I am one in thousands……..

853 thousand to be exact.
This is the number of customers BG has lost since it announced its price increases in June, according to a headline in the media today.
Oh, and I have received my refund which has been unactioned and tucked away waiting for them to ask for it to be refunded.
They might need it more than me as their profits have dropped.

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The beach revisited

We’ve had a good week with Maggie, walking her on the beach every day.
Today she so wanted to chase the gulls, but we had to stop her and I swear her shoulders slumped.
Photo Oct 22nd.

The tide was going out when we arrived this morning, but instead of just letting her down on the beach for a quick sniff and paddle, we walked a little way along the shoreline.
Photo 18th Nov

Afterwards, we decided to go up to the market to get the fresh veg for our three day stew, then Hubby wanted to check something out which involved a short car trip.
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Tale Weaver – #147 – What Brings you Joy??

Michael’s asks
What it is in your life that brings you joy/happiness/contentment.


I love to hear a child’s laughter, you know those resounding spontaneous giggles. It just warms my heart.
Never having had kids of my own, it was good to see my foster kids happy.
I remember one foster lad I had over Christmas and his face almost split in two with pleasure when he realised the gift of a ghetto blaster was his to keep, not just for the duration of his stay. That was my Christmas present from him, totally priceless.

They say money cannot buy you happiness, to which I add it just allows you to live in stylish misery.
Sadly we cannot live without it, so having enough with a bit of a cushion is sufficient for me to be content. Material things are all well and good, but living on the boat taught me a lot about what really matters and what we truly need as to what we think we should have.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, but every day I am indeed thankful for so much, for our home, Hubby, my music, our health (all 2½ of us), my mother’s care, friends and distant family.

A genuine smile lights up an entire face, bringing forth an inner glow that radiates from the eyes and into the cheeks as the corners of the mouth lift.
It’s free, exercises more muscles than a frown, and the government can’t tax it.

Hope I’ve made you smile today.


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November 23: Flash Fiction Challenge

November 23, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about Five a Day. It does not have to be five servings of fruits and vegetables. What is needed five times a day? Have fun with what pops to mind for the prompt.

Love is the Diet of my life.
Without it, I would be empty and hunger would be paramount.
My first portion of every day is a kiss when I awake.
The second part is a hug for no reason.
Sometime during the day my third is a passing touch.
The fourth is a helping hand to steady me, and the fifth knowing he’s there.
They can come in any order of course, but Number One will always be number one.
Kisses are abundant all day, but as the experts say, it has to be five different portions a day.

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Notes from a small dog: The dotted line…

Reblogging this as a lot of my readers are dog lovers.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am an animal. Therefore, I am not sentient…

I have no emotions.

I do not feel happiness…

… joy…

… or fear.

I have no curiosity, because I am not a sentient being.

I have no understanding of the finer emotions, like gentleness, or sharing.

No understanding of wonder, excitement…

…or hope.

I do not suffer when I am ill.

I need no comforting…

I cannot laugh…

…or be bored…

…and I have no sense of humour.

I feel no guilt…because I am not conscious of wrongdoing…

…and I cannot feel love.

My two-legs disagrees.

Under the current EU laws, animal sentience, and the existence of their feelings, is recognised and must be taken into full account as new laws and rulings are passed.

The UK government have quietly voted to exclude animal sentience from the laws being passed to define our nation as we leave the EU. Although…

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Thursday photo prompt – Bleak – #writephoto

You can find details of Sue’s challenge here.

Only visible at low tide, access was treacherous now.
Some believed it to be an old maritime Look Out post and the howling winds captured the souls of the dying in bad weather.
In truth, it was a sacrificial chamber to the Sea Gods.
The Dark Mass on the horizon waited patiently, hungry for youth and blood.

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Writespiration #142 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 47

Over to Sacha

This week your story needs to include the following phrase:

“I don’t believe you.”

She stared at him in shock before finally stammering
‘I don’t believe you. You’ve got the wrong person.’
‘I can prove it,’ he said, taking out a sheaf of papers from the folder he carried.
‘It’s here in black and white. You’re related to Rockefeller and have just inherited a million dollars.’

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