Going for a thrashing!

Field trip today. The pair of us have been stuck indoors for too long, Hubby keeping busy by laying the new flooring nd yesterday varnishing doors. He needs a rest, distraction and R&R.
I’m cooking dinner……….. MOH is preparing veg.
Puds, chocs and cakes are OFF THE MENU. I think I heard sobbing as I hung up.
smiley wink

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Friends: port and starboard, helm and bow

Hubby hasn’t been able to go very far these past few days without someone asking him how I am.
If I have been seen up and about, I’ve been asked if everything is OK and if we need anything.
Our senior friends have been most concerned, even though they have had their own health problems.

People have been popping in to offer their help and support should we need it.
I’ve received several text messages and on Sunday, one couple bought me these:
flowers flowers 2
Aren’t they beautiful?

It is so wonderful to belong to such a Community.
To all our friends here,
Thank You.

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Back on ‘the Pill’

Saw the Doc today, and she has confirmed my problem is high blood pressure.
Apparently, one of the diabetes nurses has left so they are running a month or so behind and I should have had my appointment come through at the end of March for April.
If it had, they would have picked it up. She was not pleased.

Normally, I would have been given a gizmo to monitor my blood pressure over a couple of weeks, but as it is still way too high (Saturday 160/100 then 10 minutes later 170/100, and today is not much different) she’s prescribed 4 mg of Perindopril a day.
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Flooring Update

Funny how when you go looking for something in particular you can never find it, but come across something else you were after some time ago.
I said here that our flooring problem would hopefully be sorted by the end of the month.
Hubby did it yesterday.

He had decided to do the floor in the bathroom, but trying to find a piece of lino 1.5m x 1m was impossible, not even a cut off that small would have been kept, so he looked at carpet tiles instead.
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Closed due to lack of interest

I had a letter from my bank the other day.
It was telling me that as from June 1st, the interest rate on my savings account was being reduced.
It’s already a pittance, as are all savings rates now, unless you can afford to tie your money up for a year or more (which I can’t), and even then, the rates aren’t much better, plus there are penalties.
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Pulling me back

By day I walk with head held high,
Mostly the Night would pass me by,
Leave me alone and not to dwell
On Life before, my Living Hell.

Each day I wake, am grateful for
The man alongside, whom I adore,
The one who saved me from my pain,
Gave me a reason to trust again.

For months all’s well,  I’m happy and gay
Then a Night comes and strips it all away,
Pulling me back to days long gone,
To self-doubt, loss and an empty home.

A time when darkness stayed with me,
Private demons wouldn’t let me free,
Then things just burst, I could take no more,
And I curled up tightly on the floor.

Months of pills and careful watch,
People avoided me, afraid to catch
Whatever it was that ailed me so,
Not knowing the taunts that wouldn’t let go.

I rose above it, and turned it round,
Determined to learn, not go to ground,
Raised my head, and proudly stood tall,
Knocking down that belittling wall.

Friends I never knew I had
Stood by me, protecting me from The Bad,
Helped me overcome my fears,
Comforted in times of endless tears.

I know The Night will always remind
Me of the life left far behind,
But that was Then, a different Me,
The remnants of someone I used to be.

The past has made me who I am today,
I’d honestly have it no other way,
Out of the darkness shines Love’s Light,
My guide to pull me back from The Night.

bad dream light

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Window with a View (2)

Sitting here on my bench, I am reminded of a story from many years ago.
I cannot recall who told it to me, why or exactly when, and although my version will by no means be the same, the thought behind it definitely is.
I hope you enjoy it and forgive my interpretation if you are familiar with it .

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