A Matter of Taste

For those of you who thought the previous short post was my entry in the Sense series, SURPRISE! That was just a little taster (sorry, couldn’t resist) .

taste budsSource: WIKI
On average, the human tongue has 3,000–10,000 taste buds.
These structures are involved in detecting the five (known) elements of taste perception:
salty, sour, bitter, sweet, or umami (pleasant savoury taste )

Years ago, an advert ran on TV for Tuna and Banana pizza, the cravings of a fictitious pregnant woman. As far as I know, this may not be unusual as hormonal imbalance accounts for a variety of oddities in taste and food combinations.
marmiteI hate Marmite with a passion, can’t even stand the smell of the stuff, but Hubby loves it.
However, I love him enough to make him a sandwich, but I hold my breath, dip the knife in the jar and spread it on the bread at arm’s length. It has consequences though : Kisses first, butty second, and anything else is off the menu for a few days.

I like my food and could give The Michelin Man and Pilsbury Dough Boy a run for their money for years despite my efforts to lose weight with the latest in diets and fads.
Unfortunately, I have to agree that most of the stuff I love is bad for me, so I have to be careful.
Like any ‘balanced diet’, one should know something about food groups and nutrition, and to me this should be taught in schools from a relatively early age. In my opinion, if we understand our food and the effects it has on us, although obesity will not necessarily become a thing of the past, hopefully it and the health issues that go with it will be diminished.
The Experts are now saying that Sugar is the new Salt, and therefore our intake should be reduced. Anyone who has been on a calorie controlled diet will know that sugars and sugary delights are strictly not allowed.
When I cut sugars out altogether, I became tired, ratty and lethargic, and this was years before they diagnosed type 2 diabetes. However, we all need a certain level of sugar and salt in our diet, but this can vary from person to person, so we just have to be sensible.
food plateChocolate has been known to be a trigger for migraine. Both Hubby and I were sufferers for years, but discovered that if we had a small bar of chocolate before the headache had a chance to take hold, it didn’t develop and dispersed altogether in an hour or so. Tasted a lot better than medication too and I have recently discovered that chocolate brazils also have medicinal purposes.

I am guilty of cravings, or fancies if you like. These have changed over the years but for the most part have usually been for something sweet. I have been known to drive extra miles to get that specific something that is flavour of the day/week/month.
In the late 80s, one particular supermarket opened a new deli, and did the best sausage rolls and ‘sympathetic’ (synthetic) cream slices around. Monday was always my shopping day, and so Mondays we had said sausage rolls and cakes for our evening meal (not on the same plate of course: Cakes, chips and beans don’t go, though for anyone pregnant, I suppose this would be an acceptable combination) .
Six miles away, one takeaway outlet did a fantastic Hawaiian burger, a full 1/4 pounder in a large bun with salad, onions, (mushrooms if you wanted them) and a pineapple ring, topped with mayonnaise. They changed the mayo, and the whole thing lost its appeal.
In the 90s, Hubby and I always looked forward to a large tin of a very popular tomato soup on a Saturday. We would buy a small fresh, hopefully still warm, crusty loaf, and it would be our main meal of the day. That was until they improved the recipe, and the last one we had gave us both tremendous headaches and upset stomachs. Now we buy whatever is cheapest (tomato, vegetable or chicken) , add an extra stock cube and half a cup of milk to give it a bit of ‘umph’, and have had no problems since.
In later years, for months I couldn’t get enough of a particular shop brand of fruit pastilles. I would buy 6 bags all at once and make them last by having just 6 sweets a day, one of each available colour wherever possible (bag contents are never equally numbered) . Then they too fell victim to an improved recipe and my craving went.

There are lots of really tasty foods out there, and I’m sure there are some people who will say they have been able to try them all. There are of course certain things I would definitely pass on (oysters, sheep’s eyes, squid) and those I dislike anyway (above mentioned Marmite, celery, broad beans, kidneys) .

Now I can’t tell you whether it was the foods themselves, my taste buds or my attitude that changed. I like to think the latter, as I now have my diet under control, still have my sweet tooth and don’t feel guilty when I give in to the occasional ‘I could just eat………‘ fancy.
I’m also a firm believer in a little of what you fancy does you good.
However, it all comes down to your definition of ‘little’, doesn’t it, and there are still some things you can never have enough of.



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    It is interesting how people have different favorite foods, my husband has a sweet tooth and I do not πŸ™‚

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