Splatty Tatties

By request, Hubby suggested I post my recipe for ‘Splatty Tatties’ (his name for them) .

I’ve said in a previous post that some of my ‘recipes’ come about by accident.
This one was more of an inspired substitution.

Months ago, I replaced chips (fries) with Herby Tatty Cakes mainly because Hubby prefers it.
My HTCs are easy as it uses up left overs (or you can use Instant Mash, don’t knock it, see bottom of post) :

mashed potato
herbs to personal taste
breadcrumbs to cover

Mix the herbs into the mashed potatoes, then roll into 2 inch rounds (balls) about ½ – ¾ of an inch thick, flatten slightly and coat in the breadcrumbs.

I put them on a separate baking tray (no fat required) in the oven with fish or whatever as it saves on the electric bill.
You could fry them in a pan if you prefer, but would need to add a little oil during the frying process. The outside texture will therefore be different and more crunchy. Make sure they’re hot all the way through though, turning them a couple of times to brown on both sides (you don’t need to do this in the oven) .

Hubby likes stuffing, you know, the sage and onion breadcrumb mix that goes with the turkey, pork or chicken roast.
I used to make my own but as it’s one of the few things that is really cheap to buy these days (a pack that serves 4-6 is only 15p / 25c), I now buy it.
Breadcrumbs have been on my shopping list for a while, but at over £1 ($1.66) a tub, I refuse to pay it as the last lot I bought just a little while ago were only 50p (83c) .

So as my tub was almost empty, I thought we’d have our tatty cakes without the added herbs, and rolled in the dry stuffing mix instead.

I made 4, then made up the rest of the stuffing mix as usual with water, rolled that into balls and put those in the oven too (Hubby likes stuffing on its own) .

You know, they tasted OK. They crisped up a treat (still no fat on the baking tray) and the seasoning in the stuffing mix was plenty for a herby taste. I should point out that I used a really cheap stuffing mix, so the better the quality of your stuffing mix, the better taste for your Stuffing Tatty Patties (my name for them) .

empty plateEnjoy.

Uses for Instant Mash (apart from the obvious). Before you all go YUK, there must be a good market for it otherwise shops wouldn’t stock it. I’m not afraid to admit using it anyway!

Thickening for soups, sauces or stews ( a couple of spoonfuls will do it)
Takes the heat out of curries and chilli if you’ve misjudged the powder, especially if it’s a different brand as all brands vary in strength (again a spoonful or two)
Great for camping (see Camping Chronicles) ie: shepherds pie topping or tuna fishcakes.

No peeling
Easy to prepare and quick to cook as you just add hot water (and a knob of butter if you like)
No waste
Good stand by to have in the cupboard (who’s to know if they don’t see the packet?)

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