Spiders and The Budget


spider 5

Looking at this image, I feel brave just writing this as anyone who read my ‘Love ’em or eight ’em’ will understand.

To begin.
I had a dream last night. And ‘Bert’ here (I call all spiders Bert) was in it.
A couple of nights ago, Hubby called me from the dining room asking for a coaster. I walked in and saw him pirouetting against the wall holding a glass over one of the biggest and blackest house spiders I have ever seen.
My blood ran cold and I was shaking as I handed him the requested coaster.
As he carried the covered glass towards the door, he swore the damn thing was doing push ups trying to get out, and when he shook it out into the garden, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it frantically spinning a web as some kind of makeshift parachute.

Now what has this got to do with The Budget you may ask.

Well, it’s Budget Day in the UK today, and I was working on a post yesterday to mark ‘My View and How It Will Affect Me’ (it’s still a WIP at this stage until details have been announced later this afternoon) .

Whenever I have a bad dream, I always try to analyse it, and last night’s is no exception.

So, my dream.
I was alone in a house (not this house) and had to move something electrical. Under the socket was Bert. A Big Bert. A Big Hairy Bert.
I screamed. And the louder I screamed, the bigger Bert got, until I was standing on a chair, and he was almost as big as the table next to it, which made me scream even more.
Then I woke up.

Not a very long dream was it, but enough to break me out in a cold sweat, feel uncomfortable, and reach for the dog on one side of me for protection and Hubby on the other for reassurance.

My analysis then.

Spiders spin webs. They can extend over great areas, are strong, and have a unique beauty when adorned with dew. The flip side is that these webs are sticky and trap prey. The spider reacts to the vibrations, comes along and wraps it up, eventually intending to suck the life out of them.

The Budget covers vast areas, people, business, the Country etc. Despite changes in thresholds for tax relief, those already out of the tax bracket are weak (low incomes) and fall prey to The System (rising prices and cost of living) until they have no fight left.

The silky cocoons providing the spider’s larder are kept hanging around until they are needed, then they are bled dry and die.

The Chancellor’s Budget may lead people to believe that things are getting better, with promises to improve the housing market (Help to Buy, rumoured changes to Stamp Duty). Interest rates may be low at the moment, but eventually they will rise, and families already stretched financially may fall into difficulties.

Now, before you think what a load of twaddle this is (and maybe it is) , go back to my earlier statement about how the budget will affect ME.

Our income is already below the tax threshold, so no benefit for us there, yet we will still have to cope with rising prices, pay our bills, and live.
We are trying to sell our house, but BUYERS are few and far between in this area because there is no work here.
We had a young couple view yesterday. Imagine the scenario for them having a mortgage at today’s low rates that they can just afford, and then interest rates go up.
Although that doesn’t directly affect us, it will affect them and the hundreds of thousands of others just like them.

Funny how my mind thinks in sleep.


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