How Do You Like Your Biscuits

So many to choose from, so little time. What’s your favourite?

When I was a kid, Mum always bought those pink wafers for me. My sister would have Chocolate Bourbons, Dad Garibaldis, and Mum liked her Nice.   At Christmas, we would have a tin of tea-time assortment and it would always be a fight to see who got the jammy dodgers or custard creams. We were under no illusions that the chocolate fingers and those foil wrapped were reserved for visitors. As a special treat though, Mum would buy wagon wheels, which as a child really did seem big enough to put on your pull-along wagon, as you needed both hands to hold one. All that lovely thick chocolate covering a shortcake biscuit and jammy mallow centre.

Sadly, biscuits just ain’t biscuits as I remember them anymore. Wagon Wheels are half the size, and covered with a chocolate flavoured coating, an insult to the taste buds as real chocolate never tasted that bad. As for the jammy mallow centre, depending on which brand you buy, you are more than likely to get one or the other, rarely both.  Jaffa Cakes are another favourite where today’s offerings are nothing like those with the ‘smashing orangey bit over a light sponge dipped in chocolate’ from yesteryear. Jammy dodgers seem to have dodged the jam, and custard creams are all biscuit.

But I digress.

I have no idea why Mum assumed I preferred wafers. I don’t. Even as a child, they just filled my mouth with pink sawdust and tasted of nothing in particular, certainly not strawberries and cream which one associated with pink and white confectionery. I like something versatile, with a bit of ‘bite’, and dunkable without half of it dropping back into the cup.

My craving for them started way back in the 70s when I had glandular fever and nothing else in the food line held any appeal. Thankfully Mum got the hint and those pink things were kicked into touch. Over the years, little has changed, although I haven’t seen bags of the miniatures for over a decade. They are one of the few things that appear not to have diminished in size, and a 300g pack gives you 30 biscuits. That’s thirty 2″ circles, each ¼” thick and a calorific content of about 45 Kcals. That’s less than some crispbreads and tastes better too! My preferred brand costs 25p per packet, that’s under 1p a biscuit. What a bargain! Every store chain has their own version and as such price, quality, flavour, hardness and thus dunkability differs. Go for the named brands, and you can at least double the price but halve the size of the packet.

Digestives are famous for being crushed and used as bases for cheesecakes. They are also a good substitute (buttered or not) for crackers to go with your cheese. You can do the same with these, and unlike some digestives, they do not go soggy as soon as they’re dunked in your tea. You can also sprinkle the crushed pieces over ice cream or on top of a fruit crumble mix before putting it in the oven. Some manufacturers do a cream sandwich version but this can be over a pound a packet. You also only get about 12 in the pack and each has a calorie content of around 100. They are no good for dunking though and a bit iffy with a bit of cheese.

So what is this Master amongst biscuits I hear you ask? Believe it or not, it’s the humble gingernut. It ticks all my boxes, and I’m sure some of yours too.


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