Welcome to The Dark Side

dark sideWhat more could you ask to entice people away?
liedExcept maybe this.

There are 2 boats to a pontoon finger, and by all accounts we will be having a new neighbour in the next couple of weeks.
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Hot and Sweaty

We’ve had another night of torrential rain and heavy winds, but as the boat swayed, creaked, pinged and rattled, we weren’t worried.

We were both awake at 6.45 and it was still raining, so Hubby decided to be productive in not just taking the dog for her walk, but also doing the washing.
We had a lot this week, so it was two bags, and I knew that he simply could not manage those and the dog.
I told him to go up and do the washing, and I’d get dressed and walk the dog. This meant that the pair of us would be donning our yellow rain suits and looking like a couple of custard coloured condoms.

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Sun God

sun god
Oh Happy Day, the sun is out and we’ll be able to do our second window.
Up nice and early, we both took Maggie for her first walk of the day, came back to the boat and had breakfast, and now we are ready to begin.

Maggie has the right idea.
She’s flaked out on the bench in direct line with the sunshine.

sun dogsPerhaps I should have said Sun Dog.

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On the cards

I have never been particularly creative or artistic, but some years ago I ‘got into’ card making and had a lot of bits and pieces, some of which I never actually used.
I put a fair bit into one of our car boot sales, and they were some of the first things to go as card making is still very popular.
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Glazing Over, Part 2

The porthole windows are sussed as we have our cake boards for the night.

cake board round window

But for the others, well ………


Ingredients :

1 polycarbonate sheet, 1800mm X 600mm
1 roll (10m) ‘P’  shaped draft excluder
12 ‘cups’ with matching screws  (we purchased 6 gauge and 1/2″ screws, cups in a 200 pack, and screws 100)

Our window measured 24 inches by 32 inches, so Hubby cut the sheet to a length of 820mm using a stanley knife as 600mm was almost perfect for the height.
(Bloody nuisance having to convert to metric)
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Glazing Over, Part 1

Having looked through the watery lenses of both my eyes and glasses for the past few days, we are now looking at glazing from another point of view.
How to double glaze the boat.
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It’s back

But unlike a welcome friend, I wish it would simply sod off.
I’m talking about the rain.

We had to take one of the yellow rain suits back this morning as the hood had not been seamed properly.
Not that it was a problem, the sun was out, so we didn’t need to wear it at the time.
It was changed without fuss, so we are definitely ready now, but I admit I am in no immediate hurry to test-drive them.
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