Dogs, Food and that other matter

Hands up those of us who give our pets tit bits from our plate (not necessarily licked off the plate mind).
dogs dinnerHands up (and stop sniggering) those of us who have done so with, how-shall-we-say, unfavourable results?
I thought so.  There are a lot of us about.
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The Skies Have it

I wish I had my own camera shots of the view, but this will have to suffice for now.
red sky    grey sky     night sky 2

All it took was just fifteen minutes for the sky to change from red, to grey, to dark.
Just another sign that Winter and the colder months are coming.

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A Day tinged with Sadness

I have mentioned in previous posts about the quarry we walk the dogs in when visiting our friend.
After the dire weather yesterday, we decided we deserved a field trip so gave him a call to see if he’d like to thrash us at dominoes (again). I offered to take in the ingredients for dinner as well as cook it so that he wouldn’t have to worry about feeding us, and we set off around 10.30.
tomato pasta I drove for a change, and we made good time after stopping in the supermarket for goodies, which included a pack of donuts and a chocolate gateaux for dessert.
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Dodging the rain

Today has been absolutely dire, but first thing this morning was a different matter.
After a good night’s sleep all round, Hubby was up first as is the norm, but Maggie and I settled down with the whole bed to ourselves and had another hour.

Around 8.30 I sleepily asked Hubby what the weather was like. He said it was fine, but would check the radar just in case.
weather radarI won’t repeat his single word of exclamation (let’s just say a passing duck took note) and it was suddenly a mad panic to get his shoes and coat on, with me under instruction to get Maggie dressed in her little waterproof as it was due to rain in FIVE MINUTES.
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Magnetic Personality

Many years ago, branches of my family would have a themed Christmas, from Mugs to Chocolates, home-made produce (I did sweets) and novelty gifts.
Over the years, everyone received the same gift of spectacle torches, videos, wine racks and whiskey glasses from one of my siblings. Not wishing to sound ungrateful as we were glad to be remembered, but we found the spectacles the most useful as the 3 video titles we already had, and we don’t drink.

This year, I’m thinking about having a fridge magnet Christmas.

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What would you say?

Hubby asked me a funny thing this morning, something I really had to think about and actually came up lacking.
He asked me what five things I valued above all other.
Sometimes he tries to catch me out with trick questions, and I honestly thought this was one of them, so decided on things that I feel money can’t buy.

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Good morning to you!

I remember a cartoon from years ago with a duckling singing (annoyingly) ‘Good Morning To You’ to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’, though I can’t for the life of me recall much else. Probably a Tom and Jerry classic (exact duck image found on T & J search).

duck salesman tom and jerry

We set the alarm this morning as Hubby has an eye appointment and I didn’t want to sleep in. I’ve been pretty lazy lately, not getting up until gone 8, but then my excuse was the dog was settled and Hubby was busy on the PC.
We have discovered that access to the internet is better before 8.30am and after 5pm.
Why you might ask?
Simple really, that’s when the Office staff are in and as we are all (apparently) connected to the same router…….. well, I rest my case.
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