Eating while away

During our games of Scrabble this evening, MSM asked me how I’d got on with the diet since we’d been away.
I could honestly say it hadn’t been too much of a problem as the food left in the fridge would have to be eaten because we turn it off when we’re out on the river as it drains the batteries. It’s on whilst we’re puttering (like a car battery, everything recharges as we go), but once we stop and turn the engine off, we are reliant on our three 12 volt utility batteries as there is no electricity hookup at the moorings, and at the moment, we don’t have solar panels to trickle charge them.
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We’re Back!

After a relaxing two nights away, we are back in our usual berth catching up.
First and foremost, a warm and hearty welcome to my six new followers.
I hope you find things of interest to peruse and amuse you enough to add your comments.

We reached our intended destination after about 4 hours on the water, going through 2 locks with the minimum of fuss, bother or difficulty. I’m pleased to say I hadn’t forgotten how to control the boat going into and out of them.
The pair of us had caught the sun and have halo shoulders and noses of the red variety.
comperton day 1Photo: our first stop on our way to Stratford Upon Avon this year, which just happens to be exactly where we moored this trip!

There were 2 boats at the mooring when we arrived, but a big enough gap between them for us. With their help on the ropes, we slid into place nicely, and spent a very pleasant couple of hours before the cruiser moved on.  The owners had been very complimentary about our boat  so we invited them aboard for a look before they left.
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A Puttering We Shall Go

bb 4 6We are off for a putter up river for the next few days, so with no internet we’ll be off the air.
Our plan is to be away for a couple of nights for a change of scenery, though we should be back at base for the Bank Holiday.
We are hoping to move up a couple of berths in a few weeks to
a) give me a better chance of practicing reversing into our berth after a trip,
b) give us a better line of sight for our WIFI gizmos to pick up the signal,
c) get our view back as the people in the next berth have ‘parked’ bow in, and so their solid helm is all we can see out of our lounge window.

Also, when the colder months come, we should be out of the direct line of fire sotospeak from chimney smoke from those who have log burners aboard.

So, it’s bye for now, and I’ll sign on again in a few days with hopefully more pictures, poems and observations.
This is where we’re aiming for.

bb comperton

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Weigh to go: week eleven

Well, here we are at the end of my free 12 week membership, though to be correct it was eleven weigh ins plus the introductory one to sign on.
I have lost something every week and proudly hold four certificates:

Slimmer of the week                              21st June
Half Stone                                                21st June
Stone                                                         19th July
Stone and a half                                      16th August
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A Fluffy Interlude

You may remember this from a post at the end of July:

mum and duckling 31 7Mummy Duck and Baby are quite often seen on the bank behind us.
She is so proud and protective of her offspring that she continues to shield it with her tail feathers or body and we have noticed a little group of other females that are never far away.

Here are the proud momma and baby today:

duckling momma and chick proud mommaAnd just in case you were wondering, here are the aunties keeping a watchful eye out.


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This week, Last week

Tonight is my final freebee weigh in, and I am not confident at all.
This week has been the hardest for me, and that is partly my own fault for setting myself a target for the duration which is so close I can almost taste it (and that steak dinner).
In order to achieve my goal, I think I have tried too hard, and in so doing given myself the added problems of feeling bloated and constipated.

Despite eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg, it is more than likely that I have not been drinking enough, and in desperation I reached for an old favourite to ‘help me go’.
No, this was not the beloved chocolate brazils, but dried apricots.
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Don’t Bank On It.

The Bank of England reduced their interest rates to an all time low of 0.25% recently, and we have been waiting to see what impact this will have on us as Bank Account Holders.
Two weeks ago, we received a letter from our bank informing us of changes to the terms and conditions of some current accounts, and we responded by asking them to leave our account as it was. We pay in, we have cards to draw out or pay for our shopping, a cheque book, a couple of regular bill payments and a small overdraft facility, which we’ve never used. Perfect. Leave it alone!
bankIn my banking days, bank charges were applied for each cheque you wrote, for writing cheques not covered by sufficient funds (bouncing) or unofficial overdrafts.
Businesses were charged for the number of cheques they paid in, and had a different scale of charges for the rest.
Stopped cheques (loss, theft of a cheque book or dispute with the payee) were free of charges, but if you had used your cheque guarantee card for the latter, tough luck.
Pretty pictures of animals or country scenes were also available on your cheques for an additional fee.
Of course these were only pence charges, not the pounds banks charge today.
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