Saturday Music

I’ve just read a post on Wide Eyed Wonderings that reminded me of a song by Lee Ann Womack. The music video features her singing the song to her daughters.  Enjoy.


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Maggie’s rose 2023

When we lost Maggie in November 2020, we bought a white iceberg rosebush for her and planted it in the back garden with the others. There is apparently a rose called Maggie but it’s not available here in the UK so we had to improvise.
Photo: Maggie on the boat April 2016

The iceberg rose was also a favourite of our blogging friend Sue Vincent who passed away on March 29th 2021 and whose work is still being published by her partner Stuart France. We were thus doubly thrilled when the bush flowered in its first year here for both Maggie and Sue, and has gone from strength to strength.
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No Nonsense – Saturday Mix, 10 June 2023

Sarah is our host for the MLMM Saturday Mix challenges.
Welcome to the Saturday Mix – No Nonsense, 10 June 2023!
You will be given a nonsensical, made-up word. You will need to come up with your own definition and use it creatively and in context, in your response. It is your choice whether you write using poetry or prose.

Your nonsense word this week is: “strele
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Tired, weekend writing prompt #315

Thanks to Sammi for setting the Weekend Writing Prompt challenge
Tired, drained, shattered, exhausted, fatigued.
All these describe how I feel from the moment I get out of bed in the morning to the time I get back in it at the end of the day.
Maybe the solution is simply to just stay in bed all day.

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Three Things Challenge #M355

Welcome to the daily Three Things Challenge!
Use your imagination and creativity using one, two or all three words that may or may not be related.
There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre, though please keep it family friendly.

Tag your responses with 3TC, #threethingschallenge or TTC, and you can add my logo if you wish.
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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #283

Reena has chosen a single word prompt this week:

I had a knack for picking up ‘unusual’ things when I worked for the bank, and had contacts with most of the Big Boys, as I was one for them.
Over a period of about two years, I picked up almost two million US$ of fraudulent transactions, from counterfeit bankers drafts to stolen travellers cheques.
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Weather report: reblog

Reblogging this for Jim’s Friday Faithfuls in respect of the weather.


Once again our internet connection is on velcro. It has taken me over an hour to prepare and publish my previous post. Looks like we’re in for a bitty day.

Judging by the number of gulls inland, a storm’s brewing.
The wind has picked up and driving along an open road this morning, Hubby had problems keeping the car straight as a couple of times we got side-swiped. On the way home, someone has lost their entire wicker fence which was intact when we went out.
Some trees are bowing more than usual, and even some of the barriers on the roadwork sites have been blown over.

As a passenger, I got all poetic with the sea of grass rippling in the gale wind, and the cloud formations suggesting a reverse waterfall as it appeared the rain was travelling up towards the sky.
We have had rainbows, hail, sleet, rain…

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Weekend Sky #104

I haven’t taken photos of the sky for a while, but when looking through my photos for something else, I came across these:

They were taken on 25th June 2021 shortly after taking this one of the strawberry moon.
I’d just treated myself to a new camera so was trying out night shots. I got some good pictures of the moon that night though before it got too dark and was covered in cloud!

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Photo Challenge #319: a reblog

I’ve decided to reblog this for Fandango’s Flashback Friday.
We’ve been issued with an amber warning for thunderstorms on Sunday from midday until around7pm. After most downpours here there are rainbows. I was rather pleased with this when I wrote it three years ago. Hope you enjoy it the second time around.
My photo July 2018


Nekneeraj is our host for the Tuesday Photo Challenge.
Click here for more details and means for participation

Photo by Raine Nectar on
Maisie looked out of her window and stopped her colouring.
‘Look Momma,’ she said. ‘God is making rainbows too.’
Penny came up behind her young daughter and looked at the stenciled picture of a  rainbow she’d been content to colour in.
‘So He is dear. Yours is coming along nicely, and we’ll soon be able to put it in the window like everyone else has.’
Maisie turned in her chair.
‘Do you think God has run out of colouring pencils? His is only half finished across the sky whereas mine is a full half circle.’
‘It’s a thought sweetheart, but God makes lots of rainbows every day so maybe he’s just sharing them around a bit.’
Maisie went back to her task and Penny went…

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Fibbing Friday 9th June: my responses

Hope you enjoyed this week’s little bit of story telling.
Here are my recycled answers.
Hope they raise a smile again:
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