The Final Countdown

Hold on, hold on. This is nothing to do with the number of Big Sleeps left to C Day. I promised myself I wouldn’t do a ‘C’ post until December (it’s ready and waiting folks).

I am down to the last 10. It doesn’t sound very much, but when you realise that 40 have already gone, then maybe you can understand why I’m so ‘excited’ (well, smiling, I don’t do excitement).

I’m talking about weight.

For the majority of my life I have been a ‘big girl’. There have obviously been variations of BIG but I was taller than average and it wasn’t until I went to senior school that I got a complex about it. I’ve already done 2 posts on food and diet crazes (see Foo-bored and Foods that are good for you) which will give you a bit of history of Me Vs Weight issues.

Losing weight can be a doddle. It’s the keeping it off and not piling on extra pounds when you come off said diet that’s the problem. According to the official charts, tick lists and perception of how women are supposed to look, for my height and build I should weigh between 9 ½ stone and 10 stone 4 lbs (133 – 144 pounds, 60 – 65 kilos). Ha! I haven’t been that light since I was at school and that was where the trouble all started!!

When I was made redundant in 2001, I hit the scales at 18 ½ stone. I’d had an intense sedentary job working 10 hours a day in an office, was permanently tired and headachy, and only felt up to walking the dog for about half an hour in the mornings. I tried swimming first thing twice a week but this scuppered the dog walk plus I’d start my working day chilled and wet headed having walked the half mile from the swimming pool back to the office.

I am not knocking the various clubs, weight programmes and gyms many people find success with. They can be brilliant though didn’t work for me. BUT, to lose those excess rolls of lard, a quick fix is not the answer, and you need to look at things long term. It’s all a question of attitude and it ain’t gonna happen overnight people.

Six years ago, after following my GP’s advice, my body settled down and I tipped the scales at 17 ½ stone. Two years later, I was 16 stone. Now I am within 10 pounds of my target having lost a further stone and a half. This is a personal target. Not an impossible one set in an equally impossible time frame by a computer or some skinny GP whose only extra poundage can been found rattling around in her purse. It is a target that feels comfortable and right for ME, and I knew it was going to take time to get there.

With the ‘C’ word just around the corner, I know I will put on a few pounds. I’m not going to worry about it though and besides, by being extra careful in the build up to the big day, I’ll be able to afford those naughty little treats and not feel guilty. I’m not a drinker, but I love chocolate and turkish delight. As I said, it’s a long term thing, and attitude plays a major part.

You may think that it’s taken too long to lose what I have, or that in the time frame I haven’t lost very much at all. Think on this then. It may have taken a few years, but the weight has stayed off this time. The old me would get despondent and frustrated at not losing anything despite following all the calorific rules, and give up. Now I realise that, by maintaining the same weight for a few months, this old body of mine is just settling down to another level. Whilst the experts say a sensible aim is to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week, I’m happy to lose that in a month. I don’t have to starve myself, and have discovered that sometimes I don’t eat enough. I still keep my food diary so can refer back to that on ‘bad days’.

I went shopping for jeans at the beginning of March and took my normal size into the changing room. I did them up and they promptly fell down to my knees. I ended up buying 3 sizes smaller and it felt so good, I bought 2 pairs. And you know what? I’ll be comfortable wearing them on Christmas Day.

It would be nice to reach my target by the end of the year, but realistically, my birthday will do just fine. Hubby’s promised me a new wardrobe (it’s not clear yet if he actually means furniture) .


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