How do you like your onions?

We have just weighed our onion crop and have a staggering 22.2lbs! This is after we have given a fair few away.

These are pictures of our last two crops, and this year’s completely covered the table above.
Not bad for an outlay of £1 and a little TLC.

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Truthful Tuesday: July 27th, 2021

Frank is our host for Truthful Tuesdays, details of which can be found here

The Question

What’s something that you thoroughly enjoy doing that others might find a bit odd? What makes it so enjoyable?
Bit of a toughie as I can only think of one thing I have no problem doing which some people might find odd, and that is clearing up, either end, after a dog.
I would not say I actually enjoy it, but it goes with the territory of dog ownership and doesn’t faze me.

I love to cook but then so do a lot of other people, and I enjoy my card making, but neither of those are actually odd.

I suppose if anything it would be budgets, spreadsheets and figurework. I have a natural aptitude for figures anyway, which is why I loved my job as a financial analyst. I’m a good money manager and run a tight ship on expenses, but do enjoy working the numbers, projecting the figures and the satisfaction of keeping us in the black.

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Today is Tuesday 27th July

I’ve been up since about 7.20, not because I had things to do, but it was not a good night for either of us. It was uncomfortably hot and airless and we were snatching an hour or two then waking up.

I have been picking apricots today as a friend in the next road has a tree that is once again laden with fruit. I picked some for our neighbour too and have put the rest in a bowl in the window to finish off. Like apples, they are ready if you touch them and they fall off the tree. I touched a few and got snowballed!

My smoothie maker has bit the dust. Hubby bought it for my birthday but I haven’t got the receipt so can’t take it back under guarantee.  It wasn’t expensive, but that’s not the point. Continue reading

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Three Things Challenge #672

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge.
Below are three things that may, or may not, be related. Simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you.
You can use one, two or all three words in your post, there are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre apart from keeping it family friendly.
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I schedule the challenge to go out around 6.30 am UK time, but pingbacks have to be approved manually so might not show immediately. This could be because I’m late accessing my blog or due to time differences, but I will get there, I promise!
I look forward to reading your responses, and as always thank you all for your continued support.

Your three things today are:

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MLMM Wordle #251

Today is Monday and time for the MLMM Wordle challenge.
You can find out more here

Suction, Death, Bridge, Petrify, Nightshade, Neck, Peel, Weapon, Little, Bodies, Rumor, Verklempt- overly emotional and unable to speak.

Death stared over the bridge and into the water below.
They’d had no weapons, had been force fed peeled deadly nightshade berries, then thrown into the depths where the suction of the current had pulled them under.
The rumor that he was unfeeling was untrue, and although it wasn’t often he was verklempt, the sight of those little petrified bodies blocking the neck of the river shook him to the core.

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Super Hero Captions

Sadje has given us a fun picture to work with this week.
You can find out more about her challenge here

Image credit; Yulia Matvienko
For visually challenged readers, the image shows two lego mini-figures sitting on pavement. Batman has a ice cone and Superman has an ice lolly!

Very generous of the lad to give us these on a hot day, but have you any idea how we’re supposed to eat them?

Not exactly my choice of weapon, but I guess it could freeze someone in their tracks.

When she said she was going to give us something long and cool, this is not what I envisaged.


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Monday Peeve: 26th July

Paula’s Monday Peeve gives us the chance to whinge and rant about something that really pisses us off. Today we had a classic.
I often moan about our doctors surgery here and how service and healthcare is seriously lacking, so it is no surprise that our surgery has been voted the worst in the county.
Today we saw red and have put the wheels in motion to change surgeries if we can be accepted.

Hubby spent the night in A&E a couple of weekends ago and when discharged was told to contact his GP to arrange a referral to a specialist. We waited until we knew our preferred GP was on duty and spent 15 minutes trying to get through to the surgery. No joy, and in the end we sent an email explaining what had happened and requesting our GP to make the necessary referral. We received a phone call to say this could not be done and we would have to call back the following day to speak to the doctor (if we could get through, sigh). They also could not forward on the email. We therefore asked if we could write a letter to our GP and were told this was acceptable, so we did and handed it in personally on July 20th around 10.30 am.


We had a phone call from the surgery today, same girl, same script, saying they had JUST OPENED a letter from us and if we wanted to talk to the doctor we would have to ring the surgery tomorrow for an appointment. Continue reading

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Share Your World 7-26-2021

Many thanks to Melanie for hosting the Monday Share Your World Q&A.
You can find out more here


Do you believe in second chances?
Hubby and I both took a second chance on marriage 30 years ago so that worked for us.
However, would we give someone a second chance? That would depend on what they did to blow the first one.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
Always half full, however, even if it was half empty, I would make sure I knew where the tap was.

Would you rather someone be honest and hurt your feelings or lie to protect them?
Honest. My feelings have been hurt beyond measure and I’ve dealt with it, so tell me like it is.

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
My whale watch trip in Kai Koura in 2010. WOW!


What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for what I have, and the fact I have someone to share it with.

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Seven things to do when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Now here’s an interesting thought.
How many times have we not wanted to get out of bed for a variety of reasons?
When I was working, I could never understand why the bed and duvet were ‘just so’ when the alarm went off, that I was finally comfortable for the first time in hours, it was damn cold out of the covers, and why couldn’t somebody else could let the dog out.

However, we have to get out of bed, so what could possibly be of enough interest to prise us from our warm and cosy comfort to face the day?

Watching the sunrise. Dawn is a wondrous thing, and to see the birth of a new day can be inspiring.

Hot and sticky? How’s about a nice warm shower with plenty of lather and a good pummeling of the head when washing your hair.

Fry up for breakfast. Bit of a bummer if you have to cook it, but the smell of bacon is tantalising to the taste buds which immediately seem to wake up ready to do battle.
Added bonus if you wake up to the smell of someone cooking your breakfast for you!

 Walking the dog along the beach before the grockles invade the sands.

Ice cream before 10 o’clock. On holiday in Cornwall, it was nothing for us to have cornettos for breakfast.

Curling up with a good book and some chocolate where nobody can disturb you.

Blogging! That’s where I look for inspiration and social contact. Masks not required and social distancing is the norm!

Now I’m retired, I can get up when I feel like it most days so it’s not a chore!


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Blogging Insights: Quotes 26th July

Dr Tanya is our host for the Blogging Insights which she has turned around a little.
Have a read and join in here

Not a lot one can say really. We either write or we don’t.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a letter, a book, a poem, an essay for homework or a blog post, if we need to write, we usually do.
I was, and still am, an avid letter writer. I would write to my Mum once, maybe twice a week, even though I knew I wouldn’t get a reply. The good thing was I knew she knew who was writing to her, which was so much easier for her to understand that a disembodied voice on the end of the phone that sounded familiar, but she couldn’t put a face or name to it. Dementia does that.
I post several items a day, some the result of challenges, my daily 3TC and Today Is……….  which seem popular, and others because I have an idea or something I feel might be of interest to somebody.
Of course there are days when I have little if any inspiration, so other than the dailies, I might not write anything (stop cheering you lot!!)

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