Just Jot January: 16th Jan.

Today’s prompt  for https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/24840312/posts/1735303626 is

Contemplation from Cheryl

I often sit staring into space contemplating nothing in particular and everything in general.
People say I think too much.
I have arguments and debates with myself as thoughts turn inwards. Imaginary conversations, lead to contemplation of solutions to problems.
Most times I don’t get very far.

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Do you believe the price tag?


For a pair of ‘jeans’ that have no backside or front, and the knickers are not part of the deal. How can they be comfortable (let alone anything else) ?

Images from google re TVs ‘Loose Women’, modelled by Shirley Ballas .
Well, all I can say is she has some b***s to wear them.
The ripped ones were getting shabby enough, but they call this fashion?

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #184 Press&Touch

I press nose to glass
Seeing her within, so warm,
Not for me to touch.

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Keeping a breast of things

Shower time is boob check time.

It’s easier to check for lumps, bumps or Humphries  when I’m soaped and slippery.
The result of my mammogram last October was nothing to worry about. It’s hard to believe I had my surgery over a year ago now (October 2016).
I’ve put on  weight since my radiotherapy finished last January, and I’ve noticed a puckering and puffiness around the scar tissue.
It doesn’t hurt, but it’s there when it wasn’t before, so I called the Breast Support Clinic yesterday and left a message.

Rachel returned my call first thing this morning, and we agree that it could be the extra weight and a slight build up of liquid.
I’ve been a bit daft and not kept up with the exercises (easily remedied as from today), but apparently gentle massage should also help disperse it (Hubby’s warming his hands to volunteer) plus lose the excess weight of course, though she didn’t say that.
Any cause for concern or change and I’m to give them a ring.
Better safe than sorry.
I can’t emphasise enough the importance of self checks, whether you’ve had surgery or not. If you are in any doubt or have any concerns, get it checked. Humphrey was found early and disposed of in a matter of weeks.

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Eggs a-poppin!

Anyone know what they’re feeding chickens these days?
Maggie has a scrambled egg every morning for her breakfast. I crumble her half glucosamine tablet into it and she’s a happy bunny.
I cook the egg in the microwave, and more often than not, the damn thing goes Bang!
And every surface within gets a bit. The funniest thing is that the egg usually hasn’t cooked
all the way through yet!

Must be pop corn I guess.
Image from Doug Orleski pinterest

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Wordle #183, Jan 15th

This is our list to work with today (and what a list!!):


1. Flame
2. Obedient
3. Dark
4. Earn a Page (to learn a valuable lesson)
5. Abrasive
6. Gravity
7. Complexion
8. Mercy
9. Harrow
10. Xaeax (to get drawn into useless circular logic from paradoxes; a state of confusion resulting from mind games)
11. Ability
12. Fetter

His voice was abrasive in the silence as he began to tell one of his legendary stories.
A single flame teased the dark, this aged India Chief having the ability to capture his audience, giving us all the opportunity to earn a page rather than discuss Xaeax.
His complexion was harrowed and grey, showing no mercy as the skin, obedient to gravity, hung loosely around his jowls.
If my feet had been fettered to the floor you would not have had me move from my seat.

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Just Jot Jan: January 15th

Today’s prompt word for Just Jot January is

Justice from Barb over at Gallimaufry  https://barbct.wordpress.com

Do you see the word Justice and imagine the blindfolded figure holding a set of scales and a sword on top of The Old Bailey?
Or do you think of poetic justice in what goes around comes around as in Karma?
Do you wonder whether justice is indeed blind, but not by way of fairness, more of turning a blind eye?
Do you feel anger at all the injustices in the world, even more so because you know as an individual you can do little about it?

Life isn’t fair. It deals us heavy blows just when we think we’re getting back on our feet.
Some people have more crosses to bear than others, whereas some only see what affects them and not those around them. Some blame those closest to them when things go wrong, refusing to see that they are equally responsible, and others only feel content when they are running the entire show, more or less demanding martyrdom whilst slagging people off whose offers of support have been thrown back in their faces.

We human beings are a complex and contradictory race.
I see it not as JUSTICE  but more of a case that life Just Is.


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