Microfiction Challenge

Thought I’d try an additional challenge this week:

Ilya Repin-What freedom!


‘Shall we dance?’
‘I said, shall we dance?’
‘You’ve got to be kidding!’
‘Not at all. Come on, we’ve got nothing to lose.’
‘You’re mad, do you know that?’

And so the two pensioners danced in the water, totally oblivious to the crowd of onlookers gathering on the pier.
With each step, the years fell away and their movements became more fluid and graceful.

‘This is terrific!’
‘I know. Who needs the Fountain of Youth when we have this right on our doorstep!’
‘Oh what freedom from the shackles of old age!’

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Hubby walk thoughts

Walking the dog this morning, Hubby was musing over other people compared to us.
Sometimes he thinks we’re ‘odd’ or ‘strange’ as we have a different attitude or approach to some, especially when it comes to looking after things.
A lot of boat owners take care of their vessels with regular maintenance, washing the outside, rope condition etc. We are the same, but there are some who say they are going to do this, this and this, and yet do nothing. This isn’t a criticism, just an observation, and it’s not as if the boats are left neglected, unsightly or in disrepair.

We agreed too that whatever property we’ve bought, we always sold it in better condition than when we moved in. We improved, replaced or decorated to suit us as afterall it was our home, in which we took great pride. Never having a lot of extra cash, we became good at DIY and improvisation.
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Slowly, limbs stretching
Creeping forward, eyes kept front
I’m a toad, not frog!

Mr Toad of the marina has had a few lucky escapes lately.
We came back late one evening and drove straight over him.
Maggie stuck her nose up really close but he wasn’t bothered, and neither was she.
Another time, I’ve kicked him as I’ve walked up to the shower block taking her for her final wee of the day, as my eyes hadn’t adjusted until it was too late.
He’s quite a big brute too. Not exactly of Princely heritage though.
Sorry Toady. No kisses for you.

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Pure nonsense or Genius?

Driving back from town this morning, Hubby and I were listening to the radio on the subject of infinite numbers and infinity.
The amount of time and money being spent on proving that there is no ‘end number’ infinite or otherwise made us look at each other in disbelief, and what followed could either be regarded as utter tosh or brilliance.

Obviously, we are an average Joe and Jane Doe in the intelligence stakes, but we couldn’t get our heads round what was being said as having any relevance in modern living or putting food on the table. I don’t particularly care if I have an odd or even number of chops in the pack, so long as there is enough and I can make a meal or three.
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Food for thought

Having problems with weight control?
Eating a sensible diet in sensible proportions but not getting anywhere?
Ever thought/hoped that the blame is not necessarily yours?

Read this (link)
minion diet jokeHubby found it so I thought I’d pass it on.
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The Pound in their Packet

I saw this headline today

Brexit Is Going To Make It More Expensive To Eat

and thought “Tell me something I don’t know”. (source)

Several of my posts have already suggested consumers check the weights of their goods to see if they really are getting a bargain or just a ploy on the part of the manufacturer to try and con us with flashy stickers and fancy slogans.
Chocolate bars have been shrinking for years, and I wonder how many people have noticed that the Multi pack bars were actually smaller than the originals, but gradually said originals have been diminishing to the size of the multi pack.
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Reflux Delux

Our table guest last night was one of Gloucestershire’s finest hybrids, and very tasty it was too.
hog-roastI had been very good all day so that I could enjoy the event, anticipating that the syns would be off the chart but not perhaps for reasons one might think.
We collected our tickets in the morning and were told everything started around 6.30. Sadly someone had a different clock to us as by the time we arrived (at 6.20), all tables were occupied, and everyone was queuing for their supper.
Hubby went up to escort MSM down, by which time a couple had nabbed some chairs and were putting up their own table for us to join them.
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