Creatures of Habit

Are you a creature of habit?
Would you consider Habit and Routine to be one and the same?
good morningHubby and I both agree that the day doesn’t start until we’ve had that all important first cuppa.
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Up Close and Personal

4shotsThese were taken before our covers were fitted

(Note: the funnels top left are actually part of the pontoon, not us doing an impression of HMS Queen Mary!)

Digital CameraThis is Us ‘dressed’

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera
Digital Camera
And inside

With our personal bits up, it feels more like Home now.

As we sometimes drift out a bit from the pontoon, Maggie slipped a few times getting off, so I bought a coir mat that we can also wipe our feet on when we come aboard.
It’s blue, like the boat, and says quite simply:


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Feral pigeons, totties and painted nails

Today I was able to people watch, as we’d parked in a side road adjacent to the shopping precinct.
Whilst Hubby was out looking for something in particular, I stayed in the car with the dog as it was too hot to leave her and as she’s still in season I don’t want any repetition from strange (and un-neutered) dogs on the High Street!
We were in touch with each other via our walkie talkies, and I was given a running commentary of various street buskers and lack of luck with his shopping item!
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A week in my childhood

Mum’s wash day always used to be Monday, when she would get her machine out, attach the mangle to the top and line it up with the kitchen sink.
I remember that washing machine. It was cream in colour, square, and taller than me at the time. I recall her crying one day as she was doing the weekly wash, but I don’t know why. At just four years of age, I remember giving her a hankie, and holding her hand.
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The Power of One

I remember when the mechanic in the garage would service Dad’s car. He’d do everything, but these days, it’s all done by computer. The ‘engine technician’ just hooks the car up and plugs it in, twiddles a few knobs, tweaks and resets here and there, and voila. Done.
I know, very simplistic, but then I’m a girl and believe in KISS (keep it stupidly simple).

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I must go down to the sea again

sea again
Or in our case,
“Let’s take the boat out, Honey.”
Actually, we had decided to do our weekly engine run (without going anywhere, just to keep things ticking over), but a comment by one of the cruiser owners half a dozen berths up changed our minds as it was such a pleasant day and the water looked pretty calm.
It also gave us a chance to have a test drive with the covers on to see if they would actually be restrictive to our visibility.
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Come Play with Me

NO! This is nothing to do with the 1977 soft porn film.
I’m talking about dogs!
singleNot that Olive here is a dog, but you get my gist.
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