tomatoes and kidney beans, and an onion.
These quantities would now do us 3 if not 4 days, and although I can use fresh tomatoes and smaller onion, a small tin of kidney beans is almost twice as much as a large one, and I don’t stand a chance of buying just 50g of minced beef from a supermarket, so it’s down to giving the local butcher his laugh of the day.
Incidentally, the last minced beef I bought from a butcher went to dust when I cooked it, and was gritty with ground up bone.

And so we come to the dreaded packet shelf.
Soya ‘meat’ is, to be polite, an acquired taste.
Not ours I’m afraid. I’d rather eat cardboard.
Still, who am I to knock it? There must be a call for it, else there would not be so much variety.
Hubby would happily go out with the rifle and come back with something for the pot, but again I have no means of storing the excess (we both hate waste), and we no longer have our pressure cooker. Sadly, due to legislation, he’d probably be arrested.

Cheaper cuts of meat have been priced beyond our budget anyway thanks to the Celebrity Chef programs bandwagon.
Corned beef hash used to be a cheap meal, with a tin costing less than a pound.
Add TV presentation, and we’re looked at twice that, even more for a brand name.

According to the 8am news today, the experts are saying we should  consider having 2 small meat portions and 5 eggs a week now.
There are millions of people (including our politicians having their cooked breakfasts) who are wondering what they are going to eat for the remaining six days of the week.
holy cow


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