It don’t work properly.
crying smiley 1Out on our final walk this evening, we were going to go snappy armed.
Hubby and I put in the batteries and …….. nothing.
We put in a new set of batteries…………….. nothing.
Eventually, we managed to push the flip down lid holding the batteries into a firmer position, and were able to take these inside………..

maggie 30 7

Digital Camera

and this one of the full moon from our helm………….

Digital Camera

but when we came back inside again, no, the damn thing wouldn’t stay on.

Being firm believers that if you have to force it you’re doing it wrong, it’s going back tomorrow.

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Snap to it

Oh dear.
Our camera has snapped one snap too many and something inside it has snapped.

We were trying to take a picture of the duckling (we think) we saved with Mummy Duck, and the message on the screen was ‘Card Protected’.
Hubby had a look, juggled the slider thingie on the chip, put it back in, and tried again.
Same message.
We accessed the chip on the computer and all was well, so we guessed the chip was finally full and went out to buy a new one the following day.
We were megga peeved to read the same message when we tried to take a picture.
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People Watching with a twist

Just a few days ago, we noticed our neighbours 2 boats down walking along the pontoon laden down with clothes fresh from the cleaners.
We are not nosy people and respect our fellow boaters’ privacy, but we chat with everyone, and have a laugh and a joke on many an occasion.
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A Bitter and Expensive Pill to Swallow

I am not one to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary or unavoidable. Actually I am very lucky insomuch as it is rare that I am ill, but when I am, I AM!
Before I moved back to Dorset (pre Hubby days), I had worked for a company for over 5 years and never had a day off sick. In short succession I went down with chickenpox (I was 32) and then a bout of depression put me off work for 6 weeks.
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Egg Head

For a change, we had boiled eggs for breakfast (no toast soldiers as we don’t have a toaster, but bread and butter was OK).
Actually, Maggie had been poorly in the night and eggs have always settled her tummy.
We don’t have any egg cups, so Hubby improvised by cutting down the egg carton.

It made me think of my childhood, and the novelty Noddy egg cup I had, his blue felt hat complete with little bell on the end kept the egg warm until I came downstairs to eat it.
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One Year Comparison

It’s hard to believe that we have been on the boat for a year.
That’s 52 weeks, 364 days to the day (Tuesday) or 365 to the date tomorrow (29th July).

bb other sideI still remember that first day, waiting for Hubby to come round the marina entrance as I stood at the end with the camera and the dog. None of my pictures came out.
He’d had one to one tuition on the journey and it was money well spent.
Hubby then drove his instructor back which was only twenty minutes by road, but three and a half hours by river.
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Idiot Monday

I have no idea if it’s the recent rain after so many dry days or the sudden sunshine afterwards that appears to have addled some people’s brains.

We went into town today to visit one of the major banks as the branch here is only open 2 days a week for 4 hours (today obviously not being one of them).
Our reason is simple.
We are being plagued by emails, text messages and phone calls from a bank where we do not have an account, either about PPIs we never had, or in this email case, our account being deactivated as we have been accessing it from other worldwide quarters (does Stratford Upon Avon class as abroad then?) which is outside their banking policy.
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