Thursday photo prompt: Summit #writephoto

You can join in with Sue’s challenge here:

There was a storm brewing. She could see it building on the horizon, feel it in the wind on the hill.
They were running away tonight. Away from her tyrannical father, away from his impoverish life. The sea offered a new beginning for them both.
At 7 bells as agreed, she hurried up the steep incline to the castle, her cloak flapping in the cooling night. He would be waiting for her there.

A figure emerged from the shadows. It was not he, but one of her father’s guards. Continue reading

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Three Things Challenge: 19th July

Today’s things are: disco, boy, june bug

I used to frequent the disco a lot in my teens with my friends.
There were four in one building:
Chelsea Village beneath street level, Cardinal and Maison Royale next door to each other (one ticket got you access to both as there was a joining corridor inside), and The Outlook was at the very top.
Of course it was the ideal place to be ‘picked up’ by a boy, and many a romance began via a boogie on the dance floor.
In daylight, all of the places were dives with sticky floored rooms of split vinyl seats and cigarette burnt tables. No self-respecting fly would be caught inside!
We don’t have June Bugs here in the UK, but we do have May bugs, so they might be related! They are big bugs that dive bomb you in the summer evenings, and you would not believe the noise!

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Thursday Walk: 19th July

I rang Bro yesterday evening as it was the start of his day and his birthday. I’d already sent a card, and he too had one of my Happy Half Year greetings. He thought my poem was fun.
He’s spoken to my uncle (Mum’s brother) recently and the heat is getting to them too. Sis has also been in touch with SIL on FB. We’ve already seen on the internet that her house is sold STC, and apparently the purchase of her new one is going through or has been completed. I don’t expect to hear anything directly but I’m OK with that.

My walk today was the same route as yesterday, but totally different. Continue reading

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Tale Weaver #180 – Growth – 19/7/18

Michael’s given us GROWTH as the subject for this week’s Tale Weaver.
It could be personal growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, you could explore growth in terms of changes, which could be environmental, the possibilities are endless.

When Hubby and I met, we were two cynical individuals getting over a disastrous previous relationship. Some couples grow together be it with similar goals, backgrounds or comfort zone, others grow apart through ambition, misunderstandings or a clash of personality.
I don’t know about you, but a girl on her own in a pub seems to have a neon sign over her head that attracts the low-lives out to make a score. I’d never really thought about it, but a guy has his own invisible sign too (see this post).

Neither of us wanted anything but friendship, a sort of ‘Been there, done that, got bitten’ kind of strategy, and it suited us both. The important thing was we liked each other immediately, had no hidden agenda as to what the other could do for us, and trust was the order of the day very early on in our relationship.

Hubby and I have been together over 29 years, 27 of those as husband and wife. We have no secret or special recipe for our relationship, have our ups and downs like everyone else, but I suppose the key for us is that we were friends first. We had nothing else to offer each other except that, a friendship that was founded on trust and honesty, and one that grew into what we have now.
Hubby says our life started the day we met, and he’s right. It didn’t matter what had gone before, as it was in the past and nothing to do with ‘US’, other than making us the people we were.
They say there is no I in ‘TEAM’, but I found this which contradicts it.
However, there is definitely no I in ‘Us’……. no him or me, just an us.

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19th July : FOWC with Fandango — Steady

Another ambiguous word, as it could be steady like a rock as in unmoving, going steady with a beau, or the actual Beau being described as his/her steady.

When we bought the boat in 2014, I thought I would find it difficult keeping my balance aboard, but this was never the case. If anything, the only time I didn’t feel steady on my feet was shortly afterwards in a supermarket when I felt the floor was moving!

I need something steady and solid in my life. Hubby got the short straw on that as he’s my rock.


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Tuesday photo challenge 17 July

Over to Frank for details of this week’s challenge:

Your challenge is to use the theme of Play in any way that you see fit!

I’m using Frank’s picture of Darwin here as I think it’s smashing and I love seeing dogs enjoying themselves in the water!
Maggie is no exception, and once you get her in the water, it’s a bit of  game to get her out again.
As a pup, she loved to explore and we encouraged it, making sure she was safe all the while she was having fun. In the woods she would climb woodpiles and on the beach at Hamworthy she had her own obstacle course with the groynes going out to sea, happily charging along them and jumping off the end or flying over them like hurdles.
She did a flip over one and I was panicking as I rushed up to it, fully expecting her to have broken her back when she landed on the other side. She was actually swimming around in her own little pool, and I swear she was laughing!

There’s nothing more affectionate than a wet dog!

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 80

Thanks to Bikurgurl for supplying another of her photos for her weekly challenge.

‘Watch what you’re doing!’
Too late, the ice cream slopped off Sara’s cone as she turned for the camera and slid unceremoniously down her uncle’s uniform.
In dismay, her bottom lip started to quiver, and tears formed in her brown eyes making her look like a deer caught in the headlights.
John burst out laughing thankful that he had already had his official picture taken and these were just snap shots for the family album.
‘Don’t worry Princess, ‘ he said.
‘Some guys may have got medals, but I bet I’m the only one who got the Vanilla and Strawberry Cross.’

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