All the Threes

Welcome to my three hundred and thirty third post.
All the threes, just like the Bingo Call (sort of) .

bingoI used to love Bingo.
So did my Aunt, that and wrestling, though whether she did the two together I have no idea.

wrestlingI guess they didn’t want to share for a Full House.

The first time I played Bingo was for a charity event hosted by my sister’s firm. I had 6 cards, five for other people and my own. I won five prizes and they were all very pleased.

More recently, well two years ago, I was asked to accompany a friend to Bingo as she didn’t want to go on her own but wanted to support a local charity.
It was embarrassing as I won, a lot, including the star prize of a 16 portion Easter Cake and cake stand. There was no way Hubby and I could eat it all, so I took it the local elderly Residents Home and offered it to them in exchange for 2 slices.
The cake was delicious, and I’m glad we did give it away because we WOULD have eaten it all, it was that good.

easter cakeSomeone took a ‘sample’ before this picture (not my prize though) was taken as there are only 11 mini eggs and a couple of suspicious looking gaps!

They had a Bingo night at our village hall and Hubby and I chose to show our support.
Sadly, sitting around for the full duration was not an option due to circulation problems so he came home and I was running our 6 cards.
bingo cardI can cope with 6. If you get the books in one go, they are all joined together and you know that you will get all of the numbers called somewhere. I’ve been quite lucky, and that particular night was no exception when I came away with 6 rolls of wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, biscuits and a tenner.

I’m curious though as to how they came up with the little witticisms to go with some numbers.
I can understand ‘all the 3s/4s/5s/7s’ for double digits except 11 which is ‘Legs’, and ‘on it’s own’ for single digits apart from 1 which is ‘Kelly’s eye’ (who’s Kelly?).
‘Top of the Shop’ is 90, and I sort of get ‘blind whatevers’ for other numbers ending in zero, bar Number 10 which was ‘Maggie’s Den’ and is now ‘PM’s den’.
‘Unlucky for Some’ is 13, ‘Coming of Age’ accompanies 21 (never changed when the voting age was dropped to 18), ‘Two Little Ducks’ for 22, ‘clicketty click’ for 66, and ‘Two Fat Ladies’ for 88.
But where the hell did “Monkey’s Elbow, number 9” come from???monkeyIt would appear however that it is no longer ‘correct’ for the Bingo Caller to verbally annotate the numbers any more, especially 88 as some people took offense, even after they changed it to ‘Two Fat Persons’.
And that, for me, has taken some of the fun out of it.
Also, Professional Bingo is classed as gambling and thus winnings are taxable, so I’m glad I only went to charitable events where prizes are usually food, toiletries, gift vouchers or bottles of squash.

And so ends my three hundred and thirty third post.
Wonder what my subject will be after 333 more.


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