People Watching

It’s been gloriously hot again today. We took Maggie down to the woods early, bumping into the two (formerly three) red setter couple so had a chance to say goodbye. They are also very pleased for us, but said they would be sorry to see us go.

From there, we went into town with yet another box for the charity shop (we’ve spread our donations wide so that lots of people can hopefully benefit) , and took it in turns to stay in the car with the dog.
Hubby witnessed a young man ‘trying’ car doors, and reported it to the traffic warden who basically didn’t want to know.

For my part, apart from only hearing English spoken twice (there is a high population of Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian now) , my ‘shift’ was quite interesting.
Can anyone recall what was going on about 7 months ago, apart from preparations towards Christmas? Whatever it was in the UK, people got bored with it, as there were an awful lot of pregnant ladies about today. One was in her early twenties but her partner (I knew that ‘cos he kissed her)  looked about 12. I felt OLD.

I saw several men with eclipsed pony tails, you know, the guys with hair at the sides but nothing on top, so you get this sort of moon shaped bald patch with a tail at the bottom.

sorry guysI saw a ‘purple topknot’ munching on an apple and her trousers were made of some kind of rubbery shiny fabric, or perhaps a spray paint job, they were that tight.

A man was having a bit of a game carrying one of those large PR advertising cheques. It was for the sum of £1250, but I couldn’t read the payee or drawer, so have no idea who it was from or for. There were no camera crews about, so obviously presentation was somewhere inside. I may remember to check the local paper when it comes out on Thursday, but quite honestly we don’t purchase ‘paper news’ anymore, and I’ll probably forget.
Various Mums and kids,  loads of lone female shoppers in mixed attire ranging from mini skirts/dresses and shorts to a boiler suit and mackintosh, the occasional couple, and just one dog today, a lovely smokey grey weimaraner with a full tail.  Smashing.

weimeranerAs always, I’ve saved my favourite until last.  A beautiful pink rosette.
It was adorning the head of a lady I’d put in her sixties, so not much older than me.  She was wearing a pink shirt, pinkish trousers, and carrying a clear plastic umbrella with a pink trim.
She smiled at me as she passed the car, a smile that lit up her entire face.  I heard a phone ring, and she took out one of the latest mobile models,  so no technophobia for her!
Flipping it open with ease, she placed it towards her ear, slightly dislodging the rosette which she gently patted back into place.

headbandThe fact that her hair was cut shorter than any buzz cut was simply immaterial!


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