Trust, Trusting, Trustworthy

One of the important things in my book about relationships is Trust.
It can be difficult to trust strangers coming into your home for whatever reason, and some of the ‘baggage’ they come with makes it harder, especially when they are kids in Care.
Trust has to be earned, but it’s a two-way street, it also has to be given.

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Tall Ships

Years ago, the Ex and I went to see HMS Victory in Portsmouth.
hms victoryI was none too steady on my feet even though she was in dry dock (!) and I can remember two distinct things about the day :-
1: The red floor on the lower deck to disguise the vast amounts of blood during ‘surgeries’ and
2: Nearly crashing the car on the way home.
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Three Little Words

‘Three Little Words’ conjures up a mixture of emotions.
‘Three Little Words’ convey so much in our way of communication.
‘Three Little Words’ are common and understood.
‘Three Little Words’ can say it all.

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One week on

This time last week, I was sharing a toasted cheese sandwich with my Mum having taken her up and down the river via my laptop and camera chip.
river 13 5 river ducklings swan river

It was her birthday on Friday, and I decided to give her a call to sing Happy Birthday down the phone as I used to years ago.
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No matter how careful (or clever) we are in putting her off, Maggie knows the time.
watch dogWhen I was working, our previous dog would lie at the front door about five minutes before I was due to get home. Maggie would just lie at the front door.
She knows it’s time for a walk though, the question is, HOW?
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Night Visitor

You come to me in the night unbidden,
An unwelcome visitor invading my hours of rest,
Replacing my slumber with fear and panic,
My heart pounding madly in my chest.
Floating, drifting, meaningless,
Dismissed from one life, lost in another,
Uncharted territory, blind and alone,
I am abandoned, a child with no mother.
I feel your presence against me, heavy,
As I struggle for air and each breath,
Painful, I hear you whisper my name,
You are no Angel, Dark Caller of Death.
Using inner strength I knew not I possessed
I claw to the surface, shouting, angry, crying
No, no, don’t take me, not yet, not yet
I will not submit to dying:
A hand is offering comfort and safety
As Dawn’s light brings release and a new day,
But I know you are waiting and will come again
To catch me unawares and snatch me away.
nightmare angel

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As I’ve been watching the swallows landing on the boat next door today, I’m wondering if it’s a parent and chick rather than a pair, as the one seems to be slightly ‘fluffier’ than the other.
They seem content to have a side each of the aerial rather than nestle close together, and I haven’t seen one feeding the other, so it’s anyone’s guess as to their relationship.
I did manage to get a couple of better pictures today though.

swallows 23 5 swallows 2 23 5 swallows 3 23 5swallow lone 23 5 swallow lone 2 23 5


If we’d still been in the cottage, I would never have managed to get this close.

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