Babies everywhere

I’ve never denied or hidden the fact that Maggie sleeps on our bed.
When I first did a post on it, the percentage of owners who allowed their pets to sleep with them was about 42% I think, though I can’t for the life of me find it in the 5434 posts I’ve written (yeah, I know I’m a windbag, but I have warned you).
I found it reassuring in a way when Maggie curled up behind my knees, or if it got really cold, she’d snuggle in between us, gradually pushing Hubby out, so he’d go in the spare room.
Photo: November 2013 on a bed we no longer have in a house we no longer live in.
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Friday Fictioneers: 16th November 2018: Fetch

Every week, Rochelle invites us to write a story in 100 words or less based on a photo.
This week, she’s chosen one of her own photographs
They used to play here, just the two of them. A ball or stone would be thrown and fetched, then laid down at his feet to be thrown and fetched, to be laid down at his feet to be thrown again.
They never tired of the game, never tired of each other.
No longer young, they were just tired, but the memories were here.
They played their game. A stone was thrown and fetched, then laid on his wheelchair along with a weary head. It was not thrown or fetched again.

91 words

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 97

This week’s photo for Bikurgurl’s 100 WW challenge is by Sebastien Gabriel

An image within an image,
An outsider looking in,
Constant noise all around,
But silence contained within.
Tweak the light accordingly,
Play with the brightness too,
Proof of being where he was,
She’d never know with who.
Technology is wonderful,
It can hide deceit and lies,
Emphasise what isn’t there,
Oblivious of teary eyes.
He thought he’d got away with it,
Then in the corner clear
He saw his wife and children,
What were they doing here?
She walked across the road towards
Him standing still in place,
Then calmly standing in the rain,
She slapped him across the face.

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Waggy tails, rolls and arrows

I was out at darts last night, and although we lost 7 points to 5, it was a good night, if a wee bit long (Hubby got the call to collect me at 11.40).
I was the first to arrive, and the place was locked, mainly because it’s a guest house and not a pub, so not open to the public as such.
I was barked at by two staffy cross bitches, one of which is wary of people having been mistreated before being rescued, and the other was an in-yer-face-I-wannabe-fussed-by-you kinda mutt.
I’ve met both dogs before, and as is my way, allow nervy ones to come to me, so I was not surprised when the wary one bolted for the safety of the private quarters.
The other was all over me, and if I’d been a dog, I would have said I’d pulled!
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FOWC with Fandango — Chemical

Fandango’s choice of the word Chemical today could well go hand in hand with my previous post about our vet visit earlier and some of the comments that it generated.

Sodium chlorate was popular for use as a weedkiller until it was banned by the EU in 2009. Nothing equally as effective has replaced it, and Round Up is going to be withdrawn due to cancer risks.
Ammonium Sulphamate, also a widely used weedkiller, has also been banned by the EU.

Potassium permanganate was popular in the fish world for stopping fin rot, people used to use it as an anti fungal foot treatment, antiseptic for cleaning wounds,  treatment if ulcers and eczema, and also for purifying water.
I have fond memories of potassium permanganate, as we put it in the school swimming pool and it turned the water purple. My Dad had gone one better as a boy and put some in a pond, where it turned the frogs orange. They were all OK by the way.

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Veterinary Alert

We’ve had a late start to the day as Maggie had her follow up appointment with the vet today, so I’m playing catch up on my blog this afternoon.

We were fifteen minutes early for our appointment, and could have seen the other vet, but as we wanted continuance, we declined and waited for our designated time.
The girls on reception are chatty and friendly. They are also proficient, efficient and professional in a crisis.

The phone rang, and after a couple of questions and notes, the call was disconnected. Discreetly and quietly the computer was consulted when it transpired that one, if not two dogs, had eaten rat poison. Continue reading

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trio

Trio…………. isn’t that a chocolate bar?  Sorry, I’ve got chocolate on the brain today.
This week, Frank has given us the theme of TRIO.

So I am going to go with a trio of subjects:
It would be absolutely lovely if my darts all hit the treble twenty (on the same throw) for the maximum 180. I’ve only ever done it once, and that was at home in the ’80s when no-one was around to see.
Come to think of it, that’s the only time I’ve ever got ‘three in a bed’ too!
Robin Hoods don’t count.
We’ve got a trio of rose bushes in the garden: one red, one pink and one yellow.
All have had two bloomings in their first year, and they are huge.
Then back to my favourite subject of food:
I have had success with a trio of victoria sponges in April, August and September!
This last photo has a trio of slices missing.

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