First Line Friday 26.05.17

I missed the FLF a fortnight ago, so thought I’d have a go this time.
Thanks to Dylan for the challenge.

and the opening line is:

The Stenham house was an ancient locked thing and nothing returned there except for crows.

The town had reverberated with stories of murders, mutilations, sacrifice and witchcraft.
None dared trespass for fear of attracting the wrath of the evil spirits residing there, the crows representing Guardians to Hades as they kept the inquisitive at bay.
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May 25: Flash Fiction Challenge

May 25, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the word longhorn. You can go with any of its meanings or make it a name of a person or organization. Cheese or cattle, technology or place, what can you create from the western icon? Go traditional or new; go where the prompt leads.

Thanks Charli

It was all Horace’s fault, having said the grass was always greener on the other side.
In the early hours before anyone else was up, Longhorn Bert set off on his lone adventure.
Somehow though he’d lost his sense of direction, and found himself in a bit of a scary predicament.
Though the leaves were greener than his familiar pasture, they were definitely not grass.
Not wishing to attract attention to himself or give up his new found freedom, he decided to stand still on the roof and hope no-one would notice.
He wondered if anyone would miss him.

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A Thousand Acts Of Kindness

Our Nation at its best.

Do Not Annoy The Writer


Yesterday, I wrote about the horrific terrorist attack in my home city of Manchester. It was a somber piece, but one in which I tried to inject a sense of hope and coming together. If your comments are anything to go by, I think that the message somehow got through.

Since Monday, the city and people of Manchester, have – as they always do – gone out of their way to help in any way they can. They have thrown their collective arms around the victims and their families, holding them up and supporting them until they are strong enough to stand on their own. Not just in Manchester, but throughout the whole of the north of England, this is what we do. This is how we survive.

Without a doubt, on Monday we saw the worst of humanity. Yet, even before the dust had settled and the sirens…

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It ain’t ‘arf ‘ot

Temperatures are soaring here in the UK.
Three adults and one furball are finding it tough, and last night was the worst.
It’s bad enough having my hot flushes, whatever time of the day, but when one is permanently boiling and there is little more to take off, we are crying out for air!
Yesterday saw me wearing my wraparound skirt in the hope of staying cool. It didn’t work, and if anything, I felt like a mobile sauna.
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Thursday photo prompt: Derelict #writephoto

If you’d like to take part in Sue’s challenge this week, check it out here:

They stood knee deep in the grass and whispered.
‘Somebody’s living there?’  Jeri said.
‘Not somebody, something. Come and look.’
Quietly they moved towards the stone window and peered in.
When her eyes had adjusted, Jeri could hardly contain her gasp of pleasure.
‘Barn Owls!’ she said.

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Friday Fictioneers 26th May

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The Investigation Team stood in the doorway.
The explosion had ripped through the classroom, but thankfully there were no fatalities.
Nothing had been touched since the all clear had been given, and the whole atmosphere was surreal.
The window screen monitors were still playing the computerised lessons on a loop as the battery backups hadn’t been affected.
Where to start.

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Tale Weaver #121 25.05.17: Reverse/Naughty Fairy Tales

Thanks Lorraine for this week’s challenge with an image from The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch:

‘It was not supposed to be this way!
‘But you were my knight in shining armour, my saviour, my magical Prince.’
‘I’m not ready for parenthood! How could you be so careless?’
She saw red then.
‘ME careless??? Who was it who swept me off my feet with words of undying love and devotion?
Who then went away on a TENNIS tour, leaving me on my own for months?
Well, you certainly gave me a Night to remember.
Now get out!’


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