Take three dogs………………..

This morning we took Maggie out for her first walk just after 9.30.
It was a little overcast, so we wore our hoodies, but I ended up taking mine off as I was too hot.
I took this picture on Friday, but the sea was a dull silver today and the sky a contrasting grey. The beach and prom were busy though, and we met up with umpteen dogs of various sizes and breeds, Maggie being perfectly content to sniff her way along and leave her calling card.
Halfway to our destination, we turned round to see our neighbour a little way behind us so waited for him to catch up.
Hubby plays pool with him and his dog Max lies quietly in the corner of the pub, sometimes with Maggie next to him. Max is a brindle whippet and will be 5 in November.
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Sunday Whirl: Wordle #421

Yay! Thanks to BWarren for hosting the Sunday Whirl challenge again this week.

Jazz looked at her reflection in the mirror, her smokey grey eyes under perfectly plucked brows dancing in her face.
She practiced her killer-watt smile, and began to sway to the beat of an electric guitar. This was the ideal warming up exercise as it relaxed the shoulders, arm and leg muscles.
Since her clash with her stepmother, she felt empowered to continue with her dream of becoming the County Cork Jive Champion, and left the house for  her lessons.

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Sunday Writing Prompt “The Warehouse”

Our photoprompt this week shows cage fighting, and the scene is set perfectly in our prompt post below:

The whistles and shouts were deafening.
It was a special night with the favourite taking on newcomers.
The guards were ready for any intervention by the authorities, though it was hoped that lining certain pockets would turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.
An almighty cheer almost lifted the roof when the champion took to the ring.
Applause and catcalling met their opponent.
The Emcee took the mike and centre stage, looking extremely uncomfortable and nervous.
Turning full circle to get the audience’s attention before he spoke, he felt a thousand pairs of eyes burn right through to his soul.
‘Ladies! Your attention please!’
The atmosphere was electric.
‘In the Blue corner, we have your reigning champion, the Deadly Della!’
More whistles and shouts from below the caged canvas.
‘In the red corner, we have Teasing Tally!’
Beckoning the two wrestlers to the centre of the ring, he said
‘You know the rules. No biting, punching below the belt or directly to the breast area, and no nails to the eyes. Give the women a show……………. four rounds minimum. Got it?’
High fives followed, and the fighters returned to their prospective corners.
Stella dug Molly in the ribs.
‘Best Hen Night ever!’

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Sep 15 2019

Many thanks to Donna who is our host for this particular Sunday Challenge.

Photo from pixabay
Temper can be destructive.
Danny remembered those words spoken to him as a child when he’d lashed out and put his six year old fist through the glass door pane.  He still bore the scars and was lucky he had the use of his fingers as the retraction through the shards cut deep.
He blamed his brother of course, who , if he hadn’t have ducked, would have taken the full force of the blow. Best it was Danny’s fist rather than his brother’s head.
Now at thirty three, inquisitive amber eyes were looking up at him. After a few ponderous minutes, his daughter said
‘Guess whoever was mad at someone else got it out of his system, huh?’

119 words

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Observation: 15th September

Just a thought:
has anyone noticed some subtle changes in the colour on WP lately?
My stats have got a brighter blue column on views, (maybe they were in on Linda’s SoCS this week) and the current day is orange (they tuned in to my first 3TC then).
Comments and likes symbols on the bell drop down menu are also brighter (yellow balloons and blue and white stars).

The Happiness Engineers are doing their thing behind the scenes I guess.
Or maybe it’s because I simply cleaned my glasses.

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FOWC with Fandango — Middle

Always in the middle, on middle ground, trying to keep the peace.
Such was the fate of the middle child, neither the oldest or youngest but the second of three.

A short thought written for https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/79388113/posts/2414000831

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Three Things Challenge #2: my response

Our words today were bicycle, butter and cushion.

Nan had run out of butter for her special cake, so sent Stan down to the local shop on his bicycle. The cobbled streets were uncomfortable and he wished he had a better cushion on the seat as he ended with bruises where he didn’t even know he had places!

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