Something in the air

Have you ever been out walking in the evening and had a sense that something wasn’t quite right?
Maggie is a creature of habit, and as such has her final wee sometime between 9.30 and 10pm. If it’s a pleasant evening, Hubby and I will walk her together round the Avenue. Otherwise, it’s just to the top of the gantry and the dog walk area will suffice.

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bugsNow that I am practically over the Bug from Hell, I’ve remembered this from yesteryear

A teacher was taking a class of young children and talking about worms.
She placed a worm in a glass of water and it was fine.
She placed another in a glass of alcohol, but it died.

She then asked a young boy what that meant, to which he replied:
‘If you drink alcohol, you don’t get worms’.
happy worm

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As if being ill wasn’t enough

Our day started at 5am.
Nothing to do with the dogs wanting to go out, bad weather or restlessness.
Let’s talk paperwork and organisation within our National Health Service.

First and foremost, our friend said he had received excellent care for his Thoracoscopy on the 18th March, after which they had kept him in overnight.

Thoracoscopy is a medical procedure involving internal examination, biopsy, and/or resection of disease or masses within the pleural cavity and thoracic cavity.

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Fragrance and being fragrant

We are spending a few days with our friend as he has two appointments tomorrow and he has asked for Hubby to accompany him.

I had a hospital appointment myself this morning, so we came straight here afterwards.
Our friend rang us en route to say that the main road near the end of our journey was blocked in both directions for some 4 miles, so we had no choice but to get the map book out and battle our way through the centre of Bristol.
Actually, we made excellent time, and it was a straightforward run, so we may adopt this as our route now.
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Nowhere to run

Closing in, slamming me down,
Backing me into a corner.
No room to turn, no place to hide,
Forcing me into surrender.
NO! I won’t do it,
I won’t give in,
I’ll stand my ground and fight,
Though I know I can’t win.
I’ll show them what I’m made of,
I’ll holler and shout,
Spitting, smashing and kicking,
They’ll soon know what I’m all about.
They can’t take it away from me,
Not my life, my soul, my worth,
I am allowed to be as long as I breathe,
Then die and become one with the earth.
Out of the soil tendrils will reach,
Up to the light above and free,
oak tree
Casting a shadow, far and wide,
Look hard, and there I’ll be.

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I’m actually excited!

This doesn’t happen often, almost as rare as solar eclipses to be honest.
I was talking to one of the marina staff about the resident swans yesterday, in particular the pair I saw sitting on a nest.

They are sitting on more than the nest as there are four eggs inside.
Last year, there were three cygnets here when we arrived, though I only managed to catch two on camera as they swam by one morning.
home swans

If you remember our swans on the large drain in Lincolnshire had to abandon their nest because of flooding. We were gutted.
swans on nestNo sign of duck nests or eggs yet, though I have my suspicions that there is something in the pampas grass!

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Shopping cons

I’ve been trying to do a post on an article I read on Yahoo a few days ago.
I got as far as putting notes into a draft, then we lost the internet and been busy doing other things (like finding alternatives!).

The article was right up my street as it was about Supermarkets and the latest way of conning the consumer.
Except it’s nothing new for me and I’m sure thousands of other frugal shoppers on limited budgets who are not daft and have been keeping an eye on the small print under the flashy price sticker.
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