Dear Diary, 22nd February

I’ve been up a while and the marina is slowly coming to life.
The geese are awake and a couple of ducks have started their quackathon, smaller birds can be heard welcoming the start of a new day, and I heard a smattering of rain just before I got out of bed. It’s surprisingly warm though, but we can expect Storm Doris to arrive later, and it’s unclear just now just how much we’re likely to be affected.

storm-dorisAll I can say is I’m glad we are no longer living in Lincolnshire as we would’ve been smack in the middle of it.
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Another Wednesday challenge, this week’s image by


It wasn’t the first time she’d gone on a blind date,  but it was the first time she’d used a computer dating agency.
She was nervous, but agreed to meet him in a car lot on top of the supermarket. It was easy enough to find, a public place, and if she didn’t like the look of him or had second thoughts, she could drive away.
In the end, she didn’t have to decide, having waited over an hour and he didn’t show.
She went home disappointed, unknowing he was on the next floor completely baffled as there wasn’t a car in sight.

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 22nd 2017,meadow

A little challenge for Wednesday morning:

meadowFar in the distance
Pastures green and colourful,
Border iced mountains.

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Photo Challenge #153

This week’s image is

tues-challenge-21st-febRoyal Blood.

She stood stock still,
Blue Blood running through her veins,
Darker, darkest,
Snatching the virginal white
From her posy of baby’s breath,
Inking her hands,
Pooling on the floor.
Royal Blood.
Not for her a Crown of Thorns.

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Twittering Tales #18 – 21 February 2017

twittering-talesHere we go for this week’s challenge!

Photo from

twittering-tales-18The meteor shower was fast.
As the rocks fell, an eerie glow engulfed the lake house,
And by the time it was all over,
It had vanished.

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The Eyes have It

I have a thing about eyeballs.
I have a thing about needles.
There are scenes in Pitch Black and Minority Report where needles meet eyeballs.
Is it any wonder then that today I was extremely nervous for my eye appointment as I believed I was going to have an injection in my eye, and I was afraid.
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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia


Now there’s a thing. Something I do a lot, especially as I’m of an age to remember pre decimalisation here in the UK, and (sadly) still convert prices back to the old (and considered real) pounds, shillings and pence, or £sd.
threepenny bitI remember this, the thruppenny bit.
Four of these made a shilling, and twenty shillings made a pound, so in those days your pound was worth 240 pennies, not a mere one hundred as it is now. What a con that was!
My Mum used to save them in a green long-necked wine bottle with a flat rounded base which was kept on the piano.
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