A chill in the air

Hubby was up just before 6 this morning. It was chilly and still pretty dark. The dog wasn’t too bothered about getting up, but when she realised it was ‘walkies’ time, she was soon wide awake and bouncing on the bed in eagerness to go out.

dog squirrelI tried to snuggle back under the duvet, but decided it best to get up as per our new routine so that I could help dry her feet when they came back.
I pulled the cake boards off the bedroom windows……… back up a bit. I haven’t mentioned this before.
The boat windows all had wooden slatted blinds, but the previous owner had removed those from the 2 bedroom windows and the one opposite the bathroom, we guess because they probably kept knocking into them.
It can only be a WOMAN who came up with the ingenious idea of using large round cake boards instead, which fit perfectly into the holes thus giving you privacy and shutting out the night. The silvering on the one side perfectly matches the outside facing of the blind in the kitchen.

cake board
So, to continue.
I pulled the boards off the windows (we have the blinds if we wanted to put them back up by the way, which we don’t) and looked out across the Marina at the day.  It was grey, overcast, and cold.
I decided to wear a thicker tee shirt today as our winter clothes are still in storage (we will have to get a trailer sorted soon) and I’ve had to buy a jumper which is a bit posh actually, so haven’t worn it yet.
After breakfast, the sun started to force its way through the clouds and it has turned out to be another hot day. There are mentions of catching the tail end of some hurricane though and threats of heavy rain for the weekend, but we’ll manage.

Good news is that the quote for our bow (cratch) and helm (pram) covers was very reasonable. Being cheeky I asked for a discount and we’re getting 10% off. The time frame can be anything up to 8 weeks though, but as we are pretty close to the manufacturer, this may be considerably less. Let’s hope so.
cratch cover                    pram cover
Bow (cratch)                                                          Helm (pram)

On the way up to town this morning, we bumped into a gentleman who lives on the opposite side of the marina to us.
He and Hubby got talking about internet access, and Hubby mentioned our solution. The guy was intrigued, and so Hubs offered to take his ‘kit’ across in the afternoon to see if it would work for them.
It does, and the old boy is going to order the same Gizmo to boost his reception. You never know, this could be the start of a little enterprise.

Not much else is going on here on the water today.
‘Mr Crufts’ got a verbal reprimand from the marina’s Big Boss as doberman Billy was running amok off lead everywhere but on the dog walk. We stayed stock still on our pontoon as we had visions of his dog diving into the water to get at us.
Maggie just sat down and waited patiently, bless her.

smiling maggie]


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