Ode to My Indiscretion (and slimmers everywhere)

Reblog, as I’ve temporarily resigned from Slimming World until we get sorted and I can join a new group locally


Shock and dismay at my indiscretion,
The scales have moved in the wrong direction,
Wiping the smile off my happy face,
I hang my head and sit down in disgrace.
Looking back, I see where I went wrong,
Crisps were my weakness, my will power gone,
The biscuits were rationed, but helped in my demise
And the joy of meringues I just couldn’t disguise.
There were also three days when some meals I skipped
To cover when I simply should have kept my mouth zipped.
slimming world quoteSo I’ve put it behind me, planning menus each day,
No cheating or lapses, I now cannot delay:
Weighed As and Bs, made a note of my ‘eats’,
All biscuits and goodies now just memory treats.
Everything counts, be it green, good or bad,
Never again do I want a weigh-in so sad.
To put right the wrong plus a pound or two,
I know exactly what I have to do :-
Increase the exercise, walk the dog more,
Keep detailed notes, just more than before.
And be aware of the Syns that can lurk
Where you don’t realise, and refer to The Book!
sw quote 2

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The List revisited

Anyone moving house will be familiar with the seemingly endless list of things to be done and people to be notified.
Luckily for us, we weren’t selling anything, so final utility readings will be down to the vendor. However, we shall be taking start readings and notifying the suppliers accordingly (with photo evidence if necessary).
Our gas and electricity will be supplied by another company to the vendor’s, though there will be an interim period before our account kicks in, so it is paramount that we provide these figures to ensure we are not charged for things we didn’t have.
When we moved in with MSM,  as we had no idea of a timeframe we had to notify a fair few people and I still have my template letters for that, so it’s just an amendment to the ‘before’ and new address.

It will be a while before we can get an internet package up and running though, so apart from what I can schedule ahead,  pensitivity101 will be ‘off the air’ until we’re sorted accordingly. Bear with me!

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Moving house begins with F

and that’s for frustration.
We had a good day yesterday,  getting house insurance, water supply account,  and energy supplier all sorted out.
Today, it has been red tape bows, knots, strangle holds and shredded ribbons with the existing energy supplier who I contacted as a courtesy to let them know they would not be our supplier after three weeks.
War and Peace of my private details then ensued so that they could set up an account which I didn’t want, and which will be closed in three weeks when our preferred company takes over.
I ended up sending an email of complaint and felt tons better.
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Having a breather

Anyone who has purchased a memory foam mattress that comes in a roll will know exactly what I mean by this.
It is extremely strange buying a double size mattress (6’3″ long by 4’6″ wide and 8″ deep) that comes in a roll considerably smaller, that when you take off the wrapper, there is this almighty whoosh of air as it breathes in (or out) and expands!
We were able to buy one and squeeze it in the car on the way up today, much to the annoyance of a very peeved bitch on the back seat who couldn’t be fussed as she usually is on a long journey.
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Seventh H(e)aven

By the time this post goes out, we shall be at least three hours into our journey to collect the keys to our new home!
Yeeha!!! This will be our Seventh Haven.

We complete today, 21st, after four weeks and two days since our offer was accepted.
We have been pushing the estate agents and solicitors, and finally agreed a date.
The money has been sent by us and received by the solicitor in readiness.
We are now practically skint.
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It’s creeping in……………

Another reblog for you:
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Welshing on a deal…………..


I have no idea if this will work, but I’m scheduling this post for a reblog to put you in the picture:
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