Congrats just a tad early

We had a call from Bro this morning congratulating us on moving into our new home. Except we hadn’t yet.
Bro was hysterical on the other end of the line as he had forgotten the time difference, having read our latest email and thinking his today was our tomorrow instead of the other way round.
‘Don’t worry, I’ll call you tomorrow! Love you Sis!’
Bless him. Ain’t it nice to know you’re loved?
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It’s a go

The Survey passed with flying colours, and we are getting a good deal for our money.rainbowTomorrow I part with the big bucks, and Tuesday we will be moving.
Some of our ‘Woods’ friends have been in touch, and because we have to arrange disposal of practically everything, believe we plan to emigrate.
Believe me, if there had been any chance of us being accepted into NZ, we would have been on the first plane after the ink was dry on the completion documents.
We had thought about France (I actually remember a fair bit of French from school, but am no way fluent) or other cheaper European countries, but we would need to find work, thus foreign languages would be a major hurdle, and the US and Canada won’t take us as not only are we too old, we have no qualifications.
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I must go down to the sea again.

We took a field trip to Weston Super Mare today. We haven’t been since our friend took us last time some nine years ago when Maggie was just a puppy, and we introduced her to horses being exercised on the beach.
The water is still miles away, so getting the dogs swimming was a definite no-no, but they were permitted on the beach itself and had a lot of fun chasing the seagulls and in Maggie’s case, another dog’s ball.

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Favourite things

In the 60s, I saw The Sound of Music so many times, I could probably act it on my own.
Actually, my favourite piece was Climb Every Mountain, and recently we have had to deal with ‘bumps’ that escalated to mounds, hills and then Mountains, yet not once do I regret selling our house.

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today is confusing, frustrating, and a bloody farce.
We have been with our current bankers for almost 20 years, and have never had a problem. That was until we sold our house, and were unable to give a permanent forwarding address.
We got round the temporary issue by going into our local branch, explaining the situation, and changing our statements to quarterly, thus giving us time to get ourselves sorted.
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Messing about on the river

Well, not quite. It’s a serious business, and we looked very suave in our red and blue life vests as we took a trip out on the river today. It’s been absolutely glorious, and wonderful to just putter along watching the ducks, geese and swans with their new families from their side of the water. The river wasn’t that busy, but people we saw waved and smiled, and it was one of the most relaxing and tranquil experiences I can recall. Much needed after the recent thunderstorms and frustrations of life at the moment. river Continue reading

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Two men, a wife, and a hedge

The current two men in my life were quite content for me to go shopping (alone) for our evening meal as they had plans to do some ‘maintenance’.
I set off in our trusty car-cum-mobile-tent (bed still made up in the back) and had a good perusal around the new (read 2000) supermarket some 6 miles away. Bearing in mind I lived in this area for almost 8 years and it has been 25 since I left, there are an awful lot of new buildings and mammoth changes to the little village I remember. Best example of change is the by-pass and over 1000 houses replacing the fields that backed on to my property all those years ago.
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