Can you help me do it?

Monday is the 1st of September, and will mark my first year on Word Press.

Can you help me achieve 20,000 views by then?
I’m pretty close to it at 19,586 to date, and thank each and every one of you for showing an interest in my postings, especially over the past few days!

thank you

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The Rise and Fall of Summer

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year purely because I love the warmth of the colours. Russet browns, reds and golds depict a time of change and renewed growth.
Walking the dog in the evenings these past few weeks has seen the trees shed their leaves and the greens turn to freckled yellows and spotted browns.
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paper, papers, papers

Going through a lot of the stuff we still had left, I came across my original wedding photos and my divorce papers (not that they were kept together!)
divorceWhen I got my decree absolute, I got custody of the wedding album, new (er) car (I was paying the loan after all) and the dog.
Divorce doesn’t run in our family, it gallops.
All four of us kids are on our second time around, and I must say we are all a lot happier with our current spouses, and have been hitched for 27, 26 and 23 years, whereas my sister hit 34 until she lost her husband in 2010 (he was only 54).
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Crabby Bitch

crabbyMy day started pretty well, waking up feeling rested and it wasn’t raining.
As soon as my big toe hit the air, it all fell apart.
I can’t blame it on PMT as all that is behind me now, and I can’t blame anyone or anything, but I have been a bitch for the majority of the day.

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Domino Rally

We have been delivering goodies to our friend over the Bank Holiday, one cooker, one double memory foam mattress, 2 sets of unused bed linens, a DVD player and a pair of tree loppers to be precise.
He is very pleased and offered to give us something for them, but we were adamant that it was the least we could do after all he has done for us.
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By Request: Lucky

I have mentioned our bears and the sadness at having to part with the majority this past week.

Let me tell you about Lucky.
He was thus called because he was actually far from it, and he is one of the bears en route to a new home.

We found him face down in a muddy puddle in the road and reversed the car to pick him up Indiana Jones style (ie. door open, car in motion and me hanging out of the passenger side to retrieve him) .
luckyOur story suggested that he had been snatched from a little girl’s hands and thrown out of the car window by her jealous brother.
This russet coloured bear had an eye missing, a shattered nose and was battered so badly that his stuffing was coming out.
When we got him home, we carefully ‘skinned him’ and described his concern at seeing his inner self being bounced around in the tumble dryer after a gentle shampoo.

There was a toy ‘hospital shop’ in town where we purchased a new pair of eyes and such a cute little nose, for the princely sum of two pounds (about $3).
We were extremely gentle sewing him back together, and he was quite handsome by the time we finished, but he looked more like a raccoon than a bear because he had two circles round his eyes.
shy bearWe decided he was going to be a rather shy bear, and teamed him up in the romance stakes with Honey. She was a yellow and brown bear we found at the bottom of a tatty box at a car boot sale.
Again, we cleaned her up (though no surgery was required) and described her story as one of being bought for a spoilt child and then totally discarded when something better came along.

These two little bears were thereafter always placed together, and I did not separate them.

We often wrote about imaginary ‘meetings’ between the bears at night when we were ‘asleep’ or ‘out’. The dog was privvy to these ‘pow wows’ as we called them, and Grandad was always at the forefront telling stories of my childhood and passing on words of wisdom, comfort and dry humour.

I wrote the story of The Spitfire and our two pilots for my Mum, giving it illustrations and putting it in a binder for her. It’s 4552 words long, so too much for a post, but I will work on an abridged version so that you can get the idea.

Whilst none of my stories have been published, they are originals from my own mind and childhood memories, and as such I’d appreciate maintaining the necessary copyrights.

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Big, Beautiful, and Old

Being the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year (Christmas apparently doesn’t count as such), the Marina is busy, the car park full and we are seeing and chatting to a lot of new faces.

Yesterday afternoon, our little section of the water was very popular for visitors, and one boat in particular stood out amongst the rest.
She was BIG, a lot longer than us and about 3 times as broad.
It reminded me of a paddle steamer but without the paddle and all on one level.

steamer(If you take out the paddle in this picture and squash it down lengthways accordingly, this is about the closest I can get to give you an idea)
It also makes me think when does a boat become a ship?
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