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James Travis “JimReeves (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964)

jim reevesI’m not really a fan of country music, and I was only 8 when Gentleman Jim died. However, his music lives on, and this is one of my favourites.
It is also the first thing Hubby said to me this morning as from today and for the next 6 months, we will be the same age.

Twenty three years ago we were on a Canal Bus in Amsterdam. It was my first trip abroad, and I’d wanted to pick tulips. Sadly we’d missed the festival by a week, but it didn’t matter.
We had dinner in a little Bistro we’d found, and when I was asked if I’d enjoyed my meal, I patted my stomach and said ‘British Piggy Full’ which made the waitress hoot with laughter. It was a happy day.

Two years later, we were back in Amsterdam having experienced my first flight. We had another Canal Bus ride but on a different route this time, and purchased a Pilot-jacketed Teddy Bear we called Rembrandt. Our little Bistro was no longer there, but our package deal was bed and breakfast in the hotel (which overlooked the Canals) , and 3 ‘evening meal’ vouchers to allow us to sample a typical Dutch meal in a traditional restaurant, a steak in the hotel itself, and a choice of either Italian or Malaysian cuisine in the city centre. Pizza and pasta I could get in the UK, so we opted for Malaysian, and I surprised Hubby by trying everything in the 15 little pots provided plus a mountain of rice.
I discovered a passion for mangoes, and my taste buds were forever popping in my mouth as I savoured flavour after flavour that I never knew existed.

chinese foodI didn’t want any fuss for my 40th or 50th, though for the latter Hubby took me out to a mega posh restaurant for a full Chinese set dinner. There were a lot of celebrations going on there that night, but as I don’t like to be the centre of attention, he knew not to ask for the Happy Birthday sing-song at our Table for Two, nor the ‘fireworks in the ice cream’ dessert. We just had a discreet bottle of champers with our meal, flowers on the table and a beautiful silver bracelet on my wrist.
My eldest brother forgot that year too and the following one actually. It would appear that he and the poison dwarf (sorry, his second wife) have their own diary for each of their family occasions and never the twain shall meet. They are probably away on holiday as their anniversary is on the 9th and as then, couldn’t get to a post box.
mailToday is just a normal day really. The sun was shining first thing, so I got the washing done and out on the line.
A parcel and homemade card were sitting on the stove for me, and when the post hit the mat at lunchtime, at least the expected phone bill wasn’t one of the envelopes!
I received cards from my friend who came with me to the singles bar , my supervisor from my banking days who never forgets our anniversary either, and a disabled colleague from my last job who always remembers my birthday and sends us a card at Christmas (as I do him) .
My Boyfriend rang this morning, not to wish me a happy birthday as we know he doesn’t ‘do birthdays’, but because his Visitor had crashed his PC and all internet connection was lost! Cue Hubby and technical support.
Once he realised the significance of the day, he asked how I felt about being 21 (love this guy) and an hour later hung up happy and duly reconnected.
The only greetings from family were from my sister-in-law and Bro in NZ who sent us e-cards for our anniversary and my birthday. Both made us chuckle.
It’s nice to feel loved and thought of by those I am closest to.

It would appear that either there is a delay in the postal service from the South or Someone is being petty and sulking. It’s amazing how mail was either late or never arrived at all whenever Someone posted it.
Our anniversary has only been remembered once (should have framed that card ha ha) , and Hubby’s never been bothered about his special day anyway.
We were forgotten (or mislaid) at Christmas and forgotten (or delayed) now.
Ho hum.  It is as it is.
No matter, I’m having a good day. The rain has arrived, but we got the washing in beforehand, so even THAT can’t put a damper on it!


birthday candles


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