The Public know best!

It was the summer of 2010 and I had a 25 hour journey. I was travelling alone, and several people had told me how boring long flights were. I should point out that the experience is relatively new to me. My first flight was to Amsterdam in 1993, my second to Dublin in 1996, and my third, fourth, fifth and sixth a business trip covering 3 European countries and back to Heathrow in 4 days in 1999.

This time, I was off to see my brother, really excited, and we’d pushed the boat out getting me a first class ticket (perks of previous job: as a company ‘pensioner’ I am still entitled to travel discounts!) giving me full use of the business class lounges and buffets at the airports, shower facilities in Hong Kong, a full size bed on the flight plus gourmet food served with hot towels, linen serviettes and tablecloths, proper cutlery, china crockery, and a glass of wine if I wanted it. But best of all, my own personal entertainment consul at my seat where I could watch the progress of our flight, get all the stats for mileage, fuel consumption, altitude, time differences, estimated time of arrival etc, plus an excellent selection of music and recent popular movies.
I started with Sex in the City 2, and switched off after ten minutes. Utter tosh. I’d seen the TV show and the first film, but I wasn’t impressed with it and the second was even worse.
I watched a cute little film called Letters to Juliet and a variety of others including The Polar Express (which I’d missed when it was on TV because, oh yeah, we don’t have one) , The Last Airbender, The Sorcerers Apprentice (Nicolas Cage version) , Predators and Killers.

On the flight back though, I couldn’t resist and tuned in to Despicable Me. If all the kids were like Agnes, I would be first in the queue at Miss Hattie’s and take the lot.desp meAs soon as it was available to buy, I purchased a copy. I got the disc with the mini movies, and they are just sooooo funny, I cannot look at a banana and keep a straight face anymore.

Once a month, I have a newsletter from my pension people, and they criticised DM2, saying it was a load of rubbish, and not worth the money to see it at the cinema. It hadn’t been released on DVD at that time, but we had already agreed to get ourselves a copy as soon as it was because we had both enjoyed the original so much. Animation ain’t just for kids you know!
I have the 2 disc copy and there are some more shorts on it. I love these little yellow guys. Their mannerisms are so childish, petty and hysterical, utterly excellent.

minions 1 minions 2 minions 3

I have decided, and Hubby agrees, that the people who write my newsletter have no sense of fun, humour, or childish pleasures. DM2 is a riot! I mean it. We watched it twice on the first day, and laughed harder the second time. We’ve watched it three or four times since, and still find something new to laugh at. The Salsa Dance by Eduardo is hilarious, and the Love Song would walk it at Eurovision (especially if the little fellas were singing it!).

Anyway, it looks like the public agrees with us:

‘Despicable Me 2’
Gross: £47.46 million
One ‘toon to rule them all. ‘Despicable Me 2’ crushed the competition in 2013 and became a genuine box office phenomenon. Bigwigs at studio Universal think it’s the most profitable film in their 102-year history.

Source: Yahoo movies


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