This is it then……………..

my last post for at least ten days.
Think of us as we attack locks, address weeds, enjoy nature, the view, the river, relax, have fun etc etc.
I wonder if Frances Drake felt like thisĀ  before getting his Sir-ship?

francis drake drake quote

See you soon ……………………………………………

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Near Collision

It was damn hot yesterday, and Hubby and I were so shattered and drained, we decided to take a nap in the afternoon.
Flaked out on the bed with the doors and windows open, we snoozed until there was a helluva commotion outside with panicky voices bordering on hysteria.
‘What the hell……………….??? ‘ Hubby was up, quickly followed by me, and as I watched his backside disappear through the helm doors, I turned towards the bow and was confronted with the view of a boat trying to park IN OUR CRATCH!
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Four in the Morning

Isn’t there a song about that? (Faron Young, 1986)
The early flights are leaving vapour trails across the sky, and the birds are singing merrily in the trees. It looks like it’s going to be another glorious day.
vapour trail left morning sky

Maggie got us up at 3.31 so Hubby donned clothes and took her out only for her to do nothing (he was not pleased). When he came back to bed, her tummy started the squishing symphony, so I got up for the scrambled eggs solution.
Hubby couldn’t get back to sleep, so he got up too and has gone up to do the laundry.
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Just a couple of photos

I took this picture the other day of Momma Duck One and her baby.
momma duck 1To be honest, I nearly missed them as they were so still and well camouflaged.

These were taken on one of our walks
white bush white bush 2
and reminded me of a bridal bouquet.
white bush 3

And going back to poppies,
purple poppy
I found a purple one.

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Hold the Boat!

You may remember our friends Two Boats and a Duck.
Well, now we have a new friend with a boat and a moorhen.
Sadly the moorhen chicks in an earlier post have all perished, as Mum tried to hatch the third egg at the expense of not caring for her babies trying to survive in the reeds.
Both drowned.

We were talking to a guy with a cruiser on our side of the basin who was a little bemused at being grounded thanks to a moorhen setting up home on the back of his boat and laying her eggs at a rate of one a day for the past week.
moorhen eggsApparently they will hatch in twenty days, slap bang in the middle of his nautical course, so he has rescheduled.

He said he was going back to work now for three weeks before taking a holiday.
I told him it could have been worse and he could have already been on holiday but unable to take the boat out because of his squatter.
Yep, every silver lining has a cloud.
hatchedPictures from google, but will keep you posted.

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Closed until further notice

When my first father-in-law announced shortly after his wife passed away his intentions to remarry, his four children were furious.
They wanted nothing to do with his fiancee, expected all spouses to reject her (I remained impartial) and they boycotted the wedding.
I’d only met the lady in question once, but he was in his fifties so I thought he was lucky to find someone to take him on, though I admitted his timing sucked and he could have been more discreet.
After my divorce, we kept in touch for a while, and on the two occasions I visited when in the area, I was made most welcome with offers of tea and biscuits. Conversation, although plentiful, was never about ‘the family’ and as far as I know, the rift never healed.
I found that sad.

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I haven’t got time for this

Or the patience either.
Somebody, or some bodies, have been tinkering behind the scenes at WP and now it is taking AN AGE for things to post, load, read and identify let alone log in.
Then the screen starts rolling and I’M NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING.

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