Good Vibrations

If someone mentions The Beach Boys, either this or God only Knows immediately comes to mind.
It’s that time of year folks, the yellow and white satellites are raising their heads and the grass is turning Triffyd.

lawn mowerHubby has been an absolute gem and done the first few cuts of the year.
Today however, I decided to give him a hand, just to show our mower that I bear it no ill will and have forgiven it for playing me up last year.
It is wonkier than I remember, and seems to have developed some kind of rattling language as it shook violently throughout my half of the job. One side has slipped a bit where Hubby had to do a botch repair when the bracket broke, but it still cranks up OK.
As normal, it was hard work. But it gave me a kind of buzz.
A bit like leaning against the washing machine on fast spin.

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Easter Weather is a myth

I give up with the UK climate, or should I say the experts regarding it.
Six years ago, we pulled back the patio curtains and were faced with snow. Lots of it, which as far as I remember hadn’t been forecast.
It was Maggie’s first confrontation with it (apart from some artificial stuff at a Christmas Market the previous December which tickled her nose) and once her wariness had subsided, she wasn’t at all bothered.

Hubby checked the weather forecast for today.
We are having a furniture sale over the holidays in the hope of off loading beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs etc as they will be surplus to requirements should we eventually move.
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Mistaken Identity

Most of us are guilty of it, seeing someone we thought was someone else, even to the extreme of having a rant at an innocent party.
This was a frequent occurrence when my Dad bought himself a new truck in the 70s.
There was nothing special about it, it was just a basic blue pick up truck purchased for his business.
The problem was the registration number (license plate) .
It was only one digit different to an identical blue truck in the area.

shoppingTherefore it was not unusual for any of us to have a go at Dad for passing us in the street rather than stop and give us a lift as we struggled with our shopping, when he’d been sitting at home comfortably watching the footie with a nice cuppa and plate of biscuits.
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It’s my birthday

Well, actually it’s not for a few weeks, but I was reading a post the other day about birthdays and what they mean for some people.
As a young child, it meant a party (6 boys and 6 girls plus Sis and me) with games, fruit and jelly in those pretty little waxed dishes, cute triangle sandwiches, chocolate fingers, a special cake and a lot of fun.
partyIn my teens though, I choose the main meal of the day, we’d have a special dessert, but there’d be no party, and actually, I didn’t mind.
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In case you hadn’t guessed

I’ve been let loose with the camera (my previous 2 posts are showing my photos!)
Now, cameras and I do not get on very well.
As a child, I had a little 126 cartridge load gismo as I kept getting tangled up in brown spaghetti.
Then I progressed to the 110, similar gadgetry.

126 camera 110 camera

The pictures I took were the usual headless or out of focus shots of friends and family, so I put it down to a bad job and left it to other people to take the pics that mattered.
I never really went anywhere to warrant having a loaded camera with me, so bumbled along quite happily for several years, my trusty 110 available just in case I needed it (weddings, christenings, the very occasional holiday) .
That was until I met Hubby.
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The Tale of the Lonesome Pine

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Like a Sentinel it guards the devastated land,
A beacon to call the wildlife home.
Come, make burrows and dens anew.
Life can begin again underground.

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Digital Camera
Both torso and headless,
Tangled limbs, arms and legs,
Reaching, touching, stretching
Out into the void
From the bowels of the woodland -
Unseen, undiscovered, unspoilt.

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