What month are we again?


WARNING: this article may cause offence due to bad timing, so I’ve kept it brief!



I went shopping yesterday. Nothing fancy, just needed to stock up the freezer and get a few bits and pieces as we were running a little low. Due to increases in fuel costs and the fact that it is a 24 mile round trip, we go once a fortnight or so now. Some could say it was part of our frugality drive. Hm. Actually, we’re just skint most of the time!

Like any good boy scout (or female equivalent), I have always liked to ‘be prepared’. When I open the last packet of anything, it goes on the list for replacement. Birthday and anniversary cards are made in advance and stored in month order ready for posting. But, being prepared in your personal life is nothing to do with the commercial side of it.




Yes, in case you haven’t seen them already, CHRISTMAS CARDS are in the shops, no matter that we are only just half way through September. Halloween, clocks going back and Bonfire Night haven’t happened yet, but in the not-too-distant future, kids will be pestering their already harassed parents for the latest toys and gadgets on display as soon as you walk through the supermarket doors. By the time the jolly red suited guy is about to deliver, these ‘must haves’ will be totally out of date, forgotten or overtaken by something else of equal kiddie necessity.


There are no more official bank holidays in the UK now so I am pretty confident that there are only 95 shopping days left to “C Day.” Thanks to 24 hour shopping and Sunday opening, that is 95 days of “I want I want” from some spoilt brats whose parents have forgotten the word ‘No’. Note I say ‘some’ as there are many nice well balanced kids out there (I just don’t know them).


Before you start nominating me for the Grinchette of the Year award, I actually love Christmas. I just hate the profiteering and ripoffs that go with it. In the late 80s, I became very disillusioned with it all because the more people got, the more they wanted and expected. If it didn’t cost a lot of money, it wasn’t worthy of comment or thanks. That didn’t wash with me and now they just get a card, but even that list is reducing!


In today’s economic climate, those of cutbacks, reduced wages or loss of jobs altogether, it seems totally obscene to hear that some computer game has sold over £500m in twenty four hours and that a footballer has been ‘sold’ for £100m. That’s one helluva lot of Os. What hope then have struggling families got when the festive season hits you in the face and the kids have only just gone back to school after the summer holidays. You have my sympathies.


Footnote: in 2012, we saw the first Easter Egg delivery to our supermarket on Christmas Eve.


The world’s gone mad.




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