‘Munch’ alert

I’m in serious trouble. My target weight is in jeopardy, and my resistance is low because I’m fed up.

We went Christmas shopping today, and I got what hubby and I call an attack of ‘The Munchies’.

munchies‘The Munchies’ are a killer. Basically, they are anything nice that you shouldn’t have, should come with a government health warning, and you should have to be over 25 to buy them. ‘The Munchies’ call to you like a Siren from the open sea of confectionery shelves, singing to your weakness, in the hope that you, a lone shopper, will succumb to temptation.

sirenI have little, if any, willpower where chocolate is concerned. Saying that though, if I do give in and buy some, as long as it remains unopened in a drawer, I can resist it for ages. However, Hubby is the real chocoholic in our family, and once he gets a whiff of the stuff, that’s it, packet opened, gone in five minutes (with my help of course) .

I must admit though that today, ‘The Munchies’ had a massive back up army lurking in the shadows of the next aisle.

doughnutsAs I turned the corner, first in my line of vision was a pack of chocolate fudge doughnuts. I have never seen such a choice of the damn things. This is totally unfair as they are another weakness of mine. I try to turn a blind eye as I go down the aisle in search of my ultimate goal, but as the store is choc-a-bloc (excuse pun) with customers loading their trolleys with Christmas Goodies before stocks run out, I find myself drifting to one side and before I know it, a bag of 5 custard doughnuts has fallen into my basket. I put them back, only to discover they are next to yet another temptation, chocolate chip cookies, also in packs of 5, but almost twice the price.

For heaven’s sake, I’m after specialist cheese which is always at the bottom of the shop by the deli, and to get to it I have to go through a dieter’s HELL of yummy stuff.

To make things worse, this year they’ve moved the damn cheese to a different chiller cabinet! Now I have to fight my way back and I’ve lost the battle. I can resist once, but not twice, so the custard doughnuts are now on their way to the checkout, via the cheese counter, where I purchase 3 varieties of fruity cheese to go with my crackers on Boxing Day. This time, ‘The Munchies’ are out of the running and the doughnuts win (our lunch actually) .

cheese and biscuitsAs for the cheese? I don’t care about the calorie count…….. it’s my Christmas Present to me!

empty plate

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