Let me tell you about Eric

My Hubby likes the man’s name Eric. Not that that’s his name, or that he has a favourite uncle or anything, he just likes the name. If anything needs to be named, 9 times out of 10 he’ll opt for Eric.

According to WIKI: The name Eric (or Erik) is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr.

The first element, ei- is derived either from the older Proto Norse*aina(z) meaning “one” or “alone”or from Proto Norse*aiwa(z) meaning “ever” or “eternal”.

The second element -ríkr derives either from *rík(a)z meaning “ruler” or “prince” (cf. Gothic reiks) or from an even older Proto-Germanic *ríkiaz which meant “powerful” and “rich”. The name is thus usually taken to mean “one ruler”, “autocrat”, “eternal ruler” or “ever powerful,” and “government”.

As he has always been interested in Norse mythology and the Old Ways, this could probably have a lot to do with it.

I can’t say I have a favourite man’s name though, not even Hubby’s. My father had three, my grandfathers two, my brothers two each, none of which are duplicated by the way, and as names go they’re all OK I guess. However, Eric would definitely not be in my top ten.

There was an Eric in my class at Junior School. He was pretty tall for his age and ‘heavily set’. Today, he would probably be bullied and teased, more so because he was also quiet and thoughtful. He wrote a poem about aeroplanes, getting a gold star and pride of place on the classroom wall.

My sister went out with an Eric. He was a little odd in my opinion, having a thing about telling everyone he was wearing real leather shoes, then promptly taking them off and shoving them under the unsuspecting person’s nose inviting them to smell. Oh god, cheesy leather, and Dad had a fistful of jokes to tell about it. For some reason, the budding romance didn’t blossom.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike the name either. But if I had had a son, Eric would not have been on the name list of choices.

In the entertainment world, we have had (and have) a multitude of talented Erics.

John Eric Bartholomew, OBE (14 May 1926 – 28 May 1984) known to us as Eric Morecambe.

Eric Sykes CBE (4 May 1923 – 4 July 2012) actor and comedian.

Eric Richard Porter (8 April 1928 – 15 May 1995) actor.

Eric Portman (13 July 1901 – 7 December 1969) actor

Eric Idle (born 29 March 1943) of Monty Python fame, but did you know he’s also a writer, singer and composer?

Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE, (born 30 March 1945) musician, singer and songwriter

Eric Bana (born 9 August 1968) actor

Eric Cantona (born May 24, 1966) French footballer

Eric Anthony Roberts (born April 18, 1956) actor

Eric Victor Burdon (born 11 May 1941) singer-songwriter

For me though, there have been two very important Erics in my life since I met my Hubby in 1989.

The first weighed in at fourteen pounds and chased me all the way up the supermarket aisle. Actually, it was a frozen turkey held aloft by Hubby for our first Christmas dinner.

The second stayed on our front doorstep for almost a week. He was a foot high snowman made one Christmas morning, but by the time everyone else had got up, apart from “Eric” the snow had gone, and they all thought it was a joke. Pity it rained before New Year……

snowman 2


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