Another cavity

We had a visit to the dentist today, and my fear of having cracked a tooth has been confirmed.
Actually, a bit has broken off and I have a cavity, so that will be filled next month.
Hubby got away with a quick file down of rough edges, descale and polish, so he is all smiles.
No problem. I’m coming out in sympathy with Maggie, though at the moment I don’t actually have toothache.

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Problems with emails

As you know I do several photoprompt challenges, 2 of which use the Blue Frog party link up.
Suddenly I have been experiencing problems in getting my email verified, and it would appear that people are using my email address in various locations throughout the world!
I have therefore had no choice but to change my email address for my blog.



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Sunday Photo Fiction – May 19, 2019

Thanks again to Susan for hosting another Sunday Photo Fiction challenge.
Thanks to first-time contributor Terri Smeigh for today’s prompt.
One of the perks of the job was free meals, provided it was on the shop menu and eaten in the staff room.
Pam had jumped at the chance of saving a few bucks, but never took advantage of it.
After her trial period had ended, her boss called her in to confirm her permanent employment and to ask why.
‘I’m a vegetarian,’ she said.

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High School Questions

Tagging along on Melanie’s post here with a nod to Willow over at teleportingweena

Think about your SENIOR year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!

I was at grammar school (1967 -72), so my answers might seem a little dull!


Did you know your current significant other?
Nope. We didn’t meet until 1989

Make and year of car?
Never had one at school, didn’t even ride a bike, push or otherwise.

What kind of job?
Helped out in the holidays (from age 12) where my Mum worked

Where did you live?
Home town of Poole Dorset UK

Were you popular?
Nope. Not many friends, unless they wanted something.

Were you in a choir?
Not at grammar school as I was not considered good enough (though had sung solo at junior school)

Ever get suspended from school?

If you could, would you go back?
NO WAY!!!!!!!

Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?
Not applicable

Did you skip school?
Not exactly……… I had a few ‘poorly days’ that weren’t.

Go to all the football games?

Favorite subject?

Do you still have your yearbooks?
Not appplicable

Did you follow the career path you planned?
I didn’t have one, and the careers teacher said I didn’t have the brains to work in a bank.
I had the pleasure of serving her from first till position in the High Street some years later, but wish I could have rammed my analysis job with the American Bank up her snooty nose.

Did you have a class ring?
Not applicable

Still close with your best friend?
Didn’t have one.

Who was your favorite teacher?

What was your style?
Independent, and they didn’t like it.

Favorite shoes?
Casual flats, but not allowed. We had to wear certain styles.

Favorite music?

High school Hair?

What kind of cologne/perfume?
None. It wasn’t allowed.

How old when graduated?
I left school at 16, obtained 3 O levels……… English language, Maths and Music.

Did you play a sport?

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Stressed about Desserts

Did you realise that stressed is desserts spelt backwards?
I have never lied about having a sweet tooth, so trying to lose weight and satisfy it can be a pain in the butt.
What I like about SW is that you can have anything you want, but if it’s the yummy, sticky, chocolaty, or sweet candy stuff, it always comes at a cost. Of course it also depends whether you really want to lose those extra pounds or not.
If you plan ahead, you can have the occasional ‘slip’ and it won’t reflect too much, but I’ve been thinking about what one of the new ladies asked last week in group about being allowed to accumulate your syns so that you could have a BIG treat! Technically, the answer is  ‘No, you shouldn’t’ but we’re all human and hate to drool in public.
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Pop goes the…………stoat

I’m reblogging this post as we saw a stoat today as we were driving back along the coastal road. There are fields on either side which are popular with bird watchers as there are marsh harriers as well as grey lag geese and swans in abundance here.


For the second day in a row, I have actually managed to do a short walk in the woods. It’s confused the dog a bit as Hubby walks on in one direction and I turn back to the car. She hates it when we separate.
The other day I stayed in the car and watched the birds . Today when I got back to the car to wait for Hubby and the dog to return, there were very few birds for me to watch. A lone blue tit was pecking away at the mossy tendrils on the tree bark, and four crows flew diagonally across my vision into the fields behind and to my left.

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Song Lyric Sunday: 19th May

Jim gave us this range of themes for today May 19, 2019 –

This covers anytime throughout a day, so we are spoilt for choice.

This has always been one of my favourite songs from 1979 which I played to death as I loved the strings segment on it.
Written by Tzuke and Mike Paxman and produced by John Punter, the song was Tzuke’s only UK top 40 single, charting at number 16 on the UK Singles Chart (Wiki).

Is this a game you’re playing?
I don’t understand what’s going on
I can’t see through your frown, first you’re up then you’re down
You’re keeping me from someone I want to know.

And I need you tonight
Yes I need you tonight
And I’ll show you a sunset if you stay with me till dawn.

It’s the same old situation
Every word so finely placed
Running around my concentration
is the feeling that I’ve just got to break out and say

Oh I need you tonight
Yes I need you tonight
And I’ll show you a sunset if you stay with me till dawn.

Is this a game you’re playing?
Playing with my heart
Oh stop playing with my heart
And I’ll show you a sunset if you’ll stay with me till dawn.

Lyrics: EMI Music Publishing

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