Domino Alley

Oh, it is so nice to relax and forget the DIY for a couple of days.
Once again our plans for the day went for a bucket of chalk, so the varnishing wasn’t done before we left. Still, the bookcases are finished apart from the final trim and we can finally see light at the end of Project Tunnel, even though it is very dim and some distance away.

MOH makes a damn decent cup of tea, so much so that we had two on arrival after a somewhat fraught trip down.
Having left some two and a half hours later than originally intended, we overlooked a few things in the packing department (forgot change of trousers/joggers for both of us), food department (Maggie’s dinner is still in the bag under the sink and her bowl down on the kitchen floor) and contribution department (a new block of cheese, half a tub of butter and a litre of milk were thrown in the bin by mistake).
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12 0’clock High

Actually, it’s not midnight (yet), but this seemed a pretty apt title for this post:
Number twelve hundred.

Pressed for time,  so I’m getting the iron out of the car to finish the laundry.

‘Night y’all.

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Best Laid Plans

Remember I said if we plan anything it never pans out?
Should have listened to myself, having got caught TWICE today.

We wanted some plywood to make a bookcase, and the local Handyman timber merchant is brilliant. Not only is he within walking distance, but will cut the wood to your specification, and the best bit of all? You only pay for what you have, unlike the Big DIY merchants where you have to purchase a whole piece and they will charge 50p a cut on top of that.

Hubby took his list of measurements in this morning on our way out to collect our piece of foam for the new cushion. We had a call some 20 minutes before our return to advise us that the saw had a problem and they’d had to call the engineer out.
It meant we couldn’t start on the bookcase and thus delayed our working day.
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Just a little tilt

And I don’t mean the boat still needs balancing (this is in hand already).
The DIY is going great, though we made one itsy bitsy misjudgement with a cushion which has now been rectified ( or will be by the end of tomorrow).

Hubby did a brilliant job of modifying one of the original bench cushions to make two for our new seating area. As what was needed was less than an exact half, he was able to use the seat cover as well, and they looked really good.
Basically though, we got the size wrong as it was a bit of a balancing act keeping your bum on the seat, and leaning back was totally out of the question, so that was more of a tilt actually.
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The Good Samaritan

Keeping the rhythm, he propelled himself forward down the road.
Rolling, wheeling, puffing.
His arms ached, his hands were sore and he was breathless.
He wished he hadn’t come out today, but he was a regular and knew he’d be missed if he didn’t attend the Sunday Service.
Rolling, wheeling, puffing.
Oh God, he felt like shit.
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I bet there are a lot of you who have seen something and wondered just how it got there or how it happened. The ship in a bottle is probably a classic example.
ship in bottle(If you watch the Matt Damon film The Good Shepherd, you will see how it’s done.)

There is a property on the Avenue walk that sits on a corner plot, and it has a large camper van in the back garden.
There are many houseowners who have camper vans parked on their driveways, so this is not exactly an unusual sight.
The thing is, this particular property does not have a drive and the garden is surrounded by six foot high panel fencing. I have therefore been curious as to how they got it out!
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Being Well Hung

One (sort of) for the guys today.
I remember my former boss asking how well hung the pheasant was when we all went out for a meal one Christmas. The embarrassed waitress taking our order went to ask the chef.
But this post isn’t about food.

They say size matters, and guys are asked which side they dress when being measured for a suit, but I’m not talking about that either.

Getting it up was a bit of a game, but up it is, and it’s staying there.
Looks pretty damn good too.

radiatorGoogle image……. you’ll have to wait until we’ve finished our project for the real thing!


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