Five things Tuesday: Sales

Dr Tanya is our host for the Five Things Tuesday. Join in here
In most of the world, it is the end of summer and therefore the time for end of season sales. This week I ask you to talk about the items you like to buy on sale.

Ah, shopping, not in my top ten favourite things to do at the best of times, but………….. Continue reading

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Simply 6 Minutes 16th August

Christine at Stine Writing is our host for this Tuesday photoprompt. You can join in here


This is a picture of a field of sunflowers all facing away from the camera except for one in the front, which is facing the photographer.

Sonny was greeted with silence.
His fieldmates were all standing in regimental rows and to attention waiting for their shot at fame. Continue reading

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It’s How Much?????????????????

After the shock of seeing the amount of his latest electricity invoice wore off, Ted decided that, in order to save energy going forward, he would start monitoring their usage.
He’d been earning good money until forced into early retirement due to ill health, but now what with the cost of everything else, it was time to take stock and instead of saying he was going to do something about it, actually do it!
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Today is Tuesday 16th August

Another warm muggy day with expected highest temperatures around 23ºC .

Maya and I had our long walk this morning and met up with about 8 dogs. She was actually very good but one guy who walks two is as ignorant as they come. He gave us no space so I ended up in the middle of the road, and when I said good morning, he totally ignored me. Maya got a bit agitated and lunged at them, but I shoved a treat in her face and she was suddenly more interested in me. Hope that doesn’t give her the impression she is being rewarded for bad behaviour.
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Truthful Tuesday 16th August: my response

My question this week was:
Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Would you prefer to be the opposite to what you are?

I am the youngest of four having two brothers and a sister. I am closest to Bro in NZ, but over the past couple of years, Other Brother has been in contact more often though my sister and I have little in common, and apart from birthdays (if she remembers mine) and Christmas, no contact at all.
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Three Things Challenge #M57

Welcome to my daily Three Things Challenge!
Our numbers now begin with a prefix of M (the Roman numeral for 1000) and I’ve introduced a theme each week. The words can be used in a variety of contexts, so use your imagination and see where your creativity takes you. Your post doesn’t have to be connected to the theme and you can use all three words, two or just one. There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre, but please keep it family friendly.
Tag your responses with 3TC, #threethingschallenge or TTC, and add my logo if you wish.
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Truthful Tuesday 16th August.

Di here, and I’m your temporary host whilst Melanie is getting back on her feet.
The concept is quite simple in that I ask a question and you reply honestly and truthfully.
You can either leave your reply in the comments or write your own post and pingback to this one, then leave a link in the comments so that I can find it.

My question this week is:
Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Would you prefer to be the opposite to what you are?

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MLMM Worlde #283

Lisa is our host and you can join in the fun here
howl, beware, obsessive, neighbor, rubbed, admired, supervised, shake, uncomfortable,
letters, claims, moon

Beware neighbour,
The Moon is full.
Though I am not as obsessive as you,
Your letters and claims
Rubbed salt in an open wound.
For one once admired
I shake my head
In uncomfortable transition,
No-one to supervise this changeling,
The Moon, now full
Hears my howl.

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Feed the Birds

Fandango is our host and this is his photoprompt this week.
The image below is from
For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman standing on a stone dock by a lake tossing morsels of food into the air. She’s surrounded on the dock, in the air, and on the water, by various birds and waterfowl going after the food.

I thought about reblogging this  or this but then decided to write something new.
Hope you enjoy it.

She was known as the Bird Lady, and every day would come to the lake with her bags of bread to feed the birds.
Word soon got around and it wasn’t just water fowl, but anything with feathers knew there would be something for them, especially in the hardest of times. Continue reading

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Rory’s mad………. as a box of frogs

Rory’s back!
I love his sense of humour so let’s tackle these questions and hopefully raise a few smiles.

Where and what does the phrase ‘Mad as a box of frogs originate from and mean?’
At what age do you think you would clearly recognise a ‘much younger version of you’ if you bumped into YOU on the street today?

[example – if l bumped into any version of me younger than 15 l wouldn’t recognise myself]

How would you react if you woke up one morning next to a headless horse?
What country would you most like to visit if you were a rabbit and why?
When did Time actually begin and if you are not sure well then make something up!
How often do you forget what you just sai … ?
Who would you rather be – Casper the Friendly Ghost or Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and why?
Which came first – the banana or the orange or yellow and orange the colours?
Are we actually living our best lives?
Do you think we owe the world our life, the world owes us our life, or we owe it to ourselves to live life? [Interpret as you wish]

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