More varnishing and vanishing!

Maggie has had yet another restless night and we are both shattered.
MSM offered to have her for the day and overnight to give us a break, and I shall be forever grateful.
Something is going on in the early hours to make her react this way and we need to get to the bottom of it. I could do nothing to console, soothe or reassure her last night.
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Friday Fictioneers: 29th March

Thanks Rochelle for such a lovely picture this week

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

The invitation had been to come to the marina for a trip out on the boat.
Dressed in white with a bikini underneath for sun-soaking on the top deck, the taxi driver gave her a lecherous grin.
She made her way to the desk to ask where she might find Monsieur Davenport’s yacht.

The girl looked surprised, saying Monsieur D did not have a yacht.
He did however run a small water-taxi service to and from the yachts, and she would find him on Pier 3.
Seeing the tiny open-top cruiser alongside a four storey gin-palace, she turned tail and fled!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forward

Tuesday challenge from Frank this week:

What lay behind was chaos, bitterness, and anger.
Moving forward offered uncertainty and possible emptiness.
Like these tracks, life in parallel had come back to haunt him.
Two problems, each with the same potential outcome, but never destined to meet.
Sometimes he wished a train would come along just to stir things up a bit, even if it was only the autumn leaves to add a bit of colour to his otherwise gloomy existence.

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Writespiration #109 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 13

Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

This week write about:  The break


The board was put up in the lounge, distance and height measured accordingly.
Three throws each, aiming high for that magical maximum.
It didn’t happen.
But Mum’s chinese vase broke into 180 pieces when the dart ricocheted off the rim.
What made it worse was that it was one of an antique pair.

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Thursday Photoprompt: GOLD

Thanks Sue for an awe-inspiring photo this week.

Like this bird in flight,
Take me away from this life.
Lift me high on the wing
Towards the golden rays of sunset.

Envelop me with mystic warmth,
Ease my lowly shattered spirit,
Let me join the sky to meet
The stars when they dazzle on soft dark velvet.

Nothing to get in the way,
Open seas and open courses,
The liquid path inviting as it mesmerises,
But I cannot walk on water to tread it.

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A good trip, but a long day.

We set off just before 6am today, with me driving the first leg on the motorways.
I have never seen so many HGVs in such close proximity, and several didn’t seem to see the little blue I10 trundling by and tried to overtake the vehicle in front of them. Luckily I was able to go into the outside lane to avoid mishap, but sometimes these big lorries seem to think they own the road and it’s up to us little ‘uns to get out of their way.

We actually made good time, getting to our changeover spot after an hour, so had some breakfast and gave Maggie a potty break.
We got to my sister’s just after 9.30 so were well pleased and had two cups of tea in quick succession!
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This is the final one for March

He always wanted to be a superhero. It was just hard to decide which one, so Mom came up with these.
Each time he wore them, he felt stronger, more invincible, more daring.
Not bad for a five year old.

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