When your heart is set on caviar………………

Not that I’ve ever had it, wanted it, or fancied blackcurrant jam that tastes of fish (according to my Dad).
caviarLast week, we booked the car in for its first service. We suggested 11am as it would take about an hour and we could then stop at the carvery on the way home for a Real Dinner with plenty of veg. We have been looking forward to it ever since we received confirmation from the garage.
Today has been one of those days, a perfect example of why we never plan anything (well, not too much).
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Stop! Think!

Everything is harder
When you’re tired.
Nothing is a pleasure,
When tiredness takes over.
Little niggles become mountains
When sleep has been deprived,
Tempers have no fuse and blow
When rest has been denied.
People can be tiresome
And Patience takes its leave,
Those we love are fair game
With Frustration on our sleeve.
So many things become a chore
‘Simple’ a mess and muddle,
Inanimate objects challenge,
Sound becomes muffled.
Co-ordination falters,
Vision blurs,
Perception lost,
Eyes downcast,
Concentration wanders,

Do you really need to drive today?

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Early this morning

Just as the sun was rising and the moon was a silver arc in the sky, footsteps could be heard behind me together with a rustling in the undergrowth.
The dog’s nose was sniffing in the morning dew, and a gentle paddling on the river caught my attention as our pair of adult swans and equally large cygnet eyed me from the water.
My feet were getting wet, no socks in my clogs, such was my hurry to get up and out.
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Two Years On

A little WP birdie reminded me that my blog is two years old today.

2 yearsUnusual for me, I had actually forgotten!
So here are a few other ‘2 year occurrences’, though not necessarily applicable to 2013.
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The Pizza Kid

Apparently Pizza heads the top ten favourite foods (source) based on over 8,000 votes.
pizzaWith a choice of heaven knows how many toppings now, I must admit it comes into our top 5, mainly because for less than a fiver and between 10am and 4pm, we can get a 15 inch pizza which is adequate for the two and a half of us.
We like pepperoni, which also seems to top the list of favourite toppings (source), but we also like beef, Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), chicken, peppers, red onion, and  mushrooms. Sometimes, we’ll even have them all on the same one, but that knocks the price up! However, we are united and adamant that black olives and chillis are a no-no!
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Wet Monday

It’s a wet Bank Holiday, so we won’t be going out very much today.
Hubby took Maggie up for her first wee of the day around 8am, he clad in the black waterproofs and she in her little jacket and rainproof cover.
I got up, made sure a towel was on deck for their return, and got the hairdryer out just in case. Hubs hasn’t enough hair to warrant it, but Maggie loves being dried off this way.

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Bubble and Squeak.

Our boat farts.
I’m not kidding, you’ll be sitting here and suddenly will hear a tummy churning type gurgle and bubbles will appear along the hull, just like when you’ve broken wind in the bath.
This is probably to do with the water ballast which automatically adjusts so we don’t get lopsided or sink.

The squeak was explained this morning.
For some time, I have heard an intermittent squeak that I couldn’t identify, and typical of Hubby, he never heard it. If I drew it to his attention, he’d be met with silence.
Anyone remember the advert for the VW golf with a squeak, and it turned out to be the passenger’s earrings?
vw advertWell our boat isn’t a volkswagen, and the squeak wasn’t my earrings.
It was the surviving moorhen chick on the bank behind us!
moorhen chick

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