A reblog of sorts

Marie-Celine responded to the Fibbing Friday questions posed by PCGuyIV this week and her answers were so brilliant, I tried to reblog it and couldn’t.
So while she’s checking out if she can change her settings accordingly, I’m doing the next best thing and copying her answers here.
Honestly, you’ll love them, especially 7!
Click on her link above to read more

  1. What is the Pythagorean Theorem?
    The safest way for three people to stand in a triangle formation during social distancing, whereby the shortest side of the triangle cannot be less than 2m

  2. What is the Higgs boson better known as?
    This is the name given to a supermarket trolley that has a malfunctioning wheel

  3. Technically an acronym, what does COVID-19 actually stand for?
    Can’t Order [fresh] Vegetables In December for another 19 years

  4. What is the Theory of Relativity?
    When children block their parents on social media

  5. What is Newton’s Third Law?
    Toast always lands butter side down

  6. What is the difference between mass and weight?
    Mass is a religious service and weight is what you do at a bus stop

  7. What is the formula for density?
    Den Watts was a character in the BBC soap, EastEnders, about folks living in the city of London, specifically Albert Square. The postcode for Albert Square is E20. The real square that inspired the soap is Fassett Square which has a postcode E8. The program is filmed at Elstree Studios, postcode WD6 1JG. Therefore density (Den’s City) can be found using the following formula: e20 + e8 = wd61jg × albert²

  8. What is the process by which a solid transforms directly into a gas called?
    Beam Me Up Scotty

  9. What makes biology unique compared to other sciences?

  10. According to one particular idiom, what do April showers bring?
    Bambi and Thumper
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A silly poem

A bird shat on our window pane,
Freshly washed, it took careful aim,
Streaking down the shiny glass
Jettisoned from its feathered ass,
Hubs was not impressed at all
The bloody thing having such gall,
‘Next time’, he said, ‘I’ll see you shot
As you’ll fit nicely in the pot!’

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A musical interlude

Eurovision has been cancelled this year (not necessarily a bad thing!)
This was our entry in 1975………………. we lost but did come second!

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Thoughts for Saturday 4th April


Good morning! The sun’s up and although I’m not, I’m making an early start to the day.
I’ve woken up with a load of things going through my head and rather than lose them by going back to sleep, I thought I’d write them here.
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Three Things Challenge #195

Welcome to The Three Things Challenge.
Every day I’ll give you three things that will hopefully trigger your creativity.
No need to use them all if you don’t want to, simply read the prompt and see what comes to mind.
You can use the 3TC, #threethingschallenge or TTC as a tag and the new logo if you wish.
There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre apart from keeping it family friendly.
Invite us along by creating a pingback to this post, then leave your link in the comments so that other people can read your writings and I’ll see it to respond to you directly. While you’re there, why not check out some of the other posts too!
I schedule the challenge to go out around 6.30am UK time, so as pingbacks have to be approved manually, they might not show immediately if I’m late accessing my blog.

I appreciate your continued support. As always, have fun and I look forward to reading your responses.

Your three things today are:


My bit:
When the tide was out, the estuary was nothing but mud flats. A lone reed bravely weathered the flow of the tide.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 132

Nice to see this challenge from Bikurgurl in my reader today as it’s been a while and I’ve missed it.
Designed to improve and enhance the lifestyles of the over 45s, they decided to give it a go having got into a rut and badly needed a change.
Following the signs, they drove up the ramp expecting the car parking area to be packed.
The place was deserted like something out of the Twilight Zone.
They parked up and made their way to the entrance.
It was chained and padlocked,  a huge sign saying
The pair looked at each other and grinned.
‘Think of the money we’ve saved!’ they said in unison.


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Thursday photo prompt: Together #writephoto

I love dawns and sunsets, and Sue’s picture this week is absolutely gorgeous.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the sun painting a golden pathway across the sands and sea.

A new dawn,
Is this the last of old,
Or the first of what is to come?
Times are changing,
The earth is reclaiming her own,
Protecting herself,
The halo’d sun shines forth,
And together
The waters blanket the land,
The undulating sand
Ripples with the tide,
Wiping away what was,
Paving the way for what is,
Or yet to be.

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