Clothes Maketh the Man

My Dad once told me that if I was out looking for a bargain, to dress ‘tidy and clean’, but if I had to make a complaint, to dress ‘to the nines’ as Looks can be deceptive. 

A charming post popped up in my reader this morning which triggered some thoughts on clothes in general. Or at least ours.

Hubby was going through the wardrobe the other day and passed a comment about the amount of clothes I have. Or rather don’t.
What’s this, I hear you say? A woman with a small wardrobe?
Actually, I don’t possess enough clothes to fill one, and the one we do have is shared with Hubby’s attire and there is still space.

It was a different story when we were both working. He’d have a clean shirt every morning or shift, and I’d wear something different every day.

We had a wardrobe each, his full of trousers, jackets and shirts, and mine full of skirts, tops, dresses and a variety of shoes.
I thought nothing of buying a new frock for the Christmas Party every year, or a skirt and half a dozen tops for the office.
Shoes were a bit of a game, so we had a ‘pet shop’ who didn’t get frustrated with us if we went in, tried on umpteen pairs and didn’t buy anything because they knew that when we DID buy something, it would be at least 3 pairs.
These days I live in joggers and tee shirts (or my jeans if I’m going out) , though I still have one frock and about four skirts. The last time I tried them on, they were all too big.
too bigHubby doesn’t have a lot either. His jeans and best trousers are 3 sizes too big now, and he only owns one jacket. Like me, he is comfy in joggers and tees.

When we were having a sort out last year, I came across a blanket bag under the bed. Inside were several new sets of underwear and socks, and half a dozen white shirts still in their original wrappers. I also found a new fleece, a ‘posh jumper’ and four sparkly evening tops I’d worn once with trousers or an evening skirt for the Firm’s Dos.

Times have certainly changed, but more than that, so has our attitude as we have adapted to a different way of life on a new budget. What is really surprising though is that it wasn’t that hard a transition. We simply don’t buy what we don’t need.
The reason why there were so many things untouched under the bed in that blanket bag was not because we had been extravagant, but preparation for our change all those years ago, as we had thought ahead to a time when money may not be quite so plentiful.

We have promised ourselves that when we eventually move, we will be going through our one wardrobe and tidying ourselves up a bit.
Somehow I don’t think I’ll be digging the next garden in a pair of joggers and a sparkly top, neither will Hubby be painting in a new white shirt, but at least if we have to ‘dress up’ we will still have options.



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