The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and nothing but The Tooth

I am a wimp. There are no two ways about it, if there was an award for Wimpship, I’d win it hands down. Saying that though, I am not one to take pills unless absolutely necessary and will normally soldier on. However, there are limits and anyone who has read my post TEETH will understand exactly where I’m coming from.

teethFor the past couple of weeks, I have been suffering from toothache. It all started a few weeks before that actually, when I bit down hard on a ‘forbidden’ chocolate brazil and felt a tingly shock go up through my gum into my cheek. Owwww! This persevered for a couple of days, and I was just getting to the point when I was going to call my dentist for an emergency appointment, when it all settled down again. I think the threat of professional help scared it into submission to behave.

That was until two weeks ago. With no warning whatsoever, it came back with a vengeance, and after two restless nights in a row, I was on the phone first thing in the morning.

AAArgghhhhh! No appointments available for almost a week! Still, I took the cancellation offered and had 6 days to bolster myself up to losing at least one of my gnashers. I had plenty of paracetamol in the cupboard, a practically new bottle of Clove Oil tincture, and just in case, some Bonjela in the first aid kit. In between medication doses, food has been soft (rice, pasta, soup) so I haven’t starved.

Today, 6th November, was D-Day. I had managed 2 days without painkillers, but last night the damn thing made its presence felt in no uncertain terms. If I could have done a Worzel Gummidge and taken my head off, I could have put it in another room and got some sleep.

I’m knackered, so was looking forward in an obtuse sort of way to the inevitable today. Hubby had even planned his evening meal as I intended to go straight to bed as soon as we got back from this afternoon’s appointment.

AAArgghhhhh! He couldn’t do it! He could see the problem OK, but couldn’t get his X-ray probe far enough to the back of my gob to get a picture of the wisdom tooth which was giving me Fifty shades of Hell as opposed to Grey. Apparently, that one is loose, but meanwhile, on the bottom gum, another wisdom tooth was joining in by having an abscess, so that one has to go too. The good news is that the one next to the loose wisdom tooth is more than likely to be giving me trouble by association. I don’t care if they’re all sitting round a camp fire singing Kum-ba-yah. IT HURTS!

As we are talking about wisdom teeth here, I am sweating profusely in the chair as I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about having to go to hospital for these extractions as they are somewhat more complicated. Comedy sketches of medical staff kneeling on chests and prising delicate mouths wide open so that they can apply the tools of their trade to the offending molars suddenly didn’t seem so funny. It didn’t help that my lovely dentist was talking about hospital requisitions and full head external X-rays. Eventually, it sunk in that he was sending me to the hospital for a full X-ray so that he could see what was lurking up under the tooth where his probe couldn’t reach. He assured me that he would be doing the necessary under local anaesthetic ‘ as soon as appointment becomes available’. He would take both teeth out together, and needed at least half an hour for the job.

AAArgghhhhh! I’m in permanent pain here, and he wasn’t going to make me feel better today. He did give me a prescription for antibiotics for the abscess though and put me on the emergency cancellation list. Off to the hospital we went, and I had to put my face in this alcoved contraption so that their X-ray machine could do its stuff as it whirred slowly around my head. Said X-rays were then given to me, and I shall take them in with me when I go for the extractions.

On the way home, the mobile phone rang. It was the receptionist from the dentist surgery.

‘The dentist is coming in early next Tuesday morning,  so can you be here for 8.30?’

I told her I’d camp on their doorstep if necessary so that I didn’t miss it.

‘Don’t forget to have something to eat before you come. We’ll see you then.’

Now, I’m not exactly jumping through hoops at the thought of going to the dentist at the best of times, but the end is in sight, and these two wisdom teeth will soon be history. In the meantime, it will take a couple of days for the antibiotics to do their thing, and I have purchased reinforcements of paracetamol just in case. It’s just as well I’ve still got plenty of rice, pasta and soup in the cupboards.

The countdown starts again.


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