Today we got…………………

I’m cheating a bit and referring back to yesterday’s ‘Post early

We were up at 2.30 this morning, had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, and hit the road just before 4.00am. How different familiar roads look in the dark.

We missed a ‘services’ because the signpost was misaligned, so it was another 5 miles before we found a lay-by to pee the dog and change drivers. We actually made damn good time, no problems on the M25 which is nearly always at a standstill, and after another changeover, were soon within 10 miles of our final destination so decided to walk the dog at one of our old haunts. Apart from sticking bollards and huge boulders in the entrance to permit entry to cars only and not overnight trailers, lorries or caravans, little had actually changed there. Her ladyship had to sniff every blade of grass though, before finding the ‘perfect one’ that was the right height to tickle her bits as she squatted her bot and performed the trickle waltz complete with encore drum roll.

I decided to ring my sister as she has a new dog and because he’s never met us before, we didn’t want any surprises leaping out at us. Even though it was gone 9.00am, nobody was up, but that was OK, it’s a weekend afterall, and sensible people don’t get up at unearthly hours. I explained where we were, how long we were likely to be and that we’d toot the horn so that she could organise the mutt and we could enter the garden in relative safety.

‘Are you coming in then?’ she asked. ‘I’m sure Mum would love to see you.’

I was a bit taken aback and replied ‘Well yes, that was the idea’.

I had to ring her again as there was no response to our knock on the back door, and the dog didn’t bark either, so it was a while before anyone came to let us in.

Sis hasn’t changed much since we last saw her, though she was full of her own health issues and angry at a cake that was refusing to cook, so she told us we wouldn’t be able to have any. She did however get the biscuit tin out only to discover it was practically empty, so replenished it with jammy dodgers, iced shortbread and chocolate covered marsh mallows. I hate to say it, but the coffee was lousy, and after the cupcakes issue last time, we made up for it as today we got biscuits and ate more of the bikkies than was probably intended.  Her dog did nothing but bark ……. from a distance……all the time we were there. Even the offer of doggy biscuits (which usually NEVER fails with labradors) would not encourage him to come and say ‘hello’, so I left the biscuit at the bottom of the stairs as he barked at me from the top. He even gave Maggie a wide berth, and was lucky she didn’t pinch it! It turns out he is an extremely nervous animal and in all honesty, Sis will have her work cut out settling him in. She’s had him over a year now, and says he’s better than he was. I wish her luck.

My Mum is looking very frail, but she was so pleased to see us, and we all had lovely cuddles. She’s a little unsteady on her feet, still gets dizzy sometimes and asked the same questions a few times, but it was lovely to see her. Our visit was actually very pleasant today. Mum was chatty and we had a few laughs at days gone by when Sis and I were kids. Hubby and I both noticed though that she got very tired and quiet as time went on, so we only stayed a few hours. As it turns out, my brother was due to visit today as well, so Mum will have had a full day, especially as my niece and her daughter arrived for their daily visit. Her little girl is a sweetheart (and I still don’t have a photo) . Apparently, I am going to be an even greater aunty in a few weeks as my great niece is expecting. This fact was casually mentioned in May, but as no-one’s commented on it again until now despite my asking, I thought I’d dreamt it. This will make Mum a Great Great Grandma, and we’ll have 5 living generations.

I haven’t seen my brother for 4 years and contact is only birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. We don’t really get on, and I don’t like his wife as she is two faced, sulks if she doesn’t get her own way and upset my Mum terribly a few years ago. She doesn’t like me either so that’s fair, but rather than spoil Mum’s day, we didn’t wait for them to arrive and left just after 12.30.

The journey back was also straightforward, again no problems on the M25, and we changed drivers once. Hubby was so tired, I let him sleep. It’s good to be home though. There’s nothing like a cup of tea in your own mug, homemade chilli, and more importantly, peace of mind that my Mum is OK.

happy birthday


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