Stealth by night

The three of them approached the building slowly.
At 10pm, it was in darkness other than the night lights downstairs.

‘You stay here, and be on the look out. We’ll only be about 10 minutes, but I’ll call you on the radio to check all’s clear before we come out.’
‘Right, got it.’ said his mate.
burglarChecking left, right, and behind, the 2 ventured forward.
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A tee total view on alcohol

I had a beer today. My first for months.
Actually, that’s not true, as it was one of the two left over from our Hog Roast evening, and as I was quite hot this evening, a cold lager was simply quite perfect.
lagerI am no drinker. This was proven when I fell off the bar stool in Amsterdam on honeymoon after just 2 glasses (small ones at that) of dutch beer.
I get light-headed just smelling the cork, but that doesn’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy a drink of the alcoholic variety, just not very often.
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Doggie come home

I didn’t cry at any of the Lassie films, though I did at Old Yeller, The Yearling and I confess ET.
Also there are parts in The Colour Purple and The Elephant Man that bring a moistness to my eyes, and reading or watching anything that reunites people with their loved ones usually has the same effect, so the Lassie thing may seem a bit strange.
Also, the dog was absolutely HUGE compared to the one I had in the 80s.
They are a beautiful and elegant breed though.
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Some things never change

These days, my side of the bed is on the left, but it’s against the side of the boat.
Most nights, I get hot, and I don’t mean toasty warm…… I mean HOT to the extent that you can almost fry eggs on me.
Naturally it’s uncomfortable, and not being on an edge, I can’t easily get out.
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Did you know…….

Just a little snippet that I omitted from my earlier post.
I have good circulation in my feet.
This is good because of my diabetes.
How do I know I have good circulation?

It wasn’t just that I’m ticklish and could feel the bendy thing the nurse touched my feet with after telling me to close my eyes.
It was hair.
Apparently, if you have hair on your toes, you have good circulation.

hairy toesNot my feet, but definitely something to smile about!

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Know thy body

In the main, I have great respect for the medical profession.
I admit to having the occasional differences of opinion with certain GPs, but I do not bury my head in the sand regarding health issues for myself, Hubby and of course, the dog.

medical issuesI was diagnosed with ‘borderline’ type 2 diabetes in 2011.
As such, I am entitled to free eye tests plus I am now eligible for an annual flu jab.
I am lucky insomuch as I am able to control it with diet and do not need medication.

The doctor’s surgery in Lincolnshire always thought otherwise.
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School Days

There were two things most of the teachers in my senior school had in common:
They were old, and they were spinsters.
teacherThis one is a dead ringer for my geography teacher from 1968.
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