Treating Mum

One thing about staying here is that a trip to see my Mum only takes 2 hours.
I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and decided to leave the guys to have a bachelor day (and dog sit) and go and see her.
I decided to ring first as Friday is always hairdressing day, and I did not want to pass hypocritical time with Sis after our last word exchange when she pushed me too far.

As things turned out, I could take Mum for her appointment and then out for lunch, so I was looking forward to having her all to myself for a few hours, a bit like old times when we had our girlie days back in the days when I was working.

I arrived just after 11.15, so went to the back gate and let myself into the garden. The new dog started to bark and did not shut up the entire time I was there. I passed pleasantries and accepted the offered cup of tea, filled Mum in as to the present status quo, and then left for the hairdresser.
I was lucky to get a parking space directly outside, and Mum was escorted away to the wash bowls immediately on arrival. I was asked if I intended to wait as she’d be about an hour. I was happy with that provided I didn’t get in the way, and jokingly said they could always give me a quick trim. They took me up on it, so I had my hair washed and trimmed by a professional for the first time in something like 15 years.
OOOOhh, it was lovely having my head pummelled as the washer lathered and rinsed, and then pummelled some more. Mum was having her rollers taken out and asked me if I remembered doing her hair all those years ago when the Ex and I used to go round for our tea on Tuesdays.
I had to stand for the final trim as my hair was longer than the chair, but overall I lost about an inch and was told that my hair was in good condition considering the last time someone else cut it! It was left to dry naturally as I can’t abide hairsprays and it was way too hot for a blow dry anyway.

So duly and freshly shampooed, the pair of us went off to lunch to the local carvery.
carveryWe were shown to a table by an open door and so had lots of fresh air. Our waitress was lovely, and we soon had 2 long drinks of soda and lime with ice and a slice, very refreshing on such a hot day.
Mum couldn’t carry her dinner with her bag and stick, so I loaded us both up. We each had a slice of all four meats, yorkshire pud, stuffing, roast spuds, green beans, cauliflower, carrots, peas and Mum had some roast onions as well. The gravy is a food group on its own, and back at our table we settled down to our dinner.
It was a pleasure to see Mum tuck in.

We chatted about anything and everything, repeating ourselves often as her memory isn’t what is was. There was no rush, and the waitress didn’t hurry us either. Sometimes such establishments don’t like you occupying a table if you’ve finished your meal, but today we could take our time and so Mum didn’t get flustered.
I noticed she has got thinner in the face and is still unsteady on her feet but otherwise her health seems good, and she was enjoying herself.
We laughed a lot, talked about how much we both miss Dad, and how she hopes this time we won’t be living so far away.
We talked about my brothers, me clarifying their ages (70 and 72), a little bit about my nieces and my youngest great niece who at almost 3 is a little monkey.
I talked about Hubby and the dog, our friend, our house move and plans for a holiday which may hopefully result in a new home.
I know she won’t remember a lot about our conversation, but it was just nice having a meal with my Mum, just the two of us.
It was a treat to treat her, not only to dinner, but having her hair done too (mustn’t forget that I benefited too) and when she tried to pay her share, I told her no, it was for all the birthdays, Mother’s Days and Christmases I hadn’t been able to share with her.
We clinked glasses,  we toasted ourselves, we laughed, we remembered. So many different things, different times, different circumstances.

I took her home just before 4pm. Sis was there, as was Sir Barkalot and my two nieces (one of which had brought her dog),  plus the great niece, all of which had been a topic of conversation for a fleeting moment during dinner.
I shared pleasantries with these strangers who have no interest in their old aunt, I got a smile from my great niece as she wrapped her face round a sticky piece of toffee, and the visiting dog brought me his football to play.
The barking went on. And On. And On.
I left around 4.15, giving my Mum a bear hug of a cuddle and telling her how much I loved her. I hope we can find somewhere that has a shorter travelling time.  And soon.

happy birthday


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