Dad’s rocket fuel

When we moved from the council house in 1965, our new home had a garden with a small orchard. We had 2 apple trees, 2 pear trees and a plum tree, plus a variety of redcurrant, blackcurrant, loganberry, raspberry and gooseberry bushes.
Mum’s boss at the time was a keen home brewer of wine, but had recently progressed to concentrating on liqueurs, so had passed on some of his wine recipes to Dad.
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Today’s water photos

Yet another day of rain and high winds. Even the ducks are fed up and gone elsewhere.
We were only out for a couple of hours, but in that time, the water has crept further into the bottom car park, and apparently there is more to follow as the river has burst its banks further upstream.
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Shelf Portrait

Unfortunately, our Bear Hug was reduced more than considerably when we got the boat, and I hope that our bears all found good homes where they are loved and well cared for.

I wrote quite a few teddy bear stories , and we still have several ornamental bears on our shelf here together with a collection of hedgehogs and some other precious items which attract happy memories. I’d like to share some of these with you periodically.
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Take Two

Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

Action replay

Digital Camera

8 Feb 2016

Digital Camera


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What a bitch!

Henry was a gentleman in comparison, but Imogen has got a right strop on!
The water level has risen over four metres in 36 hours, and this morning passed our friend’s tape measurement on the pontoon pole from January.

Digital Camera

January 2016

All boats on the river moorings are again inaccessible due to the gangways being under water.
Our basin ‘cup’ floweth over the dog walk and is meeting the field having submerged the ditch on the other side.

Digital Camera

dog walk January 2016

We’re going out later to take some current photos as it’s surprisingly warm when/if the wind drops.

It was a blowy night, and ‘Did the earth move for you?’ has a totally new meaning here.
Rattles, bangs, thumps, whistles, whooshes, taps and crashes were the night time percussional serenade.
Hubby and the dog slept like lambs, but I cat napped. Nothing to do with the weather though. Damn reflux indigestion.

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Portrait of my inner shelf

You may recall Hubby building some shelves to house our DVD collection and knickknacks when we did our revamp last year.

Digital Camera

Bear Bare shelf (ignore date)

Having retrieved our treasures from MOH’s roof some time ago, this is how it looks now:

Digital Camera

Bear shelf

‘Grandad’ had to be moved for the winter months because he kept fouling the electric socket where we plug in the radiator and dehumidifier. He is currently under the small table toasting his toes, chest and backside by the new central heating radiator, which is working wonders for his joints and disposition.
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Dear Imogen

Yes, we are due to have another visitation, and this one is rumoured to be a doozie.
But I’m laughing about it.

As I sit in glorious, albeit draughty, sunshine, I watch the white fluffy clouds in a blue sky rotate round us like some kind of carousel.

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