Mum’s birthday, 2002.

happy birthday
Mum was staying with us for the weekend, and we’d promised to take her out for a Kentucky.
As she was getting changed, we heard her curse, so tapped on her door and asked what was wrong. She said the zipper had broken on her ‘best’ trousers, so we came to the rescue with a safety pin.

We set off and she was a little dismayed when we pulled into Frankie and Benny’s car park with the suggestion that we tried that for a change as it was, after all, a special occasion.
When we entered the restaurant, everyone stood up to applaud and sing Happy Birthday.
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No, I am not going to burst into song with a ‘Macca’ classic, but as I have had my mother on my mind for a few days, we decided to have a field trip.
happy birthday

We left at 8.30 and made excellent time despite heavy rain and road works, arriving at our destination at 12.10. Passing the Carvery, there were plenty of spaces in the car park, so we were looking forward to a roast dinner.
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I was in a supermarket the other day and within an inch of dumping my basket of four items and walking out as I tried in vain to get past those just browsing, trolleys blocking the aisle, friends having a chat, or the occasional person actually doing some shopping.
I seized the opportunity of a new till opening, and was third in line with those having similarly few purchases.
From three aisles down, I could hear screaming. Not the panicky screaming of someone in trouble, but the screams of a BRAT not getting his own way.
The woman in front of me rolled her eyes as I said ‘Clip him round the ear’, and we smiled.

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Dreams of what might have been

I have 2 nephews who are 46 (not twins), another 45, and a fourth 40.
My nieces are 36, 32 and 26, and there is a smattering of next generation offspring, who in turn have started their own families. Plus nephews and nieces that have been inherited through second marriages.
It makes me feel old, as it seems not all that long ago that my first nephew came into the world and I was an excited twelve year old bouncing him on my knee or babysitting for my brother.
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2014, H A G the return

hagIt’s coming up for Halloween again and in September last year I did a post called R U a HAG?
My broomstick is sitting in the corner of the bathroom having mated with a long handled dustpan, and is now ideal for cleaning out the boat every day in a matter of minutes. Not exactly magic, but much better than pushing a hoover for half an hour and running up the electric bill.

My H A G of the post still applies though, and to date I have only received 2 letters from down South, one of which was shortly after we arrived here. Saying that, we have visited three times since moving out of the house, and I continue to write every week.
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My new office

I am back in the laundry, actually well, doing the laundry!
Hubby was ill in the night and had to get up at 2am to get to the toilet block.
I let him sleep on this morning, and walked the dog for well over an hour.
She seems to have a favoured place for her ‘poo’ and did plenty of  wees for me.
Mind you I walked her a fair way as I intended to have a shower when I got back, and her being tired would mean she would sleep and Hubby would get a little bit more of a lie in.
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Time Presses On

Actually, this should be my title for a post in March as the clocks went BACK yesterday, not forward.

number clockIn the past, this time change played havoc with Maggie and it usually takes a couple of months for her to adjust. Dark mornings, darker nights and not much difference in between as the days become shorter in daylight hours.
Living on the water, hopefully it will be different this year.
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