David Copperfield is alive and well

For me, the Master of Illusion is David Copperfield.
Years ago, I remember him making elephants, trains, tanks and buildings disappear, and saw him ‘walk through’ the Great Wall of China (even if it was all on TV) .
Magical. Wondrous. Amazing.

davidThere never seemed to be any major coverage here in the UK, so we only ever got to see ‘Specials’ at Christmas or Easter, and even then that wasn’t every year.

power stationI think most of us would agree that power stations are pretty big. Huge even.
Well, we lost one, and I thought of David Copperfield.

We have always used it as our landmark to determine which roundabout to turn off to go to the vets.
We travel along this stretch of road for several other reasons, and the power station is always an excellent sign of where we are and how far we have to go to our destination.
We signed on with this particular vet last year. It’s not that we don’t have vets locally. We have several, one of which is less than a 2 minute drive down the road, but last year when we decided that Maggie really needed to have a professional descale and polish, the variance in price was phenomenal! Eighteen months or so beforehand, we had been quoted a cost of around £150 which we couldn’t afford at the time. However, our regular vet now wanted £350 so we phoned round, getting quotes between £110 and £400 elsewhere. We decided to ring a little further afield, and this particular practice had a promotion on dental care that month for £89 (extra if any teeth had to be extracted) . We have used them ever since.

Maggie was due for her annual jabs, so I rang and made an appointment, remembering this time to allow plenty of time to get there as it was at least a 40 minute journey.
GPS gadgetry is very popular over here in the UK. Most hire cars have them now and I believe they are an optional extra with any new vehicle, if not fitted as standard in some models.
We had one years ago and have ‘mixed reviews’. The good news is that we would never have located the farm to collect Maggie without one, but the bad news is that in Wales when we were house hunting, it had us going round in circles.
Hubby now has an old fashioned piece of kit on the dash, a large free standing compass.
So, we were relying entirely on visual familiarity en route.

The day dawned and our appointment was at 10.10.
Our plan was to walk the dog locally, drive to the vets, then on the way home go out to the river for our long walk of the day.
Just one tiny little problem.
fogIt was so thick, we couldn’t see the end of the garden, let alone across the road.
Still, it was a straightforward journey and experience has taught us that fog here doesn’t last all day and would probably clear way before our appointment time.
Having a black dog has its disadvantages in poor light, but where we took our early walk has no traffic, and we planned to stop for a doggy potty break on the way as well.

I was driving and remembering the phrase ‘Only a fool breaks the two second rule’, I was able to keep a sensible distance between me and the guy in front. The number of people who were driving with no lights, not to mention those that were overtaking me in these conditions was a little unnerving. We also noted that one side of the road on our main route was closed, but as we had decided to go out to the river later, we wouldn’t be coming back that way anyway.
We got to the first roundabout and could see the signage OK, but we knew where we were, and where we were going, right?

Then things got confused.
The fog hadn’t lifted and we couldn’t remember if it was the second or third roundabout we had to turn off, so looked for the power station chimney stacks as our guide. There was no sign of them, so we kept on the main road.
After about 3 miles, we realised we’d made a mistake, and believed there was another roundabout coming up where we could do a 180 and backtrack. One of the signs said Town Centre, so knowing we weren’t that far away from our original target, we decided to follow that road back into town instead. The fog was lifting now, so we could look around for familiar sights.
Of which there were absolutely none.

As things turned out, this was a better route to get to the vet, as it avoided industrial centres, traffic lights and the shopping precinct, putting us on the right side of town without going through it for our final destination.
We arrived in plenty of time, Maggie had her jabs OK, and even with her worming treatment for the year, the cost was still £20 less than if we had used our previous vet (another good reason for signing on with them) .

Coming home, it turned out to be a glorious day and out at the river, we walked along the Nature Reserve side enjoying the sound of curlews, gulls, terns, ducks and geese.
No sightings of the seals that day though.

sealOr David Copperfield come to think of it.

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