Even Technology can’t cope

Anyone who drives a motor vehicle will be aware of the price of fuel to put in it.

price war
Price wars between supermarkets are common place, and sometimes you have to weigh up the cost of your journey (in our case 10 miles each way) to save a penny or two on a litre .

Luckily, my car is very economical on fuel,  getting 55-60 mpg around town and up to 100 mpg on a ‘straight’ road at a constant speed of 63 mph (motorway driving, no roundabouts or traffic lights unless there are roadworks) . This is not the manufacturer’s figures by the way, this is me driving and although I’ve never matched it, I did a 500 mile journey four years ago on less than half a tank. I drive a modest Peugeot 206 HDi diesel (2005) .

fuelOur village has nothing in the way of shops, petrol stations, Post Office or even a pub.
This was part of the attraction for buying our house as we had grown sick of the rat race, being carved up at every opportunity, and the supermarket directly behind us not only went 24 hours (we could cope with that to some extent) but had a second and two storey extension built which overlooked our garden and our privacy. To give you some idea of the size of it, when we put the house up for sale, one of the potential viewers didn’t bother coming in as they saw the ‘Football Stadium Lights’ directly behind us.

The village four miles away has 2 petrol stations. They are not related or in close proximity to each other, but last year they both had shiny new electronic boards put up to advertise their pricing and the Company Chain (not this one) to which they belong.

fuel board 2Both companies have the same pricing strategy, and we have always been aware of a pending price increase at the pumps as they are the first to put their prices up, even though nothing has been mentioned in the media. At one stage, prices were increasing almost every 24 hours, and on one occasion, went up twice in a matter of hours.
I would point out that we don’t panic and fill up our cars at every hike, we get fuel as and when we need it, but if it’s ‘cheap’ we’ll buy more because, hell, we’re already there!

However, Technology, for all it’s advances and advantages, has its limits.
Or at least the board at the petrol station we pass every day on the way to the woods has. It has been devoid of figures for the past five days, as it was several months ago.
Our theory initially was that the staff didn’t know how (or weren’t allowed) to change the prices on their latest ‘baby’, but this was foiled with several increases that have occurred since the Budget.

Fuel prices up the road this morning were advertised at 135.9 per litre for diesel and 132.9 per litre for unleaded, a decrease of 2p per litre from prices a week ago.
Obviously the figures in this particular board can only go UP, and a reset is needed when prices go in the opposite direction.

Looking on google for images for my post, I came across these.
flintstones                         pedal car

I also found this, which ties in nicely with both.

fuel board

Happy Motoring!

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  1. janegundogan says:

    Price gouging. Hate them all!

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  3. Reblogged this on pensitivity101 and commented:

    Fuel today is considerably less than prices quoted here. We paid 99.7p per litre for unleaded yesterday and diesel was 104.7p per litre.
    This was written before we moved out of the cottage and before we knew we were going to live on a boat for three years.

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