Messing about on the river

Well, not quite. It’s a serious business, and we looked very suave in our red and blue life vests as we took a trip out on the river today. It’s been absolutely glorious, and wonderful to just putter along watching the ducks, geese and swans with their new families from their side of the water. The river wasn’t that busy, but people we saw waved and smiled, and it was one of the most relaxing and tranquil experiences I can recall. Much needed after the recent thunderstorms and frustrations of life at the moment. river Continue reading

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Two men, a wife, and a hedge

The current two men in my life were quite content for me to go shopping (alone) for our evening meal as they had plans to do some ‘maintenance’.
I set off in our trusty car-cum-mobile-tent (bed still made up in the back) and had a good perusal around the new (read 2000) supermarket some 6 miles away. Bearing in mind I lived in this area for almost 8 years and it has been 25 since I left, there are an awful lot of new buildings and mammoth changes to the little village I remember. Best example of change is the by-pass and over 1000 houses replacing the fields that backed on to my property all those years ago.
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Bloody red tape

Our search continues, and we have had responses to our enquiries ‘outside the box’.
We appear to be doing a bureaucratic two-step, ie one step forward and one step back, thus getting absolutely nowhere.
Reading literature was confusing as it countered itself on other pages, and we were up against a chicken and egg scenario. We needed one set of paperwork, but could not get it without a permanent address. We have no permanent address, but to get one we needed the paperwork! This bloody red tape is choking us.
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Taking time out

As we continue to wait for responses to our enquiries (chased this morning) , our friend has been encouraging us to take some time out to relax and chill.
Today, after walking the dogs first thing in the quarry, we came back for breakfast, then took them out for a walk in woods about 15 miles away.
Bud, a large golden retriever, found the stickiest and muddiest patch imaginable. Maggie knew better than to even think about it, but was quite content to amble, sniff and explore without getting into trouble.
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Dawn of a New Day

We have had a day off from house hunting, enjoying the company of our friend and our dogs as we sat on the docks in Bristol over a bacon and egg sarnie watching the world go by (and wishing we were going with them) .

Tonight it is the WC final, and all three of us are bored (both dogs are asleep), so much so that an early night is looking as tempting as last night when we gave up on the third/fourth place playoff between Holland and Brazil.

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Hi friends

Since my last post, things have not been going well.
I would like to say we have found a property, but this is not the case.
We have mastered piggy backing on free wifi, yet despite exploring areas where the internet states there are hundreds of properties available in our price range, once again it is a bunch of lies, and the only details we have been given are for properties that have been on the market for months (if not years) which no-one else wants and are falling down/in such a bad state of repair, we could not afford the refurbishment. It is a bit disconcerting when you walk through the front door and the floor moves away from you, or you can see daylight through the settlement crack running down one wall, not forgetting properties in need of the basics like a new roof or chimney.

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The World is our Oyster

Yeah, right, and I hate shellfish, no matter how fancy.
Full of optimism, we set off and found our camp site from 7 years ago.
The owners remembered us, so in a way it was like coming home.
We set up the tent, used the facilities, and over the next few days branched out N, E and W as it was pretty central, so we could cover a large area.
We actually viewed a property on our first day and it looked smashing from the outside. Inside it had been gutted, and the stairs were leaning precariously backwards (or forwards depending if you were going up or down) .
Decor was ‘interesting’ and although cosmetic and to personal taste, bright pink and purple pansies on the ceiling and walls in the master bedroom was not our cup of tea, neither were the bark effect trees scratched into the artex on the walls in the downstairs rooms.
The special feature was a very handy ‘gardener’s dunnie’ at the top of the four tier overgrown garden.
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