All Dressed Up

It’s been a long time since Hubby and I donned the posh cloths and tarted ourselves up.addams familySo long in fact that he can finally admit he has lost weight as his best trousers are at least 6 inches too big in the waist. Luckily, he had a thick belt to hold them up. His good shirt still fit OK though, and the tie looked very smart. Add to that polished boots and he really looked the business.
For myself, it was my best jeans and a decent top, plus shiny boots as above. Hubby says I look good in jeans. My skirts are all too big, my only frock is a ‘little black dress’ (not so ‘little’ being a size 20 and thus 2 sizes too big now) , and I don’t own a pair of decent shoes anymore.

‘You never have a second chance to make a first impression.’

This is something that has stuck with me for years, and today it was important that we didn’t look like the down and outs we usually do when walking the dog. Our clothes are always clean, but tired, as like us, they are getting on a bit and seen better days.

Armed with my briefcase from my working life which contained all the necessary documentation for today’s encounter, we loaded up the dog and set off. We had time to give her a mile walk up the lane, though felt slightly ill at ease being in our best clobber.

The 30 mile journey was straightforward, we had left ourselves plenty of time, traffic was relatively light, and we knew exactly where we were going. We had a little panic until we realized the roadworks /diversion was nowhere near where we wanted to go, and although we were a little anxious, we felt we were doing something positive about the present situation, especially after our mini burn out last week.

solicitorGone are the days when solicitors are old boys in gowns surrounded by legal tomes and bespectacled secretaries.
Our solicitor is in her late twenties, and reminded me very much of Sophia Myles.
sophiaWe shook hands and were escorted into a private room which contained plush carpet, a round desk upon which was a conference phone, and four chairs.
She came across as very efficient and on the ball.  We established that our property chain is very short (only 4 couples with us at the end) and as things are still in the early stages, no dates have yet been mentioned for either exchange or completion. This has at least taken some of the pressure off.

smart bearsWe came away feeling pretty good about things in general, and will continue to look for a property to purchase. If we find one, it can hopefully be tied in with all the rest. If not, we have stressed that once dates are set, we will need time to arrange storage for our possessions and alternative accommodation for ourselves.

Our biggest problem you see is that we cannot plan anything in advance NOW. 

Some people write or sing about Love Letters in the sand.
Walking the dog on the beach tonight after viewing a property of interest, the tide was out and Hubby devised a plan of attack.

beachIt made a lot of sense and as soon as we got home, he put pen to paper. Once we are given dates, we can put our plan into action. We had already made preliminary enquiries regarding storage, and as we are downsizing, are trying to sell our surplus furniture. In case we can’t, our back up is to contact a local charity linked to The Salvation Army and give away what we don’t need.

All we need now is just a little

sand writing


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  1. Good security, tide comes in, no evidence.
    (Hope you took notes).

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