Don’t be coy………

There are some pretty big fish here in the marina, and I have just seen one of the biggest carp ever.
It was basking in the sunshine with its dorsal fin just above the water, and must have measured all of two feet long, weighing in at a good four to six pounds.
carpSlowly (and hopefully) I got down on my belly on the pontoon and slipped my arm over the side. He was so close, I could almost touch him, but he gently sank beneath the surface out of sight into the muddy depths below.
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It was a Good Night……

For the first night in weeks we have slept without dream disturbances.
Maggie snuggled in close and didn’t move all night and Hubby was comfy and warm as everything was tucked in at the bottom to encase his feet.
I was also comfy with part of the duvet pushed off to regulate my body temperature (I hate being hot, especially at night), but as is the norm, I tend to wake several times during the night, but last night I got back to sleep relatively quickly.
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First Swallow

Sitting in the boat this afternoon, I have been watching the swallows dipping and diving across the water.
Just a couple of days ago, it was just one or two, but today I have seen at least a dozen.
swallowaerialHubby took this picture last year when several birds settled on next door’s aerial.
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Race You

Everyone’s heard the story of the Hare and the Tortoise.
There are some great graphics available too.
hare and tortoiseBut my story is just a little different as it wasn’t exactly a race, but more of 4 wheels versus 6 legs.
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Source WIKI
An Anti-Social Behaviour Order is an Order of the Court which tells an individual over 10 years old how they must not behave.

I was sitting alone on a bench waiting for Hubby to come out of the shop.
A woman came across the road and sat next to me.
I knew she was going to do it before she even sat down.
Normally I’d strike up a conversation, but I kept quiet.
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Pensive Pensitivity

It’s been another nice day, but the weather is going to turn for the weekend so we went out for some serious walking (read as good test for my new trainers).
We are very well placed here, not only for towns and shopping or rivers for puttering up and down on, but for tourist attractions, The Malvern Hills and fantastic scenic views.

panaramic copy

Hubby has kindly compiled this panoramic view taken from Jubilee Hill on our ‘hike’ this afternoon, which he is paying for BIG TIME in the pain stakes having really pushed himself (aka overdone it).
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Can you see?

I heard this little chap before I saw him.
It’s the first I’ve seen this year.

bee on gorse
Got to look after the bees
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