Worried, concerned, afraid,
Haunted by previous memories,
Scared to voice inner feelings
To lay bare the ghosts of things past.

Turn to face these Demons,
Those that taunt through guilt,
Reminding of failings,
They must be shut out, shouted down.

They cannot, must not, win.
Be strong, force Them away,
Banish Them from the mind:

Until They find another way in,
And it begins again.

nightmare angel

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Dec 1st, getting prepared

Since buying the boat, my stock of handmade cards has become somewhat depleted, and although I’ve had a couple of sessions, I haven’t made more than was necessary.
We have space here. So much so, that we are rattling around like the proverbial couple of peas, and getting lost on the way to the bathroom.
Don’t get me wrong, the house is lovely and we are very comfortable, but we are just not used to having so much room!
We have reduced ‘the problem’ by confining ourselves to the kitchen, bedroom and conservatory, and this evening we cleared the table and I got my card making box out.

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Tuesday entry : Timeshare

Years ago (in LBH, Life Before Hubby) I purchased a Timeshare week.
It was a brand new development, tempting potential buyers with free gifts in the hope of making them part with their cash.
On the face of it, it was a good deal, so I signed up for the last week in October  (half term school holidays and Halloween) but if I wished, I could swap it for 2 weeks in the USA with someone who had a share in a property there.
timeshareI was an idiot, but I’ll get to that later.
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Monday memory

Today we are having a liver and bacon casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes, together with baby boiled potatoes and savoy cabbage.
l and b casseroleMemories of that delicious first meal Hubby cooked for me all those years ago are forever foremost in my mind whenever we have liver, though my offering is never a patch on his.

Hubby and I met on a Wednesday, two days before my 33rd birthday. I suggested if he wasn’t doing anything on the Friday to come and meet my brother and family.
He agreed, and bought me a three pack of Ferrero Rocher (knowing I was on a diet) and a card.
ferreroThey have become a firm favourite since, just the three pack, nothing bigger. I’m sentimental like that (and so is he).
As we were doing our shopping today, the shelves were full of Christmas goodies, the above in various size packages. I remembered the in-laws gave us a huge box one year and once emptied, we discovered it was perfect for our mahjong set! We still have it.
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A case of B & E

Security and peace of mind are two of the reasons we are here.
Getting a house sitter is becoming more popular in the UK as home owners are taking extended holidays rather than the standard fortnight. Home insurance companies are cashing in with provisos, exclusions, increased excesses and small print if properties are empty for longer periods of time, so in many instances, it is actually cheaper to hire someone to ‘live in’ while you are away.
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Puzzling things over

Our host is a fan of jigsaws.
There are currently three on boards in various stages of completion throughout the property and we have been encouraged to add a piece here and there, if not finish them.
When completed, they are covered in clingfilm and put on display for sale with the box, so that potential buyers can see how big they are when finished.
When sold, they are broken up and put back in the box, with all proceeds going to charity.
I found a piece on the floor in the dining room, but it does not appear to belong to any of those in progress, so I’ve put it on the window cill for the time being.
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As a rule, I don’t go a lot on the stats figures, just being pleased that people read my blog and add their comments.
However, having had views in the 200s for three consecutive days a little while ago, they have since bombed, as in single figures or mid twenties.

I also can’t understand how there can be less Views than the number of Likes, so WP, as always, is an enigma.
Never mind.
I shall continue with my musings. Thanks for reading.

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