Feet first

I hate feet. With a passion. I always have. Even mine.
If Hubby stubs his toe, I am taken back to the time he took a chunk out of it on the carpet edging strip and my stomach lurches. Blood went everywhere, and he was lucky he didn’t need stitches.feetMy Dad used to say jokingly that feet were good for keeping your balance and stopping your ankles from fraying. He was a size 9, and his were very narrow. When he took his shoes off, you could see the steam rising through his socks, and the smell would give parmesan a run for the money!

I have yet to meet a man with nice feet, smell free or otherwise. If I hear Hubby using the clippers on his nails, I cringe. I can’t help it, as I remember the Ex used to cut his and leave them on the window sill. (Not the reason for our divorce though!)
Mine are a standard size 7, but an E width fitting. One thing my parents never skimped on was footwear for us kids when we were growing up. Every 3 months, we would have our feet measured in the shop for new shoes, no exception.

I have never been a follower of fashion, but wore my fair share of heels and platforms in my teens. Some were actually really comfortable and I could wear them all day at work, or dance all night if I was out clubbing. One pair with their three inch heels were just the right height for the dart board. The team I played for won a variety of trophies, and I won my matches on a ratio of about 6 to 4.

These days, I like to check out the Best and Worst dressed celebrity pages on the internet, and I am nearly always struck by their shoes. These people may have pots of money, but some of the things they wear on their feet look like some form of torture device which stops them from standing up properly or are two sizes too big/small.

uncomfy feetI mean, do these look comfortable?

I read once that you could always tell something about a person by their shoes. Hubby keeps ours well polished and we both wear boots most of the time. Mine aren’t fashion boots either. Practical, steel toed work boots. OK, they don’t go with a frock or a skirt, but I don’t wear either very often anyway, so for walking the dog, they’re ideal, comfortable and keep my feet dry.

Looking on the internet, the number of images of feet is amazing. Celebrities seem to like to show off their plates, and I suppose anyone with a fetish drools at the thought of getting to grips with those ‘sexy little pinkies’. Sexy? Like Steve Carell’s character ‘Andy’ in the Forty Year Old Virgin, kicking out is a reflex if anyone touches mine. It also doesn’t help that I’m ticklish.
However, being diabetic, I have to look after my feet, and every so often, the nurse gives them a once-over, checking for a good pulse and good circulation. So far, I haven’t embarrassed myself, but she has been warned!

Unfortunately, feet are probably one of the parts of our bodies that we neglect terribly. In our wash routines, we remember face, armpits and privates, but our feet are equally, if not more so, important. We need to respect and look after them, not punish them, after all, they hold us up, and you can’t carry anything if you’re walking on your hands!
The Experts are now saying that high heels can put a strain on the back and deform the feet. I’d definitely go with the back issue, mine kills me sometimes, and I have corns too!

pregnant feet 2You may recognise this shot. This particular celebrity was pregnant when it was taken and forever in the media.

I saw at least 10 different shots of her feet in my search for pics for this post, and all of her shoes looked painful and constrictive. These are no exception, and I don’t think the swollen ankles are totally due to water retention during pregnancy.

Why do we do it?

We are born with these

new feet

and end up with these

sore feet

Is it for the sake of fashion, our vanity, or simply a lack of common sense? There are some pretty ugly feet out there. (Now there’s a contradiction in terms!) The question is:

Is it our own fault?

At least my feet are comfy and snug in these!


happy feet film

And yes, I do have the DVD


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  1. janegundogan says:

    Living in Turkey you leave your shoes at the door and then put on some slippers supplied by your host. Sometimes I look at those slippers and wonder “how many smelly feet have been in these slippers before me?”. *shudder*

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