Call me Old Fashioned

When I was growing up, having kids ‘out of wedlock’, ‘shotgun weddings’ or ‘living in sin’ were subjects very rarely discussed, and even when they were, it was in hushed tones and behind closed doors.
I remember my sister commenting that a foreign exchange student who had kept in touch after her stay with us had been ‘a naughty girl’ because her first baby was born just six months after the wedding.
Embarrassed parents would send their daughters to stay with an elderly relative if they were ‘in trouble’ and I know of one instance where a much loved daughter thought for years she was the illegitimate offspring of a maiden aunt.
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Nice while it lasted


The internet is down again.
Having marched up to the office thoroughly p’d off, I was told they were still operational and if we were reliant on it, to invest in a booster.
We have, one each actually, and it tells us we haveĀ  a good connection to the gizmo on the side of the building, but no internet access.
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Our Boy

We had been without a dog for several years, but on August 5th 1995 we brought Barney and his brother Rubble home. They were border collies.
Sadly, every time we closed our front door, Rubble became physically distressed and we had no option but to take him back. Barney on the other hand just curled up in front of the fire and went to sleep.
puppiesAll puppies are cute, and he was no exception, but like most dogs, at three to six months they tend to go through an ugly phase, where they are either all feet, out of bodily proportion, or in Barney’s case, a horrible coloured fuzz ball of cotton wool with a leg in each corner, teeth at one end and a nasty smell sometimes at the other.
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Power Cut

To add to our woes about no Internet access, we had a power cut this morning and another this afternoon.
This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but not quite so straightforward when you’re on a boat.

We have three pretty huge batteries that run the ‘house’, another for the engine, and yet a fifth for the bow thruster. We are connected to the shore electricity by a cable similar to the hook ups you get on a caravan site, so for most of the time, we are on mains.
Should they fail, the boat ‘goes home to momma’ and uses the batteries for its energy supply.
Problems can arise if we don’t realise that!
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Back in Time

As I sit at this computer terminal, it is hard to believe just how much I’ve forgotten, apart from the frustrations.

computer bashing

Funny how I never thought I’d get used to a laptop, and now I’m trying to come to grips with old technology, but it’s all coming back. At least I have a mouse and not some temperamental scroll pad.
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Business Lunch

Oh boy, have times changed!
My first business lunch was in my International Banking days when the department Director, myself and our visitor went for lunch at a rather posh restaurant.

Unbeknown to me at the time, the bank had an account there, so EVERYONE used it.
It was a good meal though, and pleasantries were exchanged rather than the topic of work.
My second was somewhat different, with just the same department Director and myself but I’ll come back to that.
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What the………..

Still no internet access on the Marina and Hubby and I are just a tad more than annoyed. It’s nothing to do with the bad weather, but I have been assured that the tumble dryer will be fixed by the weekend.
Great, I’ll just plug my lap top into that then.
Selfish I know, but the internet is our major source of news, weather and contact with the outside world and family.
We’re visiting our friend today and as the men prepare dinner (smells divine) I have pilfered his laptop to try and catch up on everything and everyone.

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